after ~ Manchester United" destructive opener, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Juventus picked up three points


The first set of champions League games have covering up v 16 goals across the eight games. In the night" many prestigious matchup Bayern Munich emerged comfortable victors from the Camp Nou where objectives from cutting board Muller and Robert Lewandowski, twice, did not adequately reflect the comfortable nature of their 3-0 victory over Barcelona. Reigning champions Chelsea to be made come work difficult for your 1-0 success over Zenit Saint Petersburg however Romelu Lukaku yielded when they needed him most. 

Perhaps the many dramatic gamings came previously in the day through Sevilla and also Red Bull Salzburg sharing 4 penalties in a 1-1 draw. The Austrian champion missed two of your trio the shots native 12 yards out and also failed to kill off a video game where their hosts spent lot of the second half a man down as soon as Youssef En-Nesyri dived in an effort to success a 5th spot kick.

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Meanwhile Manchester United experienced what may well it is in the biggest shock that matchday one, shedding 2-1 come Young boys in Bern. Cristiano Ronaldo had provided Ole Gunnar Solskjaer" side the lead in the first half yet Aaron Wan-Bissaka" red card readjusted the course of a video game where second fifty percent goals from Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleu and US international Jordan Pefok, pouncing on one error native Jesse Lingard, earn the Swiss champion a renowned win.

There was plenty the entertainment come be found at the Madrigal too as Villarreal and Atalanta separation the clues in fantastic 2-2 draw, Robin Gosens earning the Italian travellers a critical point to begin their Champions organization campaign.

Meanwhile In Sweden Juventus had their game versus Malmo winner by fifty percent time together they cruised come a 3-0 win whilst Lille vs. Wolfsburg and Dynamo Kyiv vs. Benfica both finished goalless, Mykola Shaparenko seeing his goal ruled the end for offside in the last minute.

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Here" the full list the results and superlatives native the day:


Sevilla 1, Salzburg 1 Young boys 1, Manchester united 2Barcelona 0, Bayern Munich 3Dynamo Kyiv 0, Benfica 0 Villarreal 2, Atalanta 2LOSC 0, Wolfsburg 0 Chelsea 1, Zenit 0 Malmo 0, Juventus 3

Match the the day

Villarreal 2, Atalanta 2: While Sevilla vs. Salzburg to be a wild one, the many exciting, vain one was what arisen at El Madrigal. A back-and-forth showdown between two technical groups did not disappoint, despite both will certainly feel choose the 3 points were they for the taking. The video game featured 4 goals, both teams teams blowing a lead, 27 full shots and 11 on frame. Villarreal controlled to storm back, recovering from Remo Freuler" goal in the sixth minute to take a lead through Arnaut Danjuma, but it wasn" expected to be.

Robin Gosens" 83rd-minute strike indigenous close earned the optimistic Italians a suggest on the road, v the hosts having actually to organize on after Francis Coquelin was displayed red simply six minutes from time.

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Go ahead and also mark the on her calendar now -- lock meet versus on Dec. 8 in Italy. 

Top performer

Robert Lewandowski: How can it not be? Nobody came close come his kind of production. The legend scored his 74th and also 75th Champions league goals, demolishing the Nou Camp in a variety of ways. He verified attentiveness top top the first goal and then just an ability to as soon as again handle a rebound before making Oscar Mingueza look silly in the process. Take it a look:

The race for top scorer is walking to be something, but benefit Lewa for now. 

Goal of the day

I will reluctantly give it come Alvaro Morata the Juventus. When his team winner 3-0 in ~ Malmo with the Spanish striker obtaining the third, it to be a goal the was filled through luck yet looked great. The former Chelsea male pounced on a round in the box, lifted it end the goalkeeper and put it upper 90. Now, when you watch closely, the sphere hits the fishing eye area and takes a fortunate rotate towards the upper corner.

45" Dybala (P) ⚽45+1" Morata ⚽Juve room wasting no time