Luke Combs wasn't claimed to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live until later this fall; however, complying with Sunday night's (Oct. 1) shooting at the path 91 Harvest Festival in las Vegas, Nev., Combs and also his band offered Kimmel's phase to respect the victim of the tragedy. Readers have the right to press play above to watch their performance of "Used come You," i m sorry aired Monday night (Oct. 2).

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Prior to Jimmy Kimmel Live's Monday night episode, Combs explained via Twitter that he was at Kimmel's studio come tape a power to air in ~ a later on time; however, Kimmel request Combs to execute for Monday night's episode in respect of the course 91 Harvest Festival shoot victims, and Combs "immediately agreed." "Used to You," the knew appropriate away, would certainly be the perfect song; it tells the story of shedding someone and "never get supplied to you being gone."

"Music is a healer. In this overwhelming darkness, I think we will uncover hope once we increase together," Combs writes. "Fans, that is the blessing of my life to gain to do music through you and for friend every day. Tonight, might we find light and also hope in the chaos."

Combs to be backstage at the course 91 Harvest Festival top top Sunday as soon as Stephen Paddock started shooting into the crowd from his hotel room in ~ Mandalay Bay. The singer recalls numerous concertgoers' and also crew members' initial man over what the gunshot noises in reality were. Combs, who starts his headlining Don’t Tempt Me v a great Time Tour on Tuesday night (Oct. 3), is established to no let the shooting — which killed more than 50 people and injured much more than 500 people — make the live in fear.

“I don’t desire to it is in scared, or put any kind of shows of mine on hold, since I feel favor that’s what this person wants come happen,” claims Combs. “He wants everybody to be scared and be afraid. And also obviously we have to be strong in times favor this ..."

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During his Monday night show, Kimmel himself also made an emotional, passionate plea, throughout his opening monologue, come lawmakers come enact laws to protect against such senseless plot of violence. The late-night host, who is from las Vegas, dubbed the shooting "another terrible, inexplicable, shocking and also painful tragedy," and provided that his musical guest Combs was present during the shooting.

"We pray for the victims and also for their families and friends, and we wonder why, even though there's more than likely no means to ever before know why ... It’s the sort of point that, it provides you desire to throw up or give up. It’s too lot to even process," Kimmel said throughout his monologue, i beg your pardon readers deserve to watch in full below. "Of food there's other we have the right to do about it. There are a many things we can do about it, but we don’t, i m sorry is interesting. Due to the fact that when someone with a beard attacks us, we tap phones, us invoke travel bans, we build walls, us take every possible precaution come make certain it doesn’t happen again, yet when one American buys a gun and kills other Americans, then there’s naught we can do around that."