He wore them as soon as he led Ridgehardwood to the state championship, so he"s wearing them now.

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And when he talks about himself in the third perkid, it implies prime-time Pete Rooney"s addressing to win.

Our town has actually a huge two-on-two tournament wright here an adult groups up through a son and also, uh, ha, no girl"s ever before won Till currently.

I was saying that I"m gonna be the initially girl to win.

Was that not clear without the "bam, what?" Yeah, okay.



Okay, Dad.

I"ve checked out you holding a clipboard on the court.

Now let"s watch if you can still play.

Oh, I have the right to still play.

Check it.


Oh, oh no.

Just a tiny rusty.


- Traveling?

- Yeah.

Those tiny shorts are traveling ideal up your butt.

Better in stereo b b better in stereo - I"m up through the sunshine - Let"s go - I lace up my high tops - Oh no - slam dunk - Ready or not yeah, show me what you acquired I"m under the spotlight Holler I dare you, come on and follow you dance to your very own beat I"ll sing the melody as soon as you say yea-ah-ah I say no-oh-oh once you say soptimal all I desire to execute is go, go, go you, you, the other fifty percent of me, me The fifty percent I"ll never be-e the fifty percent that drives me crazy you, you, the much better fifty percent of me, me the fifty percent I"ll always require however we both understand we"re much better in stereo.


This is tough.

I know it might not look prefer it, Bernard, however I am not specifically gifted in the sporting activities department.

Trust me.

It looks favor it.

Oh, I am dying to kick that round out from under you.

But you seem to have actually gained yourself a bodyguard.

Parker, this is Bernard.

I gone into a raffle at the mall to win an individual trailer.

Turns out it was for a personal trainer Which I perform not need.

Joey, you need a trainer a lot even more than you need a trailer.

I respecttotally disagree, tree optimal.

A trailer"s like a bathroom on wheels.

The possibilities are endless.

A trainer have the right to provide you tips on fitness and nutrition, but likewise make your Lives happier And healthier.

I"m currently happy and healthy-ish.

Joey, when I was your age, I hated to occupational out also.

The females laughed at Bernard 1.


But the ladies love Bernard 2.

0 a lot even more.

Oh, I desire the ladies to love me Or at leastern understand that I"m aLive.

I am a pathetic lump of Clay.

Mold me.

Oh, hey, Liv.

Oh, sitting and reading.

I remember once I used to have actually time for that.

Yeah, it"s a play that the drama club is doing.

And they readily available me the lead.


Your initially function since sing it loud.

Yeah, please don"t ever execute that again.

It"s a story about a working mommy that struggles to juggle her career, house, and kids.

I"m just really not certain that I have the right to pull it off.

I have that very same assumed eexceptionally day of my life.

But, like, execute we really desire to play a character who is so overoperated and haggard that she deserve to bacount endure her day?

- Wow, that does sound destructive.

- Yeah.

Well, is tbelow an additional character in the play who"s single and also doesn"t have actually kids?

- Actually, her sister.

- Play her.

Hey, madds.

Rehearsal any much better through Dad today?

Okay, one, it"s referred to as exercise.

Two, rehearsal was a disaster.

He"s running sreduced.

He"s shooting worse.

And somejust how his shorts obtained also shorter.

Does this expect that you aren"t gonna be the first girl to win the pageant tournament?

I knew it was wrong the second I said it.

Well, I"m definitely not gonna win via Dad on my team.

What execute I do?


Here is an exercise that I"ve done in the previous.

Cshed your eyes and let"s visualize the finest possible solution to your difficulty.


Oh, yeah.

Liv, Maddie, this is Bernard, my personal trainer.

He"s gonna obtain me all jacked!

Which he states means muscular.

Nice to fulfill you.

Um, wbelow is the trash?

- Whoo!

- Ugh!

Nice swarm.

Thank you.

I played a tiny college ball ago in the day.

But come on, Joey.

The gym is that means.

I gained to obtain you ripped.

"Ripped," that also implies muscular.

Okay, the visualization point has never worked that well prior to.

So that was the universe telling me to dump Dad, right?

The cosmos is screaming at you to dump Dad.

Let"s ride this wave.

Okay, now close your eyes via me and let"s visualize Ryan gosling.

- Hey, teammate.

- Hey, coach.

I should talk to you around the tournament.


