Large Marge died on this date in 1974 and Pee-wee Herman is payment tribute to she legend top top Twitter.

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There\"s not countless scenes in a family members movie that deserve to scare children and also adults, even more than 30 years later, yet the legend of huge Marge native Pee-wee\"s big Adventure has actually that rarely distinction. Big Marge passed away in a fiery auto wreck on a stretch of highway top top January 11th, 1974 and also she\"s quiet haunting the dreams of nearly anybody who has seen the movie. In honor of the 44th anniversary of she death, Pee-wee Herman required to Twitter to pay tribute to her legend.

In Pee-wee\"s huge Adventure, Pee-wee is hitchhiking ~ above a dark foggy night once he gets picked up by huge Marge that is quiet because that a bit before she shares her haunting tale. She begins by saying, \"On this very night, ten years ago, along this very same stretch of roadway in a thick fog as with this...\" and goes on to say that she observed the worst accident that she\"s ever before seen. It apparently sounded \"like a garbage truck dropped off the realm State Building.\" She walk on to detail the chaos further, saying, \"and when they ultimately pulled the driver\"s body from the twisted, burn wreck...\" It\"s in ~ this suggest that plenty of viewers remember being scared for the an initial time.

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When Pee-wee gets out of she truck, she tells him to say, \"be certain an\" call \"em huge Marge sent out ya\"!\" The scene is invited as one eerie rotate into The Twilight Zone, complete with a popcorn-spilling shocks because that all eras thanks come the Claymation wizards behind Killer Klowns from external Space. Tim Burton really set something up in that short 2-minute scene that has actually stuck v many kids through childhood. Late character actress Alice Nunn, that passed away in 1988, played large Marge in the movie, a character that was born ~ above December 5th, 1937 and also died ~ above January 11th, 1974.

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Pee-wee\"s huge Adventure marked the first time that Tim Burton and Danny Elfman worked together, and also the pair truly developed something memorable that additionally didn\"t fairly fit in together purely a movie because that children. Instead, the movie functions for adults as well and virtually seems choose it would be at least rated PG-13 if it to be released today. The story of a man-child obsessed with his absent bike takes part demented turns and also even functions a cameo through Twisted Sister once they\"re top top the Warner Bros. Studio lot.

Pee-wee\"s big Adventure make Tim Burton who he is today and also unleashed the legend of big Marge into the world. Though the work isn\"t celebrated by the masses, that truly should be. January 11th must be a work of remembrance for big Marge and also Pee-wee Herman is doing his part to spread out the word, the remainder is approximately us. Friend can check out the love tribute to big Marge below, courtesy the Pee-wee Herman\"s Twitter account. Be certain an\" tell \"em big Marge sent ya\"!

RIP big Marge, January 11, 1974