Kingdom hearts Unchained x Union xis the smartphone adaptation the a browser game released only in Japan. Despite KHUX is a remake of that web browser game, that contains much more content and will continue beyond where the browser game ended. This overview will focus on the global version that KHUX, not the Japanese version which is remarkably various not that different anymore.

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Welcome to KHUX! Let’s get started.

NameYour character name. You can actually adjust this at any suggest in time. It can only be eight characters. You can additionally create a post that shows up on her Home display screen to your party members. I’ll talk around this later.

UnionYou will certainly belong to one of 5 unions. Each union has its very own leader - called a Foreteller - and each one is represented by a different animal. Your selection of union will not influence your game at all so pick everything you feel linked to! You deserve to also change this at any kind of time later on.

AvatarDress up your character! You’ll unlock a most outfits later, some which even modify your gameplay. You can have 6 presets that you can change at any type of time. You have the right to also readjust your sex at any kind of time, i beg your pardon is cool.

FacebookI frequently don’t advocate connecting anything to Facebook, but it’s the only means to ago up your information. The backs the up an extremely well, too. I have only had to log in in one time. Friend can additionally switch games in between your iPad or iphone phone (or any kind of device) simply from logging into Facebook. Ns really introduce it. Make sure to pressure quit the app on one prior to loading that on the other!

Now the you’re into the game, let’s run with your Header Bar.


Player Card

The player card is accessed by clicking her player portrait in the upper left on any type of menu screen, on the far left next of the Header Bar. This shows your current outfit, current keyblade setup, coliseum and weekly rankings, Nova level, stats, level, party, title, and also ID. By click the arrowhead on either side, web page 2 will present your comprehensive statistics.

TitleLike outfits, titles space unlocked through various work within the game. Her title appears above your surname in her player card and likewise appears in the rankings. Girlfriend can change your present title by selecting “Titles” in ~ the bottom left of your player card.

OutfitsYou’ll collect outfits through Avatar boards and also event boards throughout the game. You can change these outfits at any time by selecting “Outfits” in ~ the bottom right of her player card. One point to keep in mind is that some accessories have Perks. Perks have the right to increase your opportunity to perform things, such as summoning raid bosses or activating skills on medals. Despite this possibility is small, it have the right to be helpful when girlfriend stack equipment together.

NovaNova is a facility concept and is finest not worried about until later on in the game. Every little thing you have to know around Nova can be discovered here.

PartyA party is a group of as much as 30 human being who play together. There room a couple of benefits of being in a party: 1.) friend have access to every party member’s re-publishing medal, 2.) you deserve to fight other party members’ raid bosses and also they can fight yours, and also 3.) party Lux rankings sometimes have comprehensive rewards. It’s clever to join a team of world you like, but likewise to join a group that is active. A great party provides this video game remarkably better, especially if they space talkative. There’s no suggest being in a party that’s never ever there because that you. Additionally, you have the right to only join parties within her union and also you deserve to leave and join a new one at any kind of time. If friend are having actually trouble detect a party, Reddit is a good place come start, but the x3 system has actually a party finding feature now. (Also parties work together to finish weekly missions.)

ID#This is situated at the peak right of her player card. Her ID# is distinct to your character. For another player to find your character, and also to invite you come a party, they require to know your ID#. Also take a screenshot of her ID# in instance you ever need to recover your account!

Spirit icon Next to the player symbol that you clicked to open up the Player Card, you’ll watch a smaller portrait v your soul in it. Clicking that opens up up your spirit Card. Spirits space a new addition come this game. They are basically tiny pets that provide cool bonuses and also you deserve to dress lock up and also stuff. Here’s a guide to Spirits.

Missions THESE ARE really IMPORTANT. In the upper right, just under the Menu switch is a goals button. This opens up a list of all the present missions you’re working on. Daily ones reset every day, Weekly persons reset every week, and restricted ones go away after ~ a certain time. Missions are the #1 method to gain jewels in this game, so doing her daily and also weekly ones space super important. Her party likewise helps with Weekly goals so that’s another reason why having actually an energetic party is important!

The Menu switch on the far right side of the Header Bar drops down into a series of screens for various operations. We’re walking to go over those now!



This is whereby the mass of her play time will certainly go. Every mission in the video game that girlfriend can finish - whether irreversible or short-term - will be in this section. Anything and everything that provides AP will certainly be in Quests. Every mission also has three goals that have the right to be completed. A premium currency called a “Skip Ticket” - obtainable usually as soon as buying jewels with actual money - allows you come skip goals with every three objectives completed. This is advantageous for farming products or evolve medals. Over there are additionally Skip Plus ticket that enable you come skip objectives with no objectives completed, however they are much rarer.

StoryThese space the main quests of the game. They are permanent and also constantly updated. They shot to call the story of KHUX, though most of the is filler. Right currently there are over 500 750800 missions and also that number will proceed to grow. As you development through the story you will certainly unlock new keyblades, i beg your pardon are vital to have actually for later in the game.

