I thought and desperately hoped the Ji Qing finding out the truth would change things because that the better but instead on the contrary it is flopping an ext than ever before. Over there is just something that is simply not quite right with this drama, specifically the storyline. It doesn’t know where it desires to go and with every these characters who are provided a significant storyline, the just has actually too plenty of directions wherein it desires to stretch chin to. As far as development goes, it is almost everywhere the place and also there isn’t really lot of it in state for expansion for the characters since frankly, lock are quite one dimensional.

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I think the Taiwanese audience agree the this drama is no enjoyable come watch because ratings have been flopping, having actually only damaged 0.5 through the first two eps and falling thereafter.

I want to love this drama yet no matter how tough I shot I simply can’t. It doesn’t captivate me or lures me to desire to clock it. I will proceed to watch it since I began it and would choose to finish. However, i am walk to perform something that I have actually never done on this blog before and also that is autumn this recap. That pains me to execute so due to the fact that I have never dropped a recap before but ns am going to have to due to the fact that I just can’t discover myself deviating even attention to recapping this, though I would happily proceed to carry out so if there room readers interested (: 

Hao Ming stops Sheng Hua and explains that he will certainly reconsider his “marriage” come Shan Shan but it would certainly be much better if he have the right to leave something an excellent for Ji Qing v his remaining time and assist a girl that is filled with hatred.


Hao Ming is solemnly accompanying Shan Shan bridal shopping. Shan Shan messages Ji Qing that she is welcome to to visit her wedding morning (now that’s a shotgun marriage!) and also this dampens Ji Qing’s mood. She decides that she is walking to walk on an overseas trip.


Yong Xin is shocked and devastated to uncover that Sheng Hua has proposed come Yi Ren. She reveals that she to be the one who obtained Sheng Hua’s culinary sushi cook to accept him so the she would have the ability to spend much more time through him in Japan. Yi Ren chases after ~ Yong Xin and tells her the she cannot to compare to her but she and Sheng Hua love each other. She reiterates that she is forever Sheng Hua’s tiny sister and ask that she great them happiness which she does. Yong Xin climate asks Yi Ren if Sheng Hua would have chosen she if she did not exist. Yi Ren answers the he would, lot to Yong Xin’s happiness.


Daddy Ji finds Mummy Zhao and also begs to view Shan Shan yet Mummy Zhao go not allow him to execute so. However, she caves in after seeing him kneel for so long. He lastly manages to watch Shan Shan and also tells her that he is willing to usage his life to pay for she damage yet ask that she not damage Ji Qing. She speak him that he can never pay because that the damages which the caused.


It’s wedding day and also Mummy Zhao tells her daughter that she is extremely worried for her. Shan Shan decides come tell her the fact that Hao Ming has leukaemia and has actually two years to discover the appropriate bone marrow. This gets Mummy Zhao even more worried however Shan Shan assures her that she does no regret her choice.

Hao Ming asks God that if love is a type of responsibility, climate is what the is law taking responsibility for love? dad Ji arrives and slaps him for him abiding through his promise the he made.

Ji Qing pipeline for her holiday v Zhe Mei (like, wth, weren’t they enemies?) and says good-bye come the house as well as her relationship with Hao Ming because that good. Upon come to the airport, she meets Ai Wen that reveals come her the Hao Ming has leukaemia (finally!).


Before Hao Ming and Shan Shan is able to seal the transaction in your marriage, they are interrupted by the come of Ji Qing. She tells him that he is hers and he melting, wanting to it is in by she side however resists informing her that he can’t due to the fact that he only has actually three month to live. That’s when Ai Wen reveals that it is all a lie. Hao Ming asks Shan Shan why she did this and also she admits the this is only means to take him far from Ji Qing and also plus, this is what Ji Qing owes her. Ji Qing apologises to Mummy Zhao however slaps Shan Shan because that being therefore selfish. Shan Shan speak him the he loves him and would perform anything because that him (wth?) however Hao Ming is no happy her and leaves v Ji Qing who has actually forgiven him.

Ji Qing immediately drags Hao Ming to view the doctor who educates him the if the accepts treatment he will certainly be top top his means to full health. Castle return home and Hao Ming apologises to daddy Ji and tells her that he is i was sure now due to the fact that previously he was not sure if Ji Qing can challenge this with him for this reason he is not going come let her gain hurt again.

