short Shifts Smiling chris Pronger squashes Justin Bieber

Pop superstar gets taste that life in the from hall of fame defenseman

Pronger"s struggle on Justin Bieber Celebrity Game: Pronger lays a fight on Justin Bieber

Hockey room of Famer chris Pronger bring away Justin Bieber into the boards throughout the 2017 All-Star Celebrity Shootout

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Is it as well late now to say sorry? due to the fact that Chris Pronger absolutely didn"t miss Justin Bieber"s human body on this one.

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The hall of Famer gave the pop superstar a taste the life in the huge leagues as the 6-foot-6, 220-pound defenseman, now 42 year old, placed a nice examine on the 22-year-old multi-sport amateur athlete in the 2017 All-Star Celebrity Shootout.

Pronger confirm Bieber throughout the celebrity game festivities, as part of 2017 Honda All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, squashing the Ontario native versus the glass in the corner and refusing come let that out.

At 5-9, 145 pounds, the singer couldn"t do much about it. Both had a large laugh after the play.

"You don"t want anybody to get hurt out there or to carry out anything too crazy," Pronger said. "We were trying to have actually fun and also make it entertaining."

The laugh from Pronger, called on of the"s 100 greatest Players presented by Molson Canadian ~ above Friday, throughout the play claims it all together the perfect timed photograph went viral.

One that Pronger"s other 100 greatest players, Bobby Orr, that popped increase behind the bench because that Team Lemieux, likewise had his eye ~ above Bieber, exclaiming "Not today, baby" as soon as the singer was quit on one of his two penalty shots in the game.

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Alyssa_Milano: Bieber simply missed a penalty shot. Bobby Orr looks in ~ me and also says, "Not today, baby." #TrueStory #naipublishers.comAllStar #naipublishers.com100

Bieber gained the last laugh though, icing the video game on an empty-net goal for Team Gretzky.

Bieber just missed a penalty shot. Bobby Orr looks at me and says, "Not today, baby." #TrueStory #naipublishers.comAllStar #naipublishers.com100

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