Additionally, in the Story Mission choose screen, a button in the bottom ideal says“Proud Mode”. This lets you play v the story again through stronger opponents and daunting restrictions. Every mission only permits you to usage one keyblade: for example, you may be forced to use Treasure Trove. Furthermore, you will certainly be limited on i m sorry medals can use their one-of-a-kind Attack: because that example, you might only be able to use the Special attack of Reversed medals, or medals v 1 or less Special cost. Proud mode requires a lot of strategy and a variety of medals, however completing them unlocks three six brand-new keyblades! (Since Spirits to be released, pet slot make Proud setting much easier.)

SpecialThese missions are accessible on specific days of the week. Experience and evolve medals (which will be discussed in the Medal perform section) are easily acquired through brief missions available only on specific days. Additionally, Adamantite obstacles (which will certainly be disputed in the devices section) follow a weekly rotation come cycle v all seven challenges. Moogle O’ Glory missions are always obtainable and the Cid everyday is VIP just (which will certainly be questioned in the Shop section). That course, every one of these are subject come change. Points switch about a lot, however the premise is the same.

EventsAny temporary occasions - it is in it day-to-day jewel challenges, weekend raid bosses, or two-week long occasion medal objectives - will appear here. These are almost always one-time things. As soon as the occasion is over, it doesn’t come back. This is how exclusive medals are distributed. At the very least once every pair days, you want to examine if events has anything new. Additionally, Proud+ quests (not to be confused with Proud Mode!) are situated under Events also though they are permanent. They were difficult missions when the game came out but now they are pretty easy.

Coliseum The Coliseum is unlocked ~ your first visit come the Coliseum in Story mode. It is a gauntlet layout “get as much as girlfriend can” type of thing. Perfect the an initial ten tiers - which is surprisingly simple - normally rewards an outfit and also some skills. ~ that, you compete versus other football player - nevertheless of union - to see who can get the furthest. Coliseum frequently has pretty great rewards and also is additionally one of the many competitive aspects of KHUX. All the prizes are based on ranking, so don’t intend to location well your very first month. In ~ the end of the month, the Coliseum resets with new enemies.

PVPPVP resets every main on Tuesday night. You have to use certain keyblades (chosen weekly) and also you can’t usage the exact same medal twice. You challenge off versus other players to knife high rankings and obtain Gold, Silver, and also Bronze tickets, which are compelled for upgrading a 6 star medal come a 7 star medal. PVP rounds space also restricted per day, yet buying VIP every week doubles the attempts. The only general advice because that PVP is to make use of Defense an increase Max an abilities and Extra assault traits. Likewise Supernova (see Medals) is very important appropriate now.

Union overcome One that the biggest additions to the Union x upgrade was the addition of Union overcome (situated between Events and Coliseum in the above screenshot) wherein you deserve to play in genuine time through your party members to finish quests. Generally, these pursuits are pretty easy. At all times, occasions will it is in up because that Union Cross that unlock restricted time Avatar Boards and giveaway items favor Magic Mirrors. Though they deserve to be a little tedious and are not required gameplay, it’s funny to acquire a team of friends together for half an hour and clear out some missions. As soon as Union cross boards update (every few weeks) the old ones are gone and new ones take your place. Store an eye out for time exclusives!


Avatar Boards

Avatar boards space outfits that room unlocked through leveling up. Every 2 to 7 levels you’ll unlock two brand-new boards: one blue one (for boy characters) and one pink one (for girl characters). The avatar pieces unlocked on these boards are restricted to that particular gender (and often they are similar for both the pink and the blue boards), however the other nodes (cost, HP, AP, Cids, Chips, Dales, etc.) space usable nevertheless of gender. This nodes are the ONLY means to increase your HP, AP, and Cost! they are really important!

Clicking on a board opens up it, showing the pathways you have the right to take to unlock the different nodes. Utilizing Avatar Coins - a money rewarded from perfect Story missions, weekly ranking events, and also selling medals v guilt dots (see Medal List) - you have the right to unlock these nodes. Avatar Coins are very common, but likewise finite, so you need to be spending lock wisely early on.

Though the completionist in you may be tempted come unlock every node on every board, this is very unwise. The main purpose for each board is come unlock the expense node, as well as the HP and also AP nodes. Generally, these room the very first three nodes on every board. Together we’ve discussed, cost is radically crucial not yes, really important. But youshould obtain the expense node on every board no issue what the outfit or sex limitation is. That being said, if you run right into a few boards where you certain love the outfit, go ahead and buy it! you won’t ago yourself right into a corner by totally purchasing a few avatar boards.

After level 200, avatar boards prevent giving price with 3 exceptions: there is one expense on both level 210 boards and on the blue level 220 board. Castle start providing you Chips, Dales, and also Cids instead, though you’ll still uncover HP and AP nodes.

