An upset hotel guest in Oklahoma drove his truck right into the lobby the a hotel after ~ a billing dispute.

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Police speak the guest was upset over a billing dispute with the hotel

He insurance claims he didn"t hear a police officer"s offer to help resolve the disagreement

many hotel guest who space displeased through their hotel experience might complain come the manager or tweet the end a complaint.

One guest preferred to drive his truck with the lobby of one Alva, Oklahoma, hotel critical week, authorities say, narrowly missing two employee at the front desk. has obtained surveillance video clip of a van plowing v the lobby that a lull Inn & Suites top top December 10.

john Edward Parsley, 62, was angry over a billing dispute when he drove his truck with the hotel lobby, according to an Alva Police Department incident report. He to be arrested and charged v assault and malicious injury come property, and he remains in jail.

“The guest had tried to pay with a debit map the very first night he confirm in, and also it to be declined,” hotel co-owner Rupal Kingson Christian said. She owns the hotel with her husband, and she was among the people behind the front workdesk when the truck come crashing through.

Woods county Sheriff

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John Parsley was accused of driving his truck with a hotel lobby.
“He asked us to run it again because he stated there to be plenty that money in the account,” she said. “When it was declined a second time, that went to gain cash and paid for his room the way.

“The next day, he determined to stay a second night, and also again his debit card was declined, and he had actually to pay with cash. Later he got an e-mail from his financial institution saying there to be an authorization for $264 top top his debit card,” Christian said. “I defined to him that this was just a pre-authorization and not a charge, however he would not listen. He asked that us void the authorization, which we did.

“He was still upset and called police when he to be threatening to drive his truck with the lobby,” she said. “Dispatch told that to action outside, and then the positioned his truck encountering the lobby, and also I referred to as police earlier telling them this.”

one Alva Police department officer responded to the calls.

The event report states Parsley drove right into the hotel lobby regardless of the officer twice saying he would go talk to the hotel staff around the dispute. Parsley declared he no hear the officer make those comments.

Asked after ~ his arrest why he assumed driving into the hotel was a good idea, Parsley called police the “they believed he was bluffing, and he showed he wasn’t,” follow to the report.

Parsley remains in jail v no bail. The police department states he does not yet have an attorney. One more bail hear is collection for Wednesday, Woods county Undersheriff Keith Dale said.

“I’m so thankful that God’s hand protected me,” Christian said. “My shoes were hidden under the rubble, but I to be unharmed because that the most part, just a couple of bruises.”