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10 October 2005
2.71 / 5.00.5 from 261 ratings
#1,398 because that 2005


muxthebestest Aug 22 2018 1.50 stars
Mac would be good if that weren’t just so indefensibly lame. And also acknowledging the lameness somehow simply makes the worse. As Metro freshly said of Russ (who is likewise insufferable), Macklemore is more than anything “wack in spirit”.

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Clockwork1 Mar 02 2016 2.50 stars
"Ego" is quite excellent and this song has a real nice lo-fi Jazz lab aesthetic to it — that doesn't warrant the length and cuts prefer "Penis Song" only have actually their beats to fall ago on but his charm here is actually superior to that discovered on The Heist. Interesting, yet not an extremely substantial release.
BraxtonThePorcupine Apr 26 2014 2.00 stars
I'm comes in pretty late to this album, so by the time this testimonial finds you, most world will only recognize Macklemore by his much inferior collaborations v Ryan Lewis.But this solo album is actually some white-boy hip-hop the the highest order. He absolutely takes a strong influence from Atmosphere, with his honest but clever analysis of culture and self within it, and his engaging and also commanding delivery.Yet, he also manages to have a personality every one of his own. The album is around 1/3 serious social commentaries, 1/3 much more laid-back "living life" songs, and 1/3 feeling songs. All of them are very well done through clever lyrics the don't feeling cliche'd, and a fast shipment with an excellent rhymes and timing. The production is likewise absolutely top rate.This album is actually about as close come an setting album together you can acquire without in reality buying an environment album. Or possibly Classified, specifically considering the beats - but without Class' contempt obnoxious feel.The tragic thing is, Macklemore only acquired fame ~ his hooking up with Ryan Lewis, however despite Ryan Lewis also commanding his name in the abum title, his production is not even a minute fraction as great as the production on this album. Macklemore likewise fell completely off the steed in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, appealing to just high-school kids.
This macauleay Culkin look-a-like is in reality a more talented rapper 보다 you could've anticipated. That being said, his capability to compose listenable song crumbles and also a most his lines come off sounding forced. His flow is an extremely Atmospheric (see what i did there?). The production is what yes, really takes this ago to being bad. If over there were an excellent beats with his awkward rhyming (with one intelligent definition still) this would be a kind effort.

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quite boring i know good hpo album. The rapping has a really quick style and facility lyrics but they not really occupational forme, they simply sound boring. The production has some entertaining beats, at least catchy sufficient to do the release listenable. Overal quite mediocre.
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