Heartwarming saga the a frontier family\"s struggles and also triumphs top top a farm close to Walnut Grove, Minn., in the 1870s. Based upon the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder (whose character doubles as narrator), it to be the signature success of star-executive producer Michael Landon. It relates the family\"s experiences taking care of natural disasters and also health problems, significantly the poignant story of mar Ingalls\" blindness. In its final season, the was title \"Little House: A brand-new Beginning.\"

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Episode 1

Back to School: component 1

Mon, Sep 17, 1979 60 mins

part 1 that two. Laura instantly senses that the new schoolmarm\"s brother is the man she will marry. Eliza mrs Wilder: Lucy Lee Flippin. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Charles: Michael Landon. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Mrs. Oleson: Katherine MacGregor. Nellie: Alison Arngrim.

Episode 2

Back to School: part 2

Mon, Sep 24, 1979 60 mins

Conclusion. Nellie avenges a dirty trick play on her by Laura (Melissa Gilbert). Michael Landon. Eliza: Lucy Lee Flippin. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Willie: Jonathan Gilbert. Almanzo: Dean Butler. Andy: Patrick Laborteaux.

Episode 3

The family Tree

Mon, Oct 1, 1979 120 mins

Charles runs into an unexpected obstacle once he papers papers to adopt Albert (Matthew Laborteaux). Quinn: Michael Pataki. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Referee Adams: man Zaremba. Jacob: Richard Lockmiller.

Episode 4

The third Miracle

Mon, Oct 8, 1979 60 mins

A stagecoach accident leaves only Mary to find aid for the various other injured passengers. Adam: Linwood Boomer. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux. Mrs. Oleson: Katherine MacGregor.

Episode 5


Mon, Oct 15, 1979 60 mins

Nels Oleson establish the circus fat lady together the sister that was constantly ashamed of. Annabelle: Harriett Gibson. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. London: Ken Berry. Owen: Billy Barty. Christie: Wendy Schaal. Mrs. Oleson: Katherine MacGregor.

Episode 6

The Preacher bring away a Wife

Mon, Oct 22, 1979 60 mins

Mrs. Oleson threatens to have actually Reverend Alden dismissed if he marries a widowed parishioner. Anna Craig: Iris Korn. Charles: Michael Landon. Dean Harmon: william Schallert. Caroline: Karen Grassle.

Episode 7

The Halloween Dream

Mon, Oct 29, 1979 60 mins

Albert dreams he\"s one Indian chief\"s son, tapped to command the bordering tribes against Walnut Grove. Commander Kaiser: Phillip Carey. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Chief cracked Fox: Henry K. Bal. Cook Kilowatt: open minded de Kova.

Episode 8

The Return of Mr. Edwards

Mon, Nov 5, 1979 60 mins

Mr. Edwards is a success in the logging organization until a crippling accident destroys his will to live. Grace Edwards: Bonnie Bartlett. Charles: Michael Landon. Alicia Edwards: Kyle Richards.

Episode 9

The King Is Dead

Mon, Nov 12, 1979 60 mins

A promoter tip Garvey into playing the patsy in a wrestles match. Hart: beam Walston. Garvey: Merlin Olsen. Milo Stavroupolis: Leo Gordon. Hans Mueller: john Robert Yates. Alice: Hersha Parady. Anna Stavroupolis: Nora Meerbaum.

Episode 10

The confidence Healer

Mon, Nov 19, 1979 60 mins

Walnut Grove is mesmerized by a faith healer (James Olson). Charles: Michael Landon. Dobbs: Tom Rosqui. Reverend Alden: Dabbs Greer. Mrs. Oleson: Katherine MacGregor. Timothy: Joey Seifers.

Episode 11

Author, Author

Mon, Nov 26, 1979 60 mins

Caroline\"s father, depression by his wife\"s death, is urged to compose stories as therapy. Charles: Michael Landon. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux.

Episode 12

Crossed Connections

Mon, Dec 10, 1979 60 mins

Gossipy Mrs. Oleson is Walnut Grove\"s hotel call operator. Harold: royal Dano. Jonathan: Merlin Olsen. Invoice Anderson: Sam Edwards. Charles: Michael Landon. Alice\"s Mother: Marie Denn. Alice: Hersha Parady.