After some explanation, coodling and coaxing, Hao Ming and Ji Qing forgives Hao Ming.

Mummy Zhao has a talk v Ji Qing.

The two family make piece and Hao Ming decides no to get married yet, at least until he is fine again ~ surgery,

Of course Shan Shan gets fired and also her mommy is not impressed with her means of achieving her so-called happiness. Her mother tells the after to trust is gone comes disappointment. However, she is no going come let this go since she loves Hao Ming (wth, since when did she love Hao Ming?).


Hao Ming and also Ji Qing invite Zhe Mei out to give thanks to him while he gives them a speak on how valuable love it. He cautions Hao Ming that if he hurts Ji Qing again, he will be the by her side. Zhe Mei questions Hao Ming if he would certainly really have actually not walk to conserve Ji Qing as soon as she “drowned” if the did not save her in time. Hao Ming sweetly replies that he wouldn’t because even if he needs to risk his life he is not going to let Ji Qing gain hurt.

Ji Qing organises a really sweet and healthy romantic dinner for Hao Ming. They have actually a fun time rekindling with each other.

Ji Qing is actively hoping the she may be pregnant and recalls Mummy Fang informing her the if she has a child with Hao Ming, the child’s bone marrow will certainly be suitable to conserve him.

As Sheng Hua and also Yi Ren is speak goodbye come their episode shop, Yi Ren it s okay a contact that Duo Duo is running a high fever. Lock take her to the hospital to find that she has contracted pneumonia. Of course Da Shuai is not happy with Sheng Hua and also Yi Ren’s negligence and blames them for what has happened to Duo Duo.


Da Shuai and Yi Ren invest the night looking ~ Duo Duo when Ji Qing actively tries to get herself pregnant.


My Opinion:

I to be super duper disappointed v this ep. I am so disappointed the no indigenous can match up to my disappointment. You would certainly think the something as big as the fact being revealed it would produce a big change come the storyline but inside this drama is stepping backwards to whereby it all began. It simply doesn’t hold any kind of connection v me as a viewer. I just don’t feel…well, i don’t feeling anything because that this OTP. I recognize I must be feeling pleasure or delight that they have gotten back together however frankly, I have actually lost attention as a couple. In fact, so much so that ns don’t even care regarding how their partnership ends up, or who they finish up with. I just wanted this ep to change the means that i feel in the direction of the pair but I simply can’t view to carry out so.

It is either the very same Taiwanese drama human being or I simply tend to choose up the crap and also messy dramas. I thought that Alice in Wonder City (AKA providing Alice a Miracle) was bad but this one is worse. At the very least that drama kept me watching to see just how messy it could get however this drama has actually just left me emotionless. I don’t feel anything watching this drama and also trust me also if you feeling asleep city hall this you would not miss out on a thing! However, i am walk to proceed watching it because that the sake of act so.

I to be a vast fan the SETTV/TTV dramas (a lot of my favourite tv series come from this company) and also rarely have they ever gone wrong yet when they execute it drops absent bottom and this drama is among these. What happened!? This drama has just unable to do wrong in practically every single method possible. From the plot come the development and even to the characters themselves, nothing the been best for this drama.

I am sure for those who check out my recaps friend will have the ability to stop exactly how messy this drama purely by reading my recap through out watching the drama. Even as I create it I notification how separated each scene is. Every scene comes together a one sentence recap v no more development. And it just stops there. Ns hope for it to give me part explanation yet it never comes. It simply stops and changes scene yes, really abruptly.

The personalities are an important to any solitary drama and this one was no exception. Dramas tend to job-related with leads, second leads and supporting cast. However, this drama made part switches come the traditional way of how personalities are supposed to work and also thus this lead to a complicated and confusing storyline. What ns see through this drama is that there room two separate teams of characters. Over there is group one which consists for Ji Qing and Hao Ming as the leads while Shan Shan is the second lead. Climate there is team two which consists of Sheng Hua and Yi Ren together the leader while Da Shuai is the 2nd lead. And also when two tasks whose storyline does no bridge with each other forcibly come together, well, that creates unnecessary characters. Shan Shan provides an appearance and then never shows up until she is referred to as for much like the of Da Shuai.

This drama had large potential to increase in ratings. The is fresh and innovative however it messed up in its storyline, characters and everything rather in between.

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I just want to clarify that I have actually not poor mouthing this drama but I am completely expressing my opinion. Ns am simply disappointed v this drama, complete stop.