" data-medium-file="https://d1w82usnq70pt2.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Rulebook-572x750.png" data-large-file="https://d1w82usnq70pt2.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Rulebook.png" />The beauty of Kings of War is that tbelow is no single winning tactic, and via all the units and army lists easily accessible there’s a big number of army formats at a player’s disposal. This allows for a vast variety in gameplay situations, helping keep Kings of War fresh and also amazing game-to-game. Most of the factions in Kings of War have the right to put together virtually any type of style of army, though some carry out it better than others. Undoubtedly, there are some factions that literally execute not possess certain unit forms, such as Nightstalkers with war engines and also Dwarfs via flying units. If you dream of dragons, don’t play Dwarfs.

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In this short article, we will certainly define what we think about the main army layouts, what they execute, their strengths and weaknesses, and also which factions can construct them. Note that these are not mutually exclusive: For instance, a flying circus might be considered a spam list or a monster mash, depending on what devices make up the army’s flyers. Our goal is to offer players – particularly those new to the game – a means to think about lists and also identify potential methods that lists can be built, while being aware of those lists’ benefits and also shortcomings. 

Mixed Arms: Well-Balanced


Mixed arms-style armies are most likely what you think about as soon as you image an army that looks like an army. They tend to have actually it all; ranks-upon-ranks of infanattempt, ranged support, monsters and mounties on the flanks, and characters to organize it all together. This is the default army, and eexceptionally faction has actually the capability to field a blended arms list.

The core of a combined arms list are tougher devices (anvils) that will stand firm and also take the brunt of the adversary. The damage comes from the hammer systems, which subsequently come dvery own on the now-inhabited adversary units, commonly in the develop of a flanking charge. Tright here are few devices that deserve to endure being hit in both the front and also the flank, and if any additional damages was completed via ranged strikes, this all need to cause one damaged enemy unit. Anvil systems need to be sturdy sufficient to take an foe charge without automatically routing, however damages output is not essential. Dealing damage is the task of the flanking hammer units, which mainly call for both punching power and also rate (can’t afford to have actually the hammer come late). 

The beauty of the blended arms army is the versatility of devices that can be supplied, permitting you to use all your favourites, without compromising on winning potential. A combined arms army also enables you to vary the composition of your army in different games, perfect for those that favor to readjust models and also systems roughly. You have the right to switch up your mounties hammers to be monsters instead, or drop some warequipments and bring more wizards. 

Mixed arms style militaries are likewise the a lot of beginner friendly. Tright here are less moving parts in the army that should go perfectly for the army to attribute. There’s likewise no pure respond to army, so you’ll always have actually a chance to win.

All factions can develop a well well balanced army to a solid degree, and this style appears to be what Mantic have actually balanced the game around

Alpha Strike: All Hammers


Nightstalkers have actually plenty of alpha strike units!

Leaning heavily into the “hammer” part of “hammer and anvil” ideology, Kings of War has some devices that deserve to simply put out horrific quantities of damage. Stuffing as many kind of of these into a single force is thought about an alpha strike army. These are typically the fastest and also hardest-hitting devices in the lists, relying on landing the first crippling blow and leaving your foe at a deficit they can never capture up from.

Typically alpha strike armies are made up of fearsome mounties and berserker-style infanattempt, which depend on gaining the first punch and also making it count. This is frequently at the price of defense, thus alpha strike lists are relatively delicate (in comparichild to a conventional combined arms). The expression “The ideal defense is an excellent offense” epitomizes the strategy of alpha strike lists.

The specifics of what provides for great alpha strike systems incorporate at leastern a few of the following:

A high amount of assaults (20+), here quantity is its very own sort of high quality. Good melee value (ie. Melee 3+), because hitting your opponent is crucial.Armour penetration (Crushing Strength or Thunderous Charge 1), so that even high-defense anvil devices deserve to be damaged.High speed (Speed 7+ or Wild Charge), so that you deserve to obtain those charges in beforehand before your enemy is all set.

