Malcolm skips out on a family members Thanksgiving to go to a party, whereby he captures the eye the a girl. Reese has actually his mind collection on preparing a sublime Thanksgiving dinner and enlists the assist of Hal and also Dewey, yet soon i do not care a fanatical despot in the kitchen. Francis and also Piama arrive in a flurry of marital problems and also Lois, uncharacteristically, tries to help.

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Jane Kaczmarek...Lois
(Picture: Jean-Paul Aussenard/" })">
Bryan Cranston...Hal
Christopher Masterson...Francis
Justin Berfield...Reese Wilkerson
Erik every Sullivan...Dewey
Frankie Muniz...Malcolm
Marshall Allman...Dylan
Joel Anderson...Mr. Edwards
Emy Coligado...Piama Tananahaakna
John O"Brien...Sales Clerk
Alessandra Torresani...Kirsten
Craig Lamar Traylor...

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Stevie Kenarban
Gary Anthony Williams...Abraham "Abe" Kenarban