I see plenty of posts around trick plays, however none particularly referring come which plays room trick plays. I understand what a trick play is like everyone, yet I would choose to get a perform of every the trick plays that exist in Madden 17 (minus any type of punt or ar goal trick plays the course). And if possible, which formation (and set) they room in.

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Depends ~ above your meaning of cheat play, some human being considered playaction passes a trick play because that a while. There are things favor wildcat, Madden offered to have actually the flea flicker. I think about a cheat play together fooling mine opponent, so anything that you run that will certainly confuse your adversary on whereby your cram the round is a cheat play in my opinion. An instance is in the titans playbook the first gun formation I don't recognize the name off the height of mine head but it's a split backfield and you deserve to run every the swing overcome in over there to cheat the user defender whereby your cram the ball. Since there's one pat that's a swing pass and also then there's one that fakes the swing pass and it has a screen play to run to the various other side and also it's complicated to stop.

Just Incase friend go against that. Top top the display play the RB ~ above the left side is closer come the heat of scrimmage climate he is if you operation the continuous swing route

See, that's what I'm talking about, plays favor the Flea Flicker - ns couldn't uncover that play in ~ all. Why was it ever before removed??

For what I consider trick plays, I take into consideration those to it is in plays like the Flea Flicker, the Fake Punt direct Snap, and other plays whereby there is a vast misdirection (where you think the sphere is gonna go one method - or through one human - however then the QB runs with it, like in the QB Draw), or even the Wildcat formation plays. In other words, plays friend never ever see in a typical drive. I guess, we have the right to even include plays us see much more in college football together well, like option passes, since those aren't that widespread in the NFL compared to other plays.

So, ns truly wanna recognize of other plays v names where I don't recognize that it would be a trick play. Because that example, if I watch the native Flea Flicker, I recognize it's a cheat play. But, what about plays that have actually a traditional name whereby I wouldn't recognize it's in reality a trick play, there is no trying it out. But let's challenge it, ns won't try thousands of plays simply to number that the end lol.

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As for plays whereby you're illustration the linebackers to believe it's one of two people a operation or a pass, isn't a trick in ~ all. In ~ best, this is a standard and common misdirection.