Nearly every factivity has actually some rapid, hard-hitting systems, yet the finest alpha strike lists are restricted to those that have actually multiple kinds of units that possess three or even more of the over traits. The key is to overwhelm an adversary as quickly as feasible, so having numerous units qualified of doing so is integral.

Alpha strike armies commonly excel at acquiring roughly the battlefield, for this reason scenarios entailing board regulate (Control, Dominate and also Invade) or objective markers (Pillage, Raze, Salt the Earth) control are in their favour. Holding loot tokens (scenarios favor Loot and also Push), however, is even more difficult, as alpha lists perform not desire to organize back their systems. There are a lot of options for an alpha strike list. Build of the Varangur and Orcs (many innate Crushing Strength), and the Knight-style concentrated builds from The Order of the Brothernote, The Order of the Green Lady and also Undead (Crushing Strength or Thunderous Charge). Tbelow is additionally the Herd through many Thunderous Charge, and inherent rate.

Dwarfs experience in this regard, through many of their army having speed 4, and also Goblins lack the capability to get via high defence with most of their units.

Grindy: All Anvils


In Kings of War there are a few noteworthy devices that simply won’t die – at leastern not without concentrated efforts to rerelocate them. When an army is comprised of multiple of these units it is taken into consideration grindy, which describes the seemingly never-finishing amount of damages such challenging systems have the right to take, and the progressive amount of damages these grindy devices dish out.

Unfavor the mixed arms militaries, the ideal grindy militaries don’t rely on flanking mounties and also are perfectly capable of taking the enemy out themselves. It just could take multiple rounds of combat to attain. Hence the goal for such armies is to outlast their enemies in combat with sheer toughness, beating the opponent’s key systems so that they are left unopposed on the battlearea.

What provides a grindy army capable of this have the right to vary among army lists, yet normally requires a mix of the following: 

High defense values (ie. Defense 6), which directly impedes the enemy’s capacity to damages your devices. High nerve values (ie. 20+), so that in the occasion you perform take damages, the unit is unmost likely to rout. Special rules to prevent damages, such as the distinct rules, phalanx, massive shield and ensnare. The capacity to regain health and wellness points; distinct rules favor Lifeleech and Regeneration have the right to regain wellness, however the healing can also come from spellcasters spreading Heal or Drain Life. It is necessary to note that healing calls for your anvil to endure.

All armies have devices via accessibility to at leastern one of these to serve their conventional anvil units, but it’s a unit that possesses multiple (or also all) of these traits that makes it truly capable of grinding it out through the strongest your adversary hregarding sell. 


Even a mixed arms Dwarf army is pretty grindy.

Regarding Kings of War scenarios, a grindy army varies in its performance. Unsurprisingly, the grindy list excels at holding Loot Counters (in scenarios Loot and also Push). Similarly, scenarios that involve out-killing each various other (Kill) play to the staminas of the grindy list. Wbelow they struggle is acquiring around the battlefield easily, as challenging systems tend to be on the sreduced side. Whether controlling certain regions of the battlefield (Control, Dominate and also Invade) or obtaining to objective markers (Pillage, Raze, Salt the Earth), grindy lists deserve to battle.

Up tbelow as the ideal grinding militaries in the KoW, we have the Empire of Dust (high nerve and access to lots of healing), Dwarfs (normally high defence) and League of Rhordia (several buffing units and also phalanx). At the bottom of the pile are Goblins and Ratkin (low defence and nerve) and Nightstalkers (low defence), via the various other factions in spots in between.

Monster Mash: All Thicc


As the name suggests, a monster mash list involves mixing in lots of monsters to your list. Typically, adding a large, a better elepsychological or a dragon to your list provides it a bit of versatile punch in one component of the board, but the goal of the monster mash list is to spcheck out that versatility and punch throughout your whole army.

