Burundi is a landlocked nation in the great Lakes an ar of eastern Africa bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania come the east and south, and also the democratic Republic of the Congo come the west. Its dimension is just under 28,000 km² with an estimated population of end 10,000,000. Its resources is Bujumbura. Return the country is landlocked, lot of the southwestern border is adjacent to Lake Tanganyika.

Republic of Burundi



Burundi (pronounced ), official the Republic that Burundi (Kirundi: Republika y"u Burundi; French: République du Burundi), is a landlocked nation in the an excellent Lakes an ar of eastern Africa bordered by Rwanda come the north, Tanzania come the east and also south, and the autonomous Republic of the Congo come the west. Its size is just under 28,000 km² through an estimated population of end 10,000,000. Its funding is Bujumbura. Return the nation is landlocked, lot of the southwestern border is surrounding to Lake Tanganyika.

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The Twa, Tutsi, and Hutu peoples have actually occupied Burundi because the country"s formation 5 centuries ago. Burundi to be ruled together a kingdom through the Tutsi for over two hundred years. However, in ~ the start of the twenty century, Germany and also Belgium occupied the region, and also Burundi and also Rwanda became a European nest known as Ruanda-Urundi.

Political unrest developed throughout the region because of society differences between the Tutsi and Hutu, provoking civil battle in Burundi throughout the middle twentieth century. Presently, Burundi is governed together a presidential representative democratic republic.

Burundi is one of the ten poorest nations in the world. It has one of the lowest per capita GDP of any nation in the world. Burundi has a low gross residential product largely as result of civil wars, corruption, poor access to education, and the results of HIV/AIDS. Burundi is densely populated, with considerable emigration. Cobalt and also copper are among Burundi"s organic resources. Some of Burundi"s main exports incorporate coffee and also sugar.

Environmental challenges

One the the smallest countries in Africa, Burundi is landlocked and also has an equatorial climate. Burundi is a part of the Albertine Rift, the western extension of the good Rift Valley. The country lies on a rojo plateau in the center of Africa. The mean elevation of the main plateau is 5,600 feet (1,707 m), with lower elevations at the borders. The greatest peak, mountain Heha in ~ 8,810 feet (2,685 m), lies to the south east of the capital, Bujumbura. The source of the Nile flow is in Burundi province, and is connected from Lake Victoria to its headwaters via the Ruvyironza River> Lake Victoria is also an important water source, i m sorry serves as a fork to the Kagera River. Another major lake is Lake Tanganyika, situated in much of Burundi"s southwestern corner.

Burundi"s lands room mostly farming or pasture. Negotiation by countryside populations has led come deforestation, floor erosion and habitat loss. Deforestation the the entire nation is almost completely due come overpopulation, v a mere 230 square miles (600 km2) remaining and also an ongoing loss of about 9% every annum. There are two national parks, Kibira national Park come the northwest (a small region of rain forest, nearby to Nyungwe woodland National Park in Rwanda), Ruvubu national Park come the northeast (along the Rurubu River, likewise known together Ruvubu or Ruvuvu). Both were developed in 1982 to maintain wildlife populations



PRODAP nationwide Coordination Unit (NCU)

PRODAP is one of the components of the Lake Tanganyika local Integrated breakthrough and management Programme (LTRIDMP), which consists of priority interventions determined in the Strategic activity Programme and the structure Fisheries Management setup for the lake. The LTRIDMP is based on the demands expressed through the riparian communities and also is continual with the goals of the poor Reduction Strategy documents of the four riparian countries. Supporting partners because that the LTRIDMP encompass the African advancement Bank, the unified Nations advancement Programme, the global Environment Facility, the Nordic advance Fund, FAO, the human being Conservation Union and the united Nations environment Programme.

UNDP/GEF Project administration Unit (PMU)

The resources of Burundi, Bujumbura, is the largest city on the shore of Lake Tanganyika, through over 400,000 inhabitants and an urban population growth rate of 6.4%. Civilization in the funding are dependency on the lake for domestic and industrial use, inputs to their livelihoods, and transport (Burundi is a land-locked country). Return Burundi has the the smallest catchment that Lake Tanganyika, it has a far-ranging impact on aquatic ecosystem functioning. Bujumbura city is growing rapidly, and also present sanitary services are can not to procedure the urban population’s sewer in a proficient and also ecologically proper manner. 

Pollution inflows resulting from untreated wastewater room affecting the northern container of Lake Tanganyika. Air pollution is a serious health and wellness hazard to people. It also impacts aquatic biodiversity and also fisheries performance by transforming water parameters and affecting the quality of lacustrine habitats. The UNDP/GEF task on Lake Tanganyika aims to boost the wastewater treatment mechanism of Bujumbura city, support the breakthrough of discharge standards, and increase local capacity to implement and also monitor a modern-day wastewater administration system.

PMU Burundi in Action

The Burundi component of the UNDP/GEF task on Lake Tanganyika focuses on development of the wastewater treatment system in Bujumbura, using the Buyenzi suburb together a demonstration site. Construction works to enhance the sewage device are a priority, as this area has really shallow floor water and contributes significantly to contamination of the lake. The Project administration Unit (PMU) consists of staff from the nationwide Institute for Environment and Nature conservation (INECN) and the Municipal Technical solutions (SETEMU). The PMU works in addition to the Ministry because that Land Management, Environment and also Tourism and also the ministry for inner Affairs, and with the exclusive sector, which offers co-financing by completing pre-treatment facilities.

The project also supports the breakthrough of discharge standards, and the PMU takes active part in water sector discussions lead by GIZ. Furthermore, the project aims to increase capacity to implement and monitor a modern-day wastewater management system.

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In partnership v UNEP/Nanjing institute of Geography and Limnology, water high quality monitoring framework are gift improved and staff has actually been trained.