Everything's enlarge in Texas, including the job of the Texas video game Wardens who safeguard the Lone Star State's natural resources and also police that is 27 million citizens. This elite force patrols and also protects much more than a 4 minutes 1 million square miles.

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StarringJayme DeSchaaf, Randolph McGee, Mike BooneGenresDocumentary, UnscriptedSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish

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Wardens find for an endangered whooping crane. A neighborhood beauty shop owner finds an injured infant hawk. An alligator moves right into a residential canal. A hunter confesses to deer poaching, and also an intoxicated boater pushes his luck.

The Texas summer finds game wardens investigate underage drinking, rushing come the rescue that a pair with a capsized canoe, knocking top top doors in search of an injured deer and also arresting a guy in possession that cocaine.

A video game warden investigates an equipped trespasser, a rookie is virtually run down by one ATV and wardens conference a Mexican watercraft in united state waters while searching for illegal gill nets on the Rio Grande.

The naval team assists the shore Guard in the Gulf that Mexico. Wardens i found it a big marijuana farming operation exterior Dallas. A male is doubt of poaching deer out of season, and also a pair that nuisance raccoons cause havoc.
Texas game Warden Benny Richards is committed to conserving Texas wildlife. Video game Warden Albert Flores enforces fishing laws, when Warden Jennifer Provaznik colleges anglers. And Warden Jayme Deschaaf renders sure dove hunters follow the laws.
It’s all hands ~ above deck ~ a substantial flash flood hits Greenville, Texas. The wardens rush to a gas terminal that could explode. A patrol through the Rio Grande leader to an unforeseen encounter, and also a hawk is eliminated illegally.
It's a race against time to conserve a ailing bald eagle. While checking deer camps close to the mexico border, Warden Gould finds self in a high stakes foot pursuit. And also a male threatens self-destruction in east Texas.
Kegan rescues a infant squirrel and also searches because that a feasible drowning victim. Hill lions become unwelcome visitors in a woman's backyard. A nuisance alligator requirements a new home, and also Powell investigates an inexplicable deer case.
Warden Johnson pays a surprised visit come the home of a well-known poacher. Warden Boone relocates one alligator snapping turtle while Wardens Inman and also Eddins acquire a poacher to confess. Warden Provaznik educates anglers on the Texas coastline.
Hundreds of sea turtles challenge death throughout a cold spell. A reminder leads to a raid ~ above a poacher. Wardens crack under on white-tailed deer hunters transparent the state, but in southwest Texas, mule deer season is in complete swing.

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Wardens investigate illegal deer hunting and also uncover the largest poaching situation in Texas history. Youth hunters learn how to hunt and harvest animals. Inman confronts a male suspected of shooting deer off a public roadway.