Monsters conthick the hitting power of your army onto a smaller sized base, unlocking far even more activity alternatives in a game wbelow movement is king. They generally are exceptionally solid (Crushing Strength 2 or 3), however often have much less attacks than infantry and mounties. Regardless of the likelihood these attacks will do more damages (because they will!), the tiny volume of assaults means eincredibly failed roll is felt keenly. In addition, since monsters are so tall, they are quite vulnerable to gunline-heavy armies.

So, what provides for a monster mash army?

Monsters (or Titans)! A pretty obvious one right here, at leastern 3 to really collection the sceneCheap troops. Got to have actually someone else to take the initially hit for the massive boys, and unlock them in army building.

Pretty simple, however to acquire a monster mash to the following level, some key support is required in the develop of:

Ranged damage, to pick off the opponent’s annoying chaff so the monsters can hit the necessary points unimpeded.Healing, to store the monsters going if they need to grind it out, kaiju battle style.Surge, to get those monsters into the fight much faster and also at nastier angles (flanks!). Not all militaries get access to Surge so this last one is mostly for the elepsychological and undead monsters.

The monster mash list is not taken into consideration competitive as it battles via any kind of scenarios entailing board control (6 of the 12 standard scenarios!). This is bereason what decides who controls objective markers or regions of the battlefield is unit strength. Big units (ie. hordes of infantry or cavalry) have actually a lot better unit toughness than monsters (3 compared to 1). Although a monster mash list will have actually its own infantry, it is most likely any opponent will have even more, and also usage this to their benefit in such scenarios.

Poor old Kingdoms of Men, they only have actually Mammoths and also Giants as their massive monsters, and also Ogres badepend have even more. Unfortunately, they don’t have actually the Wow! Factor or intimidating impact as spamming as your Undead Vampire on Zombie Dragons (Undead), Mutant Rat-fiends (Ratkin) or Kraken (Trident Realms).



The gunline army is one that focuses on gaining virtually whatever done in the Ranged Phase by taking as many kind of ranged systems, battle engines and wizards as feasible and also pointing them at the unfortunate adversary. Despite these lists doing not have any kind of considerable melee component, tright here shouldn’t be a lot adversary left to fight adhering to your terrible barrage.

They are similar to alpha strike lists, by which damages is the entire goal of the army, however unprefer alpha strike lists, a gunline army often tends to sit reasonably still, and also perform all its damages from a distance, rather of up close. 

Eextremely army has some form of ranged unit, however to make a gunline army you need:

At least 2 battle machine devices, so that multiples have the right to be lugged to maximize likelihood of hits.Ranged infanattempt in hordes, to pump out weaker shots but likewise provide unit stamina to host missions.Wizards through lightning bolt. Zzzappp!Chaff devices, to acquire in the means and also aid you get an extra revolve or two of shooting.

Gunline armies are probably one of the the majority of infamed in Kings of War (and also indeed in all tableoptimal wargames!) as they are often thought about a one-sided affair. In Kings of War, yet, they are countered by 2 major factors: 

The majority of scenarios need your systems to move roughly the board to win (something gunline armies are reluctant to carry out, as most units are penalized for moving and then shooting).Nightstalkers and also their army-wide stealthy one-of-a-kind dominion (-1 to hit from ranged attacks) will make your entire army (other than lightning bolt-crazy wizards) 17% less effective.

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These aid encertain that any type of gunline army at leastern has to balance themselves out through some quicker and even more melee-centric systems, if only simply to scramble onto the missions at the exceptionally end of the game.

If you want to be a good gunline, you better have actually excellent weapons, or the majority of them. All Dwarf factions, and Goblins, Ratkin, Elves and also Ogres all have actually varying ratios of many vs great weapons. 

On the various other hand also, Nightstalkers have actually no war engines, and also one (pretty bad) non-magical shooting unit. Similarly, Varangur tend to be a get-in-your-face army, and skip out on the shooting to focus on the bashing.