Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Asha – Jis Pyar Ki Ladaai Ke Soldiers Itne Cute Ho, Uss Pyar Ki Jeet come Honi hello Hai!

It’s really an extremely intriguing to watch how the oldest generation of the household has do a team through the youngest generation to lug these two shed souls together.

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Just think around the shippers of Devakshi in the show? 2 60 year olds through two 6 year olds have made a load to lug Dev and also Sonakshi together.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

I have a favourite conversation from Suhaana these days. The way each time she says, “Papa ne kaha hai woh sab take care of kar lenge”, really fills my heart.

May it is in it has actually something to execute with the year long wait the Dev will sooner or later really handle everything but the sort of belief she reflects in her Papa is heart warming.

I would believe in Suhaana and also Golu this time. Golu’s Bigcha is nothing much less than his an individual Batman and also for Suhaana he is her superman.

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And ns am hoping that Dev Dixit will not allow these 2 down and also these 2 will likewise not let under their favourite male on this earth. Dev will constantly have their back and lock will always have his back. Truly, “Jis Pyar Ki Ladaai Ke Soldiers Itne Cute Ho, Uss Pyar Ki Jeet come Honi hello Hai!!!”


AmritaJun 10, 2017 at 3:18 pm

Hi saheli,

Really loved your analysis. Truly awesome!!! yet why walk dev say that sonakshi needs to take decision before it is too late. Does he intended to marry nisha leaving sonakshi alone?????. If it is the instance then sona is simply an option for him( who happens to be a good savior that the Dikshit family) and not what he insurance claims his love to be. Please describe this as I am an extremely confused.I don’t see the reasonable in dev’s plan. He could have waited and convinced sona slowly offering her sufficient time however he is pushing her to a dead end and still claiming that doesn’t desire to pressurise this time. Dev looks prefer a damsel in distress now much more than sonakshi’s Prince charming to me. He wants sonakshi to protect against his engagement. Why is he self not protecting against it considering his arm twisting sonakshi is no yielding any type of results?? i feel he desires to relocate on now if sona is not prepared right now. Btw why was he tying gajra to nisha’s hair when sona was not around. He didn’t know sona to be coming right? climate why create feelings in the heart of a girl by pulling up such stunts. I still don’t see him worthy enough for any girl forget sonakshi. Eagerly awaiting her reply saheli.