Kendall Jenner has naipublishers.comme under fire because that starring alongside chris Brown in Lil Dicky’s brand-new music video.

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Fans were furious through her decision to work with the united state rapper that was arrested and also sentenced come naipublishers.commmunity company after he assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

He was likewise arrested on apprehension of assault with a deadly weapon in 2016 after ~ a mrs singer alleged he pulled a pistol on she at his home. He was later released from jail ~ above $250,000 (£179,000) bail.

The 22-year-old model confronted a backlash after share a link to the Freaky Friday video clip on Twitter with the applauding emoji.

One Twitter user posted a broken heart emoji together the words: “Please tell me you not supporting chris brown ):.”

Others referenced the naipublishers.comntroversial Pepsi refers she starred in critical year which to be accused of undermining and also appropriating the black Lives issue movement in a bid to sell drinks with one tweeting: “Also Kendall zener was choose oh no i never ever woulda excellent the pepsi advertisement had ns known!!! and also now she’s staring in a chris Brown music video clip lmao.”

The brand-new video watch Dicky - genuine name David Andrew Burd - move bodies through Brown and also other celebrities consisting of Jenner.

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Showing off her rapping skills, she sings: “I’m kendal Jenner. I gained a vagina. I’m going to discover that right now.

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