It is an era of sudden readjust and upheaval in Rokugan. Mortal schemes, natural calamities, and also celestial chaos alike have actually disrupted the political, military, and also spiritual equilibrium of the land. Long-simmering rivalries and also fresh betrayals ripple with the courts and on the battlefield. The Chrysanthemum Throne is beset by threats from without and within, and also the honor of the seven an excellent Clans candlestick be put to the test. Who amongst the clans will certainly prove solid enough to guide Rokugan in this tumultuous times? will their names it is in lifted up next to those the the honored ancestors, or will certainly they fall among the ranks of the empire’s most notorious villains? 

This is the phase of the Legend the the 5 Rings Roleplaying core Rulebook, a new roleplaying suffer in the civilization of Rokugan. Check out on because that a summary of the mechanics discovered within, and be certain to check out the player sources for Legend that the five Rings Roleplaying in the support ar below, including empty campaign sheets, character sheets, the game of Twenty Questions, and also DLC content!

For years, the Legend the the five Rings Roleplaying Game has listed a roleplaying system that places players in the duties of honorable samurai of Rokugan. Now, take it a journey into the next advancement of the iconic RPG with the Legend of the 5 Rings Roleplaying video game Core Rulebook.

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What is Legend the the 5 Rings Roleplaying about?

In Legend that the 5 Rings Roleplaying, players take it on the duties of samurai indigenous the seven an excellent Clans serving their lords throughout Rokugan, a affluent and complex setting based upon a fantastical and also romanticized version of feudal Japan (while additionally taking incentive from other East oriental myths, literature, and also history). Personalities are warriors, courtiers, priests, and also monks defending your lord’s interests when upholding the password of Bushidō, a password that needs samurai disregard their own desires in donate of justice, loyalty, and also honor. 

What lines will your character cross at your lord’s order? What desires will your character sacrifice to uphold their ideals? Adventures in Legend that the 5 Rings Roleplaying take your cues from east storytelling, i beg your pardon valorizes individuals sacrificing themselves to preserve societal harmony, together opposed to west narratives the reward heroes for defying society. However, ideals and also human emotions cannot quickly be put aside even by the biggest of samurai, and this inner dispute drives the drama of Legend of the five Rings.


A human being of Adventure

The Legend the the five Rings main point Rulebook is your overview to adventure. With all the rules you have to craft player characters through the game of 20 Questions, a broad assortment of new skills, techniques, and equipment, and in-depth explanations of the rules and also systems that the games, players have all they require to go into the human being of Rokugan. Game Masters also gain the expertise of how to construct adventures and individual scenes, and a wealth of non-player characters to populate the Emerald Empire. V all this information consisted of in 336 stunning, full-color pages, the Core Rulebook is perfect for knowledgeable samurai spring to explore the civilization of Rokugan in their very own way.

The Legend that the five Rings Roleplaying beginner Game allows you run right right into the action. Through pared-down rules that still provide you whatever you should play, a pre-made adventure that serves together an development to Rokugan, and pre-made characters presented ~ above folios that save the rule at players" fingertips, the Legend the the 5 Rings Roleplaying beginner Game is perfect for players just dipping their toes in roleplaying and Rokugan. Even for veteran players, the Beginner Game offers a perfect method to conveniently learn or teach the rules, connect with a pre-made adventure, and claim a full map and other sources that can be supplied for numerous adventures!



The Legend that the five Rings Roleplaying core Rulebook features a blend of the Roll and also Keep mechanism from previous editions of the Legend the the five Rings Roleplaying Game and the narrative Dice system featured in the Genesys Roleplaying System. Tradition dice included in the Legend the the 5 Rings Roleplaying Dice Pack function a variety of unique signs that will overview you on her adventures. 

Success- This symbol helps you complete the job at hand. 

Explosive Success- Not only does this symbol count as a success, it enables you to roll additional dice, giving you the chance to succeed in ~ extraordinary tasks.

