omg cvs appne kya kiya..pls avoid this we desire to check out devakshi with each other again..already over there r so many villians against devakshi over there is no should make dev to against his love



Just look at a ploy to me , exact same hotel adjoining room, same timing. To be the smirk for this. God Sona will b crushed. Will certainly wait for epi.

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Dev is confusing after ~ leap. Can"t yes, really say if that still feels for Sona or the is doing every little thing just come annoy she or do her jealous.
Originally post by Mona4u

Sona thought that her old cute PUPPY
is following her yet he is now a DOG

I hope dev see soha and also sona together and I will be sure his confront will similar to sona when she saw him v girl .
Relax man es!!! take a deep breath. Dev is not going come sleep with any one. That is simply annoying sona. Try to prove the he is moved on. Ns think that is a pre plan that why he relocate from ishu niwas at an early stage when the was talking to elena. And also Logically they cannot show this. He have the right to fart yet he is not going to sleep with any type of one. This will be an initial meeting suggest for soha and dev.

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what is wrong v you men yaar...kya ho gaya aisa..kyun rona dhona kar rahe ho ..why i do not know we reap for once..please be safe thoda chill mro na Edited through sjain - 4 years ago
Spoiler : Sanjana learns about 7 year separation that DevakshipencilVeenapain stackexchange 16 eye 1394

DevAkshi/ShaRica AT#12 - Dev and also Sonakshi's journey to happiness

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