I'm passionate to see how others analyze each episode title's an interpretation (if there is any), in accordance to their philosophical knowledge. Describe and also deconstruct the title, state your reasons on how you finish to the conclusion. I noted all the episodes. Some could not have any details special meaning behind them.

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Episode 1 - If only I had Thorns favor a Thistle...

Episode 2 - So Sexy She could Pass Out

Episode 3 - Junketsu

Episode 4 - Dawn the a Miserable Morning

Episode 5 - Trigger

Episode 6 - Don't Toy through Me on a Whim

Episode 7 - A Loser ns Can't Hate

Episode 8 - I will Wipe My own Tears

Episode 9 - A once in a life time Chance

Episode 10 - I want to Know much more About You

Episode 11 - I'm no Your Cute Woman

Episode 12 - Spit her Sadness Away

Episode 13 - Crazy because that You

Episode 14 - Ride prefer the Wind

Episode 15 - Don't prevent Me Now

Episode 16 - The Girl Can't aid It

Episode 17 - Tell Me Why

Episode 18 - Into the Night

Episode 19 - Raindrops keep Falling on my Head *

*This episode is not aired yet, however, it would certainly be interesting to hear people's guess on this week's episode, and also why the location is favored to be like that. Here's the preview.

Here's my example:

Episode 1 - If just I had Thorns prefer a Thistle...

When I view the ax "thorns", this comes to mind. A thistle looks favor this. Look at painful as shit, due to the fact that of the quantity of thorns it has. The person who made that statement, (or this statement could belong to) wishes to have much more impact, or create an ext "annoyance" come the opposition.

It's questionable that is the "I" in the context. Being illustration one, it deserve to be either Ryuuko, or any type of student in Honnouji Academy who goes versus Satsuki's ideals. In illustration 18, the ax thorn has been offered again. The can further strengthen the fact the "I" in the context is Ryuuko.

In illustration 1, Ryuuko obstacles Satsuki. The power distinctions is great; Satsuki has an military of superhumans, when Ryuuko only has actually herself and also her scissor blade. She was very very weak, compared to Satsuki. Nowhere close to worthy that Satsuki. After gift easily beat by boxing club leader Takaharu Fukuroda, she realizes how weak she is, and wishes she has actually the power to difficulty her and also her army, to uncover the answers about to she adoptive father's death.

TL;DR - This picture can sum up the title's meaning.

Apologies if my paragraph construction is poor.

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Also, please note this is according to my philosophy, when this title can mean other entirely various to another. There are no ideal or wrong answers, but common answers.