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Tonight top top VH1’s struggle series Love & hip Hop new York returns with an all-new Monday, December 3, 2018, episode and also we have actually your Love & i know well Hop Atlanta recap listed below for you. Top top tonight’s season 9 episode 2, “I’m Telling,” as per the VH1 synopsis, “Before celebrate his birthday, Jonathan wants to make certain Kimbella squashes she beef through Yandy.”

Tonight’s illustration of Love & hip Hop brand-new York will certainly be packed full of drama that you won’t desire to miss. Nothing forget come bookmark this spot and also head over to our Love & hip Hop recap tonight at 8 PM – 9 pm ET! While you wait because that our recap of Love & i know well Hop brand-new York Season 9 illustration 2, don’t forget to examine out every our L&HHH brand-new York recaps, spoilers, news & more!

Tonight’s Love & i know well Hop brand-new York recap begins now – refreshing Page frequently to obtain the most present updates!

Juju visits Kimbella. Castle talk about Juelz’s case with his plea deal or prison time. They don’t understand what come do. Kimball to know this is all about the drugs. If he never ever did lock this wouldn’t have actually happened. Juju comforts her.

Alexis comes to see her grandmother that is watching her daughter. She grandmother is her only support device to her in brand-new York. It has actually been tough because her daughter has health issues and also requires a many of clinical care and appointments. She tells she grandmother how she has actually been signed by a label. It could be a small tough through Fetty involved. He is her daughters’ father, even though that hasn’t bring away a DNA test. She doesn’t want the boy support. She has her very own money.

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Juelz is in the studio. His friend Maino concerns see him. That did time therefore he will know what it’s all about. Juelz is worried around what he have to so because of the kids. They need their dad, especially in this times and also their ages. Maino speak him he needs to have hope.

Cyn, Kimbellaand Jonathan are out shopping and also talking. Cyn to buy perfume to feel sexy. Jonathan is all about himself this days, he speak them. He is single and he is going to litter himself a birthday bash. They start talking around Yandy going. Kimbellais no longer friends through her ever since she threw her under the bus at a party. Jonathan has actually his very own beef v Juju. They to be going to walk in on a radio idea yet she left the out and stole his ideas.

 Yandy and Juju fulfill up. Yandy tells she all about Jonathan’s party. Yandy is surprised. She didn’t get an invite. Yandy mentions Kimbellaand your feud. She thinks it is petty. She is always going to have a love for her.

Joe brings breakfast in bed to Cyn. He tells her yelling with the streets that she needs more sex wasn’t the finest approach. That loves her. She just needs to feel sexy. He speak her the is going to Cabo for some alone time.

Kimbella and Juju fulfill for drinks.

Juju thinks Kimbellashould be friends through Yandy again. She needs the support. Kimball gets mad. She doesn’t require to attend to her. Juju asks she if she would certainly be ok see Yandy at Jonathan’s party. Kimbellais surprised and also tells her she may want to talk to him.

 Alexis is going to watch Fetty. The told she to stop by the studio. She mirrors up and he isn’t there yet. She waits. Every she wants is for him to be a father.

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 Kimbella bring the phone come the kids. That is days far from do a decision. He talks to the kids and also says goodnight. Kimbellaheads come bed on the phone. They talk. This new means of life, she on her own with the kids is difficult.

 Its Jonathan’s birthday. The is happy and also having fun until Juju shows up. He, Juju, Kimbella, and also Mariah Lynn every argue v one another. Jonathan traction Juju aside so they can talk. Kimbella overhears him telling her points from their lunch day that simply aren’t true. They start to fight. After they all have actually words, Yandy reflects up make Kimbella upset. Jonathan simply wants them come talk. Lock go and also sit together. Within secs they fight. Kimbella is tho mad about the party. Yandy thinks she is being absurd. Kimbella it s okay up and also walks away as everyone watches native a distance.