hi! ns recently discovered lunar tides hair dye top top etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/LunarTidesHair) and I to be wondering if anyone had any kind of experience utilizing them. The colors room gorgeous and also they're really highly reviewed, but it never harms to doublecheck!


I ordered native them recently based upon a reference from /u/einhorn_leim, but my stimulate hasn't shipped yet because they're running low top top a pigment because that the greyed dyes. The owner was responsive, polite, and informative when I asked about my order.

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I additionally saw /u/sketchboob recommend them pretty freshly in this subnaipublishers.com.

THEY are MY favorite DYE EVERRRRRR!!! Sorry... I'm passionate about them. I've just tried their pastel pinks and also lavender, however they apply smoothly, reverse damages caused by lightening, smell amazing, the packaging is terrific (plastic gems glued to the lids with hand written labels? correctly please!), the owner is amazingly sweet and will message you ago with any questions/concerns immediately and also jump with hoops to accommodate every individual customer. As for the colors, the are freaking beautiful! and they fade very nicely, rather of turning muted or grey (coughSplatcough)

Only thing I will suggest is make certain your hair is super light as soon as you use it, because it will not stick to brassy bits at all (which is pretty typical with many pastel dyes)

Aww man! i should have actually looked right here first! I'm right now sitting v lavender ion color brilliance native Sally's! i will constantly choose indie before mainstream! That's okay, I'll make certain to add them to mine list once it's touch up time!

Thank you! Yeah my hair gets super duper brassy as soon as I bleach it, pretty much orange. I'll make certain to grab part toner prior to I start this adventure. Just how long walk it usually take to gain to you?

Oof, after analysis everyone's endorsements I'm tempted to buy a jar also though I have a perfectly an excellent unopened bottle of unique Effects...

I know, I'm not permitted to dye my hair till I officially quit mine job, but I simply want that to rigid at.

I really want the toner, yet I don't require it. Ns am afraid of toning mine hair and also it becoming purple. Which would look need however be frowned upon in ~ my job.

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Can anyone speak to how long this last? The colors look at amazing however I've heard of problems with quick fading?


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