Lenny Kravitz is the latest victim of a wardrobe malfunction after his leather pants ripped during a naipublishers.comncert in Stockholm.

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Lenny Kravitz may be known the world over for his music, but now he"s earned an unfortunate reputation for something else.

During a performance in Stockholm on Monday night, the singer was grooving energetically on stage when he squatted in front of the crowd andripped his leather pants in half.

The unfortunate location of the tear revealedeverything underneath, includinghis penchant for not wearing underpants.

The unfortunate incident onstage in Sweden.

Acnaipublishers.comrding to local reports, the 51-year-old didn"t immediately realise he had exposed himself in front of the 17,000 people attending his naipublishers.comncert.

He soonexcused himself and got changed into another pair of black leather pants backstage, but not before videos, photos and gifs of his exposed genitals went viral online.

Kravitz responded to the incident, which he dubbed"penisgate", by sharing a text message from his friend, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. "Dude.. no underwear and pierced... F*** me.. You never showed me that s**t," Tyler wrote. Kravitz is the father of 26-year-old Mad Max: Fury Road actress Zoë Kravitz.

Although she loves her dad, the star has previously admitted his outfits once incited naipublishers.commplete dread in her.

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"My dad came to pick me up from school once in a sports car wearing a mesh see-through shirt and leather pants," Zoë Kravitz cringed to British newspaper Metro. "I remember all the high-schoolers just swarming to the car park and I just crawled under a rock, because at that age all you want is to fit in. So yeah, that was embarrassing at the time."

Kravitz is currently performing shows in North America and Europe in promotion of his 2014 album Strut.

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For those who missed the Lenny Kravitz "wardrobe malfunction", here is a reenactment. pic.twitter.naipublishers.comm/Q7s5pz4sHM

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