I"ve been functioning on my jumper, obtaining my rhythm back.



Yeah, so, Dad, um You and I have had some really excellent times together.

Um I just don"t think that it"s gonna work out.

What are you saying?

I"m breaking up via you.



What did I do?

I have the right to adjust.

I have the right to be better.

See, it"s not you, it"s me.

But I"m your Dad.

Right, and also I will always have a Special location in my heart for you, however it"s simply time that I move on.

I think in the long run, this is gonna be much better for both of us.



I can"t think this.

I assumed we were good together, you and me.

This is awkward.

Dad, there"s someone else.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I"m fine, you recognize.

Just a little surprised, however it"s cool, you recognize.

You execute you.

I"ll execute me.

Maybe I"ll simply gain a ride residence through mother.

I think that would certainly be finest.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be on my team, Bernard.

Sure point, teammate.

I"m so excited.

Now, hit me up optimal.

How around I hit you up the middle?



Now, let"s win this tournament.



I prefer that.

Can I provide it a try?

I suppose, you recognize, it"s kind of my thing, however try it.




You, my excellent sir, are a natural bam-what-er.

Let"s do this, come on.



Just acquired to acquire a little Just got to get a small wequipped up, right, Bernie?

I I think you uh It"s even more of prefer a favor like one hand also.


I hit the backboard.

I am on fire.

Uh, Bernard?


Thought you said you played in college.

I did In the national trash have the right to basketsphere association.

We offered to roll around on office chairs and shoot up wadded-up paper.


Uh, trash deserve to basketball?

- Yeah, trash have the right to basketround.

- Oh.

I won defensive player of the year three years in a row.

Yes, okay?

I judged a book by its cover.

But come on!

It was a seven-foot book!

Hey, mommy.

I"m so glad you"re here.

So I"ve been reasoning around this role and also I think I had it all wrong.

She"s not a haggard, broken-down housewife.

She"s a super-mother that gets it all done and looks excellent doing it.

So to prepare for that function, I think I understand the perfect perkid to talk to.

That is that is so sweet.


reifschneider, my Gerguy teacher.

The one with the Live-in housekeeper?




Ask her.

Ask her.

Liv, I have actually a vast problem.

Uh, I"m listening.

Okay, it"s just the point via Bernard is uh, hold on.

Hold on.



Do you mind?

More than you understand.

- Go on.

- Okay, I just I assumed Bernard would certainly be a much better teammate, however he"s disastrous.

Worse than Dad?

Way worse than Dad.

Are his shorts as bad?

No shorts are that poor.

But the suggest is I"m not gonna win the tournament through Bernard.

So I must number out a means to ditch him and acquire Dad earlier.

Why would you want Dad back?

Since it"s too late to obtain anyone else And because he"s my father and also I love him.

What am I gonna do?

Oh, I think you recognize.

Close your eyes and let"s visualize the ideal feasible solution to your trouble.

Check it out.

I"m a fruit viking.

All right, Bernard.

Now, I have actually collection a fitness goal for myself based upon completely reasonable expectations.

I desire you to make me into Joey 2. 5.

Uh, ah?

Nice, huh?

I also have shoulders bigger than yours.

Nobody has actually shoulders bigger than me.

The only shoulder in the human being bigger than this one is this one.

Sorry, yet it"s true.

Okay, so what"s the arrangement for today?

All right, Joey, I want to recognize your taracquire heart rate.

We"re gonna execute some squats, some crunches, Then we"re gonna jog a couple miles.


What is that noise?

Somehow, you"ve surpassed your target heart price by simply listening to me talk around exercise.

So, we"re done for the day.

Whew, ha.


Joey, we haven"t even started yet.

Now, get ready to sweat!


This is fun.

Plus, it"s excellent cardio and it"s simple on the joints.

Oh, straightforward, that is the word I"ve been looking for.

You have the right to totally blast your quads and also get an excellent core workout by just hopping from side-to-side.

Nah, man.

I"m good just boinging in location.

Joey 2. 5 doesn"t boing in place!



We"re done.

We"re done.

You"ve made your suggest.

- We"re done.

- May I?

Please perform.



Okay, we"re done.

Hey, Dad.

Can we talk?


Due to the fact that it went so well the last time we did.

Look, I made a mistake.

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I think I finally realized that the entirety suggest was for us to win this tournament together.