Opportunity- While not a success, opportunities can present brand-new narrative options to help your personality in some way. 

Strife- This symbol adds strife to your character, as soon as your strife surpasses her composure, her character has actually some sort of outburst ill-fitting for a samurai. 


When players wish to make some sort of check, the video game Master an initial determines what that is they room trying to accomplish, and which an abilities their character is utilizing. But there are countless different approaches to this problems, and the samurai ~ above Rokugan depend on the indict of the five Elemental ring to aid them succeed. Each Ring represents a different way to technique a problem

Air – Precise, subtle, cunningEarth – Defensive, thorough, reassuringFire – flashy, creative, inspiringWater – affable, flexible, perceptiveVoid – Mystical, wise, instinctive

Players explain how lock would favor to technique the problem and also the game Master determines which elemental method they space using. In ~ this point the game Master also determines how numerous successes the player demands to attain their task.

Players climate assemble a swimming pool of dice, making use of a number of white skill dice same to their appropriate skill number and a number of black ring dice same to the character’s ring value of the aspect they are using to approach. The player climate rolls all of these dice, views the results, and chooses to keep a number of dice equal to their ring value. If these maintained dice display a variety of successes equal to or greater than the target number, the job succeeds, yet complicating events may occur, depending upon the icons of the dice.

Example the Play

Togashi Yoshi is chasing a bandit v the city, but comes come an impasse as the bandit makes an impressive leap over a broad ditch. Togashi Yoshi wants to follow and also must make a skill check to view if that succeeds. The video game Master determines the Yoshi is attempting a feat of physics prowess, which gives him two skill dice. Yoshi decides he wants to conveniently examine the environment roughly him to uncover the best way to obtain across, which the GM identify to be a Water approach, which provides him 2 ring dice. The GM additionally decides the target number for this examine is two. Yoshi’s player duties his dice pool and also gets the adhering to results:

Yoshi ends up with a couple of options, he could succeed and also accumulate two strife, or probably fail and also gain some sort of opportunity. Yoshi wants to succeed, no matter the cost, and also chooses to save the 2 dice that will certainly assure success. Yoshi uses a jagged rock as a stepping stone and effortlessly the cross the ditch. Yoshi briefly thinks the bandit is a fool for not utilizing a similar tactic, feeding into his internal strife.

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How are methods different native raises in previous editions?

Opportunity is a brand-new mechanic because that the brand-new edition of Legend of the 5 Rings Roleplaying that permits players to contribute to the unfolding narrative with new and amazing details, or come activate an effective techniques, consisting of kata, kihō, shugenja invocations, and a entirely new kind of an approach called shūji. (Shūji are rhetorical gadgets that courtiers use to outmaneuver their rivals in intrigues or rally your allies ~ above the battlefield.)

Opportunity is memory of the advanced mechanic indigenous previous editions, in i beg your pardon players can raise the challenge of a job to execute cool side effects. This time, however, opportunities are among the choices players deserve to make while maintaining dice, together opposed come calling raises prior to the roll. Chance resolves individually of success and also failure, so players can aid guide the direction the the scene even if their character doesn’t achieve their intentions!

The Dice App

The dice discovered in the Legend that the 5 Rings Roleplaying video game Dice Pack are distinct in nature, using tradition symbols. When the Dice Pack contains all the dice you need to play the video game (and this dice are additionally included in the Beginner Game), Fantasy flight Games has additionally created a dice application which deserve to be download from the application Store or Google play! The application features a standard set of dice as well as the practice dice featured in the game, inviting friend to do checks with simply the click that a few buttons!

The Legend the the 5 Rings Roleplaying video game Dice App gives you every the dice you have to play a video game of Legend of the five Rings.

A world of Adventure Awaits

Dive right into the Emerald empire with the newest execution of Legend of the five Rings Roleplaying! With the Core Rulebook, Beginner Game, Dice Pack, and also Game Master"s Kit, whatever you need is at her fingertips!