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Lamar müller is no spring chicken, and also that is why the Houston Texans running back has sought out advice on how to continue to be fresher in a game that favors youth.

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The pro Bowl running ago told reporters Sunday at Methodist Training center that he has actually been working v Buffalo bills running back Frank Gore in the offseason.

“Me and Frank Gore, we occupational out a lot,” fearbut said. “He gave me part advice on, together he obtained older in the league he’s been losing weight therefore I’ve to be trying to take that same strategy. Therefore far, i’ve been emotion good.”

Gore is 36 years old and also is coming turn off of among his fifth-best season in regards to yards per lug at 4.6. When Gore’s hometown Miami dolphins did no retain that after one season, Gore has actually moved on to their AFC east rival in the really hopes to beat his 15th NFL season.

For Miller, that is 28 years old, father Time seeks an angle to tackle his career, too. However, the previous Miami Dolphin has worked in the offseason come drop his human body fat.

“My main focus was come drop my human body fat and also continue to work on my speed and also my lower body strength,” said Miller. “That’s miscellaneous that ns tried to enhance on and so far I think ns did a great job.”

Miller developed 973 yards and five touchdowns ~ above 210 carries while likewise catching 25 passes for 163 yards and a touchdown. The previous Miami Hurricane, same as Gore, has not lived up to the expectations the come in instead of arguably the franchise’s best back in Arian Foster, yet Miller has actually been an efficient chairman of invoice O’Brien’s running ago by committee due to the fact that 2016.

Miller can currently feel the results from a effective offseason.

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Said Miller: “I feel quicker. This offseason I’ve done a many agility stuff simply to continue to shot to emphasis on making guys miss in the open up field. So much I’ve been feeling good.”

Miller isn’t perfect as soon as it concerns sticking to his diet though. A cheat day will pop increase here and there, and he knows specifically what he’s gaining when it’s cheat day.