I'm eager to see just how others interpret each episode title's meaning (if tright here is any), in accordance to their philosophical knowledge. Describe and also deconstruct the title, state your factors on just how you conclude to that conclusion. I noted all the episodes. Some might not have actually any type of specific one-of-a-kind meaning behind them.

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Episode 1 - If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle...

Episode 2 - So Sexy She Might Pass Out

Episode 3 - Junketsu

Episode 4 - Dawn of a Miserable Morning

Episode 5 - Trigger

Episode 6 - Don't Toy With Me on a Whim

Episode 7 - A Loser I Can't Hate

Episode 8 - I Will Wipe My Own Tears

Episode 9 - A Once in a Lifetime Chance

Episode 10 - I Want to Know More About You

Episode 11 - I'm Not Your Cute Woman

Episode 12 - Spit Your Sadness Away

Episode 13 - Crazy for You

Episode 14 - Ride Like the Wind

Episode 15 - Don't Stop Me Now

Episode 16 - The Girl Can't Help It

Episode 17 - Tell Me Why

Episode 18 - Into the Night

Episode 19 - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head *

*This episode is not aired yet, yet, it would certainly be amazing to hear people's predictions on this week's episode, and also why the title is liked to be like that. Here's the pevaluation.

Here's my example:

Episode 1 - If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle...

When I watch the term "thorns", this concerns mind. A thistle looks favor this. Looks painful as shit, bereason of the amount of thorns it has actually. The perchild that made that statement, (or this statement could belong to) wishes to have even more affect, or produce even more "annoyance" to the opplace.

It's questionable who is the "I" in the conmessage. Being episode one, it deserve to be either Ryuuko, or any type of student in Honnouji Academy who goes versus Satsuki's ideals. In episode 18, the term thorn has been provided aobtain. It deserve to further strengthen the reality the "I" in the conmessage is Ryuuko.

In episode 1, Ryuuko obstacles Satsuki. The power differences is great; Satsuki has actually an army of superhuman beings, while Ryuuko only has actually herself and her scissor blade. She was very exceptionally weak, compared to Satsuki. Nowhere near worthy of Satsuki. After being easily defeated by boxing club leader Takaharu Fukuroda, she realizes just how weak she is, and wishes she has the power to challenge her and her army, to discover the answers about to her adoptive father's death.

TL;DR - This photo can sum up the title's definition.

Apologies if my paragraph building is poor.

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Also, please note this is according to my approach, while this title deserve to expect somepoint completely various to another. Tright here are no best or wrong answers, however prevalent answers.