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Before the NFL draft, let’s take a look in ~ the best players indigenous the Los Angeles area that the Rams may be interested in including to the team.

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1.) man Ross — broad Receiver (Washington)

Ross set the record for the faster 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. The speedy wideout from Washington is probably the finest deep risk in the draft.

2.) Adoree’ Jackson — Cornerback (USC)

Jackson is among the most distinctive athletes in recent memory. He is an heritage on offense, defense and special teams and also grew up together a fan of the Rams.

3.) Sidney Jones — Cornerback (Washington)

Jones is injured but was projected together a first-round talent. The Rams have Trumaine Johnson top top a one-year deal. Deserve to Jones replace him when healthy?

4.) Marcus Sanders-Williams — security (Utah)

Originally native the Riverside area, Williams produced 18 turnovers and 189 combined stops because that his team throughout the previous three seasons.

5.) JuJu Smith-Schuster — wide Receiver (USC)

He is young and also took a bit of a setback critical season, but he is additionally a very versatile playmaker. It would certainly be amazing for pan to keep him in L.A., too.


Adoree' Jackson dubbed Rams 'dream team' and also wants to construct USC family

6.) Jayon Brown — Linebacker (UCLA)

This linebacker was all Pac-12 with 3 interceptions and six passes defended. He safeguarded fifteen passes during the past three years.

7.) Sean Harlow — attack Line (Oregon State)

His father was a previous first-round pick. Harlow has actually experience at every place on the attack line throughout practice.

8.) Damien Mama — offensive Line (USC)

He has lost approximately 75 pounds because coming come USC, however he’s still one of the heaviest attack linemen in the breeze class. The has terrific strength.

9.) Tedric Thompson — safety (Colorado)

Thompson has an older brother in the NFL. He played receiver in high school and has very big hands. The is a valuable playmaker the needs an ext size.

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10.) Damore’ea Stringfellow — broad Receiver (Ole Miss)

He was initially a Washington-commit and also a top-ten receiver prospect in the nation. Critical season, the 6-foot-2 receiver had over 15 yards per catch.