Album: 4080 magazine Presents... Bay Area"s greatest Hits, Volume 1: Platinum Balla"s and Hustla"s


Listen up, I"m around to get dopeIt ain"t nothin" but some shit i wroteAbout a young brotha deep in the gameThey contact me Mac Dre and also I"m keepin the nameI sport Nikey shoes, I acquired a mic to useTo talk bad around suckers, i don"t favor the foolsDown and also dirty bout spittin" my hitsAnd if not, I"m gettin" mine gritsPlayin" the game like it"s supposed to it is in playedMakin" much an ext than the minimum wageNot a pimp daddy, don"t drive a CaddyI simply mack and also get all that babbyDre, you understand I never ever slow downSmokin cesstee till I"m yes, really towed downWalk right into the party, completely perkedGrab the microphone and also let the mouthpiece workI obtained hype and the video game starts flowin"The girls gain freaky and it start showin"And once the party"s over at the end of the nightThey say: Damn, Mac Dre you ain"t nothin" politeCause I"m the numero uno, could never it is in the dosA Mack called Dre and also I"m poppin the most18, makin" raps "til I"m 80 thoughAnd too tough for the fuckin" radio"Tell me somethin" good"I"m too hard for the fuckin" radioMy rhymes space dope reason Mac Dre made "emAnd made you geek every time you play themOn her tape deck, hooked to her SaccoA tiny hard, yet brotha I"m a mack, thoughNothin" nice, makin" raps that you wanna hearGettin cessted, put my hands on the beerI can"t assist it, that"s what I prefer to doSloppy drunk, rappin" top top the mic for youA young brotha, kinda bone-skinnyI take a girl come the golden pennyGet romantic, as with I plan itThen cut turf and leave the girl strandedIs it hard becuz I simply beat it?Not really, that"s what the girl neededThat"s game, I assumed that you knew thisMack game, and also mine is the smoothestLike lotion I"m in motionI"m a mack, i was a large oceanBut no issue what the fuck your name isNothin" quite is what my game is18, makin" raps "til I"m 80 thoughAnd too difficult for the fuckin" radio"Tell me somethin" new"I"m too tough for the fuckin" radioCome to the Northside the the VThe C the r the e the s-tHit Lennard, what will be seen?20 young niggaz gettin complete of the HenThis is the Romper Room, and also you recognize who ns amThe mack named Dre, so get with the programNothin" proper, freaks will clock yaAnd if there"s funk, then punk we"ll mop yaSo beware of the four-door DeltaGet her crew if girlfriend think they can aid yaAnd action up yet not too closeCause the Crestside is poppin the mostAnd all you girls, don"t you feel left outAnd to the boys, I"ve worn the flesh outAnd after that we deserve to still it is in friends thoughAnd if not, we"ll it is in friends with the IndoRomper Room kickin on Lennard StreetMac Dre complete of the Hennessy18, makin" raps "til I"m 80 thoughAnd too tough for the fuckin" radio