Premium BoardsPaid board (or premium boards) space boards unlocked by security jewels. During events, these boards will sometimes present up with unique outfits, skills, and also medals. Lock are available for a limited time and the decision to purchase it or no is very subjective.

While the paid occasion boards do not cost Avatar Coins, every node ~ above the permanent ones expense one coin a piece. This isn’t a big deal, but it should be noted.



This is where you spend, and also subsequently buy, jewels. Ns won’t traction this out too long since there’s just so much info you need to know.

PullsPulling for brand-new medals is dubbed a Pull. You spend jewels top top this and you’re given medals in return. There is usually no means to go about this video game without safety jewels, though you deserve to rely on cost-free jewels and also events to store you from spending actual money.

Always be looking for‘mercy’ pulls, which insurance a medal in ~ a certain variety of draws. Chasing after medals without a mercy is typically a rubbish of jewels.

If you’re unsure whether or not to pull, click the “Medals” switch beneath the banner or go to “Settings > Notices” and also see what the present deal is offering. Her keywords are Epics and also dots“mercy” and“trait medal”.Unfortunately, this pulls are very subjective. If there room any certain questions, feel cost-free to send me one Ask on and also I’ll tell girlfriend anything you need to know!

Blue Fairy ticket pulls are likewise in the Shop section. View Evolve Medals over to understand more about them.

StorageOn peak of spending your jewels top top avatar boards and also pulls, friend can additionally increase her storage capacity by 5 slots for 100 jewels, up to 900 1500. It’s better to buy extra storage than to sell tier 3 and higher medals you could be making use of for guilt.

Purchase Jewels & VIPIf you decision to take the (admittedly slippery) step out of totally free to Play, this is whereby you carry out it. You have the right to spend real money to acquire jewels, i m sorry come with a reward referred to as a “Skip Ticket” the you normally can’t get almost everywhere else. Skip tickets - as I’ve said - allow you to complete any mission you have actually finished every the goals on. If you get these skip tickets, you should save them because that the tedious missions.

Though the absolute best means to spend money ~ above KHUX is the “Discounted Jewel load Weekly Jewel Extravaganza”. This gives you 3000 jewels because that the price the 1700 ($15 USD). That unlocks all the Special searches - the ones restricted to certain days the the main - because that the whole week! (Make sure you do this on a Monday because the main resets Sunday night.) If you ever have a mainly off job-related or you’re trapped inside during a snowstorm, this is a great way to farm up every the EXP medals, Evolve medals, and also materials you require for a while!

Additionally, this unlocks something called VIP quests, which are Special missions ONLY accessible to the world who acquisition the WJE. Right currently the just VIP that is constantly up is the daily Cid mission, which provides three Cids a day. Sometimes they have actually weeks through extra VIP missions that give Chips and also Dales, skill level ups, and also Upgrade missions that autumn significantly an ext EXP and Evolve medals 보다 the regular Special missions. Much more recently, they’ve been giving an extra 1400 jewels and VIP exclusive medals too! despite these room all superfluous advantages, they space much much more efficient and less tedious 보다 other options with the very same rewards.

Sell MaterialsI’m going come talk about munny here due to the fact that I haven’t really pointed out it yet. Munny is an in-game currency you use to level increase medals. You obtain munny by marketing Moogles and other medals, and any overabundance materials. Also, at random, a Munny unique mission will come up that you can complete for 30 minutes. The VIP unlocks this mission for the week, but the Upgrade missions that are sometimes up additionally have a Munny mission that provides a man amount the munny. If you ever get the VIP pack also once throughout a week whereby the Upgrade objectives are up, you’ll never ever worry around munny again.



Finally, we space at the end of the road! Settings! This is where you can adjust your union, press notifications, or sound options. There room three important parts the Settings, though:

AlbumThis mirrors every medal you’ve ever before obtained. It’s a cool reference. It also shows your development with Guilt and also Nova, which is explained in the Nova overview linked above under Player Card.

NoticesThis is her lifeline come the update in the KHUX world. Friend should examine it at the very least every week. When you load the game it pops up on its own, however if you ever need to inspect it in-game you recognize where to discover it.

Theater mode Although that isn’t anywhere as convenient and also to the point as my theater Mode, you deserve to rewatch any cutscene here that you’ve experienced from the story mode.

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x3 This new mode transforms your phone right into the newly announced handheld from Kingdom hearts 3. You deserve to look because that parties and also talk in chats, but by far the most compelling part is standard Kingdom. Classic Kingdom is a collection of short LCD format mini-games (think video game & Watch) that will be showing up in KH3. They offer jewels if you with the accumulation score and can unlock a one-of-a-kind keyblade because that KH3. Either way, they space fun come play!

Wow. That was yes, really long.

I expect this assisted you in your search to begin KHUX! If there are any kind of questions the weren’t reply by this guide, you re welcome feel totally free to send me one Ask!