Episode 13

The upset Heart

Mon, Dec 17, 1979 60 mins

A enemy teenager steals Charles\" watch. Michael Landon. Davenport: Malcolm Atterbury. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Virginia Davenport: Susan French.

Episode 14

The Werewolf the Walnut Grove

Mon, january 7, 1980 60 mins

The spoiled child of a farmer becomes a terror in miss out on Wilder\"s classroom. Bartholomew: Tod Thompson. Charles: Michael Landon. Bart Slater: Sandy Ward. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Clarence: Alan Peterson. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux.

Episode 15

Whatever occurred to the class of \"56?

Mon, january 14, 1980 60 mins

Charles and also Caroline (Karen Grassle) renew old acquaintances at your 25th high-school reunion in Milwaukee. Dillon Hyde: Liam Sullivan. Amy Sawyer: Lynn Benesch. Arnie Cupps: James Gallery. Winthrop Morgan: Phillip Pine.

Episode 16

Darkness Is my Friend

Mon, january 21, 1980 60 mins

three escaped convicts seek shelter in the school for the blind. Jake: James McIntire. Jed: Jonathan Banks. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Abel: Larry Golden. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson. Kim: Toni Mele.

Episode 17

Silent Promises

Mon, january 28, 1980 60 mins

Laura teaches sign language to a deaf girlfriend (Alban Branton). Charles: Michael Landon. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux. Nathan Page: Lou Fant. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Miss Wilder: Lucy Lee Flippin. Almanzo: Dean Butler.

Episode 18

May we Make them Proud: component 1

Mon, Feb 4, 1980 60 mins

part 1 that two. A fire at the school for the blind insurance claims the resides of Mary\"s baby and also Jonathan\"s wife. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux. Charles: Michael Landon. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson. Jonathan: Merlin Olsen.

Episode 19

May us Make them Proud: component 2

Mon, Feb 4, 1980 60 mins

Conclusion. Albert bears a hefty burden that guilt for the lives shed in the fire that he accidentally set. Charles: Michael Landon. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson. Jonathan: Merlin Olsen.

Episode 20

Wilder and also Wilder

Mon, Feb 11, 1980 60 mins

Almanzo\"s younger brothers arrives, and Charles really hopes Laura might fall for someone closer to she age. Michael Landon, Karen Grassle. Almanzo: Dean Butler. Miss out on Wilder: Lucy Lee Flippin. Penelope Parker: Stacy Sipes. Mrs. Parker: Kay Howell.

Episode 21

Second Spring

Mon, Feb 18, 1980 60 mins

Oleson pipeline home and also meets a young mrs who nearly makes him forget his age---and his wife. Oleson: Richard Bull. Mrs. Oleson: Katherine MacGregor. Charles: Michael Landon. Willie: Jonathan Gilbert. Dan: Tom Clancy. Nellie: Alison Arngrim.

Episode 22

Sweet Sixteen

Mon, Feb 25, 1980 60 mins

when Laura takes over an injured teacher\"s class, Almanzo beginning seeing she in a new light. Miss Trimble: Lucille Benson. Williams: Parley Baer. Caroline: Karen Grassle.

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Episode 23

He Loves Me, the Loves Me Not: component 1

Mon, might 5, 1980 60 mins

part 1. Laura accepts Almanzo\"s marriage proposal, yet Charles insists castle wait 2 years come wed. Almanzo: Dean Butler. Charles: Michael Landon. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Nellie: Alison Arngrim. Percival Dalton: Steve Tracy. Houston: Dub Taylor.

Episode 24

He Loves Me, he Loves Me Not: part 2

Mon, may 12, 1980 60 mins

Conclusion. Laura look at Almanzo rubbing a saloon-girl\"s back; Nellie\"s boyfriend claims he\"s leaving. Nellie: Alison Arngrim. Percival Dalton: Steve Tracy. Crowley: Alvy Moore.