Question indigenous Jarrod: I have actually an Alienware gaming laptop that i really love, however there’s one difficulty that I’ve always had through it.

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This laptop it s okay really hot after I’ve been play a video game for about fifty percent an hour and I’m afraid it’s gonna end up obtaining fried.

Do girlfriend think the cheap laptop cooling pads sold in ~ Walmart would save this laptop from over-heating once I pat a game for a long time?

Rick’s answer: I’m fear my short answer come your concerns would have to be no, Jarrod.

Those cheap generic cooling pads do a pretty great job for laptops running simple programs, but I don’t think castle would assist much v a gaming laptop operating under the tension of a resource-intensive game.

The trick to keeping any type of laptop cool is to keep the air flow briskly through them and also over the interior components.

The extra job-related heaped top top a computer’s CPU, video card and also other components while gaming causes them to warmth up an ext quickly and also to higher temps than simply running Google Chrome or Microsoft Office ever would.

Here are three things that deserve to definitely help keep your laptop native over-heating throughout your expanded gaming sessions:

1 – always keep her laptop’s waiting vents clear and the dust removed from the innards of her laptop. This post describes how to execute that in the safest way possible.

2 – never ever rest her laptop on her lap or ~ above a bed when it’s running, also when you aren’t play a game. This post describes why.

3 – as you mentioned in your concern above, use a great gaming-class laptop cooling pad.

The cooling pad that I constantly recommend is the NotePal X3 by Cooler Master (#ad), and also I recommend it even for consistent laptops.

The NotePal X3 has a powerful 200mm pan that should aid keep her machine running nice and cool even throughout the intense action of the many demanding games.

There space a variety of other top quality laptop cooling pads available, yet I can personally vouch for this Cooler Master.

I hope this help Jarrod. Good luck!

Bonus guideline #1: This post explains why you have to never blow the dust out of your computer with an air compressor.

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