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You may have actually read this before, however it"s among the funniest computers I"ve ever read(even though it"s likely a fabrication)I hope you gain it as much as ns did._______________________________________USMC press CONFERENCEFor the couple of of you that missed him, R. Lee Ermey is the host of The history Channel"s "Mail Call" and played the Drill Instructor in the movie, "Full steel Jacket." the is a retired marine Gunnery Sergeant and also a very plain speaker, as you will soon read. So, for her entertainment, here is Retired maritime Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey in ~ his an initial press conference. The main topic of conversation is the naval in Iraq who shot the Iraq insurgent to death. We choose up as the reporter asks around how this potential war crime will affect our image in the world:Ermey: "What type of a pansy-assed inquiry is that?"Reporter 1: "Well ns think...."Ermey: "THINK, an elaborate boy?! get this through that septic tank on height of her shoulders, moron: i DON"T offer A cursed WHAT you THINK, perform YOU know ME??? That maritime shot an enemy COMBATANT, ****HEAD; SO get YOUR HEAD out OF her ASS AND resolve IT prior to I make YOU mine OWN an individual PIN CUSHION!!! next question: girlfriend in the blue suit."Reporter 2: Don"t girlfriend think that the world"s opinion of our operations is important?Ermey: "Oh sure! friend don"t understand the times I have actually cried myself come sleep worrying about what part goddamned French pansy thinks! oh the days i have had to weep due to the fact that some sh*t eat terrorist f***er might be mad in ~ us, because we entered whatever god forsaken feet in the sh*t the he stays in and also killed him. WHAT THE HELL sort OF DUMBASS concern IS the YOU PETER-PUFFING JACKASS?? WE room THE UNITED claims OF AMERICA, and also WHEN YOU attack US, WE room GOING TO concerned YOUR HOUSE and BLOW your STINKING CAMEL-LICKING CARCASS right into PIECES SO small WE WILL have the ability to BURY your SORRY ASS IN A THIMBLE!! YEAH, I recognize WHAT YOU are THINKING. Friend ARE probably AFRAID, thinking THAT I have actually SUCH an "EXTREME" ATTITUDE and also THAT I should BE an ext SENSITIVE" TO other PEOPLE"S FEELINGS. Fine LET ME TELL you SOMETHING you POLE-SMOKING PANSY! i DON"T give TWO ****S WHAT friend OR ANYBODY else THINKS! THIS IS A cursed WAR, and IF friend CAN"T manage THAT, climate YOU should GO HOME and also SUCK ~ above MAMMA"S TIT!! execute YOU hear ME girlfriend RUNT?? NOW get THE HELL out OF MY press ROOM prior to I walk CRAZY and BEAT THE life sh*t out OF YOU!!! next question: YOU through THE UGLY-ASSED TIE.

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Look at AT that THING! it IS HIDEOUS."Reporter: 3: "Aren"t girlfriend going against the liberty of the push by..."Ermey: "FREEDOM?? WHAT IN BLUE HELL execute YOU KNOW around FREEDOM? I have actually SWEATED my ASS off IN JUNGLES, WHILE being SHOT AT because that THIS NATION!! WHAT IN THE HELL have actually YOU excellent YOU tiny sh*t-SUCKING WEASEL? as soon as WAS THE critical TIME YOU put YOUR ASS ~ above THE LINE for ANYTHING? and YET YOU have THE UNMITIGATED TEMERITY TO present UP HERE and MONDAY-MORNING QUARTERBACK THE actions OF A BRAVE MARINE, that WAS DEFENDING HIMSELF and HIS UNIT native AN attack BY part MURDEROUS AL-QUEDA SYMPATHIZER!!! friend WANNA know WHAT i AM concerned ABOUT, NUMBNUTS? ns AM CONCERNED around A BUNCH that GRABASSTIC, organized MORONS through CAMERAS and MICROPHONES doing THEIR ideal TO PORTRAY ours BRAVE MEN and also WOMEN AS war CRIMINALS! ns AM CONCERNED around CHICKEN-sh*t PANSIES that WANT united state TO NEGOTIATE through TERRORISTS and also WHINE around THEIR PISS-ANT "FREEDOMS"!!"Reporter: 3: "I..."Ermey: "DID YOU have actually A large BOWL of STUPID because that BREAKFAST THIS MORNING, NUMBNUTS? i DON"T desire TO HEAR an additional WORD the end OF the COMMIE CRY-HOLE IN that sh*t-PILE YOU contact A HEAD! and also THAT walk TRIPLE for THE remainder OF friend PANSY-ASSED MORONS! NOW get THE HELL the end OF MY press ROOM before I support MY boots SO far UP her ASS that YOU choking TO death ON mine SHOELACES!!!!"Marine DI"s have a language all your own. God bless castle all!!