The Last guy on earth Season 2 illustration 10 Review: quiet Night

We picked up best where us left off at the end of The Last man on earth Season 2 illustration 9: Mike Miller was ejected native his an are craft despite his attempt to abort the airlock opening, and Phil 2 was fell down on the group, grimacing in pain.

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Predictably, Phil 2"s malady was appendicitis. When the timing was dramatic, the isn"t unlikely the something choose this would happen to among the survivors. Gordon"s death earlier in the season, while mainly played because that laughs, finished up foreshadowing this catastrophic event.

It"s actually sort of terrifying if friend think around it: of the grasp of survivors, none among them room doctors. Gail was voted the de facto doctor earlier in the season, and had a chance to practice her an abilities when she required to stitch increase Melissa"s reduced finger. But obviously stitching a reduced is not at all like cutting someone open and also removing your ruptured appendix. 

Oh, farts.


Gail knew that, however the team was (knowingly) grasping at straws. Gail initially ran far from the responsibility once it became obvious that Phil 2"s only chance that survival remained in her hand (specifically, in her ability to do invasive surgery).

Of course, Gail and also Erica room close friends, having spent the prior two years together before they connected up with the other survivors; Erica was easily able to convince Gail to try her hand at saving Phil 2.

The group snapped into activity and every played their component in attempting to assist Phil 2. Carol and also Melissa went to retrieve medical supplies from the hospital, because that Gail come use during the surgery. This offered them a useful purpose and also also noted the opportunity for Melissa to failure and confess come Carol the Todd had actually turned under her marital relationship proposal.

I was sort of stunned that, once Melissa and also Todd to be briefly alone gather painkillers because that Phil 2, Todd thought it was a great time to resolve the proposal and also clarify that he had actually (quietly) said no right prior to Phil 2 collapsed. C"mon, Todd!! poor timing, dude. He added a bunch of ache on optimal of an currently stressful situation. So no cool.

Melissa has been other of an ice queen for the bulk of the series (which is unsurprising because ice queen is type of what January Jones walk best), therefore it"s been good to see Melissa"s vulnerability as she concerned the realization that she in reality does love Todd and wants come be with him.

I"ll admit, though, that ns loved Carol"s no-nonsense attitude, whereby she indulged Melissa"s emotional pain for a minute and then essentially told Melissa to traction herself together so lock could aid Phil 2 and also then attend to this later.

Melissa, you"re finally opening up and I"m for this reason proud of you. However I"m gonna require you to shut the right back down, lady. Phil needs us! So just box the up, we"ll go conserve his life, and also then we"ll come ago and dig right into those delicious feelings. It"s what I choose to call an emotional doggy bag and they taste even much better the following day.


Meanwhile, Phil/Tandy was doing what the does best: cracking jokes and making one inadvertent mess of things. One of the funniest moment of the otherwise really somber episode was once Tandy interrupted Phil 2 attempting to make his peace with Erica and also misheard Phil 2"s questioning for water together Phil 2 questioning Tandy to it is in the father of his unborn child. Oh, Tandy. Yeah, right.

At Gail"s request, Todd and also Tandy went come the morgue to shot to obtain a body for Gail to practice surgery on. Unfortunately, every one of the body were just bones, 2+ years later. Luckily because that us, that scene also listed us through the priceless possibility to watch Todd "breakdancing." 

When Tandy realized that they required to dig up the just fresh body they knew of because that Gail to practice on (Gordon"s), Todd lastly snapped and also had a breakdown, confessing come his Gail hook-up. 

This is the straw that broke the camel"s back. The camel is dead and I ate it! as with the bacon! i m sorry is an additional thing i did.


The whole scene was wonderful and also detailed a really good parallel come the Melissa-Carol step in the hospital. 

Meanwhile, transparent the episode interwoven v scene that the Malibu crew attempting to prepare for Phil"s surgery, we additionally saw Mike Miller coming to terms with the idea the attempting come descend to planet using the lower module.

Again, Jason Sudeikis is a full rockstar. I mean, think around it: he"s been acting off that fake worms. He"s to be doing a seriously incredible job, and also I have enjoyed every one of the an are subplot interludes.

The closing sequence of "Silent Night" was absolutely an excellent and riveting. Seriously, everything around it was jaw-dropping and also intense.

Interspersed with scenes that Mike plummeting to earth as the lower module fell to pieces, we witnessed Gail attempt to quell Phil"s hemorrhaging when something walk wrong throughout the surgery. Mary Steenburgen go an certain incredible task throughout the entire episode, but her panic during the surgical procedure was visceral and also real.

The cut to the remainder of the group members were also incredibly moving. Will certainly Forte"s person who is abnormal stony and also serious challenge as Tandy organized Carol, whose confront was buried in his shoulder. Cleopatra Coleman"s shocked and horrified face, with tears streaming out of she eyes. It was brilliantly done, and so moving.

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Other Thoughts:

Tandy going back and forth between talking come the fetus and also Phil"s appendix was hilarious. That entirety scene – one of Tandy"s numerous "interruptions" – to be wonderful.I"m still no crazy invest in Gail/Todd, however Gail questioning Todd come please remain as she to be practicing surgery on hand pies was very sweet. Todd calming Gail under right prior to the surgical treatment by grabbing she hand and reassuring her was a really an excellent moment together well.Gail wondering why Todd"s breakdancing would upset her and calling that beautiful to be so good.Mike naming the new worm Phil to be a an excellent detail. 

Is Phil 2 yes, really dead? will certainly Mike do it earlier to Earth and also reunite through his brother? ns don"t know around you guys, however I"m walking to have serious trouble waiting months to discover out their fates. Girlfriend can watch The Last guy on earth online here in ~ TV Fanatic to relive the an initial half that the season before the spring premiere.