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25 might 1999
2.77 / 5.00.5 native 205 ratings
#1,345 for 1999


jshopa Jun 16 2009 2.50 stars
Yet an additional in the lengthy line of 90s Canadian one struggle wonder disagreement bin grabs that fill my collection choose sawdust fills a McDonald's hamburger. That course, we all understand "Steal mine Sunshine" as it to be an absolutely inescapable song in the summer that 1999, a sugary as hell bouncy anthem, thieving a perfect disco sample indigenous The Andrea True Connection, through lyrics that stayed in a gray area in between filth and incoherence, and hell, it's a good stupid tune. The rest of the album is together eclectic as any type of weird one hit wonder album that the period (see likewise Primitive Radio god or new Radicals), although there is other of a retro design template for old college hip-hop. They're ~ above the cover as a bunch that comic publication wannabe gangstas and also hoodrats, and also they spend a most time praising Biz Markie.What's yes, really interesting around this album ten years later is how recognizable few of the guest stars would certainly prove come be. Because that instance, one of the 'stoned dudes' in "Steal mine Sunshine" is none other than damaged Social scene lynchpin Brendan Canning (and he mirrors up playing key-board on "The hard Disk Approach" together well), and also Buck 65 appears on half the monitor (along with various other Canadian secret hip-hop stars favor D-Sisive and also local Victoria hero Moka Only), plus guest appearances from folks like Biz Markie (naturally), Kurtis Blow, and also Poison's C.C. Deville. Castle weren't fucking about here, this was claimed to it is in huge, and it was, after a fashion, then it was gone.Still, it's no bad. It's weird, and it's uneven together hell, yet not bad, really. The big Biz Markie tribute "Man the the Year" is damn good, quite reminiscent that Afrika Bambaataa & The spirit Sonic Force. "Cryptik Souls Crew" to be their various other play for old school standard status (using phrases choose 'shine favor afro-sheen' no less) and also I recall it gaining a little bit of airplay at the elevation of "Steal my Sunshine" and it's a quite decent tune too. Their sample collage "Hot pole Monster Jam" is nice fun, if mainly the occupational of Mr. Dibbs and also Buck 65. The pretty noticeable Bachman-Turner Overdrive swipe "Feelin' Alright" is good dumb fun.Of course, about fifty percent the time the doesn't work-related either. They try to execute a Kraftwerk pastiche ~ above "The hard Disk Approach" and also it's downright flaccid. "Cold Chillin'" similarly is a rather poor approximation the Grandmaster flash & The Furious Five. The quasi-punk number "Cheekybugger" is uh... A problem. Your R&B melody "Junebug" and "Crazy cause I Believe" aren't bad, however too well capture the bland inoffensiveness of so late 90s mainstream R&B. It every adds up to a no terribly good album, however a perfectly it s okay dollar bin pickup.
ThatKidSteve Feb 24 2008 2.00 stars

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an album bought entirely upon the communication of the lead single - in this case, the glorious "Steal my Sunshine". However wha- what's this ns hear? as it fades out I'm greeted through the sound the hip-hop beats... Is.. Is that RAP? It's worse, it's pop-rap. Damn, what a monster transition. Currently hang on, monitor 3 is a bloody electropop number! Synth voiced and also all! Pretty cursed bland, too, the song is one note practically all the method through! There's genre-defying, there's being eclectic, and also then there's "..The Bum Rush". Very sewing track 4 returns to pop-rap. "Thankfully?", girlfriend ask, "But Steve, didn't you simply say friend hated pop-rap?" That might be, too ~ reader, and also "Beautiful Day" is every bit as poor as "Cryptik Souls Crew" and also then some, however at the very least I'm acquiring an idea the the type of music Len space trying come make. Except NOW IT'S ELECTRO AGAIN!For those of you maintaining track, whereby letters signify different genres, Len's album framework is therefore so far:A, B, C, B, CPerhaps ns wouldn't be so enraged by this if i hadn't bought the album specifically on the premise the the document would sound more like their "A". "Sunshine" is one energetic, Summery, fresh part of popular music gold and also there's not a touch of that to it is in heard 6 tracks in. Okay, so now it's A,B,C,B,C,C and also we're gaining closer to learning at least a median (average) genre. But if this is expected to it is in electro, I have made better, more interesting music myself using computer software making this typical at best. It's tough to location "Cold Chillin'", it's just... Bland."Feelin' Alright" is the closest they've come so far to going earlier to what made me purchase this album. And guess what? It's pretty damn good! It's no as good as Sunshine by a lengthy shot yet at least they're going back to--- wait, "Cheekybugger" has actually shifted points yet again to pop-punk. Gawd, so now we're looking in ~ A, B, C, B, C, C, C, A, D. Maybe it's just us, eh? maybe Len are right to break the stereotypical album structure by offering us a wide array of styles on the same disk? Screw it, i dunno. All this genre-hopping is making my head spin.For the record: A B C B C C C A D E E F. Ridiculous.