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Week 7 takeaways and huge questions: Chiefs acquire blown out, Patriots score 54 and also Cardinals remain undefeated
Getting healthy will aid Carolina Panthers, yet coach Matt Rhule claims they still "have a lengthy ways to go"

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The dust might have worked out on camer Newton"s five-year, $103.8 million extension, however there still space questions about the franchise quarterback because that the Carolina Panthers.

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Let"s get to them because that my Saturday mailbag: perform you think video camer is a far better overall QB than Matt Ryan? #PanthersMailbag

— Dean McNally™ ( No. Newton is an ext athletic and also a better rusher 보다 Matt Ryan. But running isn"t a component of the Atlanta quarterback"s arsenal, although he"s an ext fleet-footed 보다 he"s offered credit. But in terms of an in its entirety quarterback, Ryan gets the edge also though Newton currently tops him contempt in median yearly salary ($20.76 million to $20.75 million). Ryan completes 64 percent of his passes; Newton 59.5 percent. Ryan has thrown for much more than 4,000 yards in 4 consecutive seasons; Newton has actually done that once, his rookie year in 2011. Ryan"s touchdown come interception ratio is 2.3; Newton"s is 2.8. Ryan has actually thrown 22 or an ext touchdowns in 6 consecutive seasons; Newton has surpassed 21 once, throw 24 in 2013. Ryan makes far better overall decisions. He"s a far better pocket passer. He"s got a better record (64-44 come 30-31-1). He"s had four seasons that 10-plus wins; Newton has actually one. If Newton becomes far better in the pocket, together with his to run ability, you can make the argument he"s better. Till then, Ryan it s okay my vote. perform you think this new deal will cause cam to get much more criticism native the media? It's unfair sufficient as it is. #PanthersMailbag

— Hunter Bell ( You lug up an interesting point. Many, that appear, occurred their an initial impression that Newton based on a couple of cases that developed when he was in college. Newton still gets criticized for the times he hid under a bath towel on the sideline beforehand in his career and also for a 30-31-1 document that doesn"t take it into consideration the weak of personnel about him. However Newton has actually come a long method the past two seasons in regards to a leader and a player. Anybody the doesn"t view him as a top-15 quarterback pressing on the door to the peak 10 isn"t paying attention. The money will placed him under the spotlight more until that wins consistently and also wins much more playoff games. He"s 1-2 in the postseason. However yes, the deal most likely will warm up criticism, fair or not. #Panthersmailbag so just how long will it take to obtain TD and LK deals done currently that video camer is taken care of?

— Andrew Brown ( i would expect Thomas Davis to have actually a new deal before training camp. The Panthers don"t need to rush right into a new deal because that Luke Kuechly because they exercised his fifth-year option, guaranteeing he will be on the roster in 2016. I doubt Carolina will certainly take a comparable path through him together it did v Kuechly, signing him come an extension prior come the 2016 season to slightly mitigate the $11,050,000 2016 salary cap hit and also tie that up long term. I likewise could view it being done sooner if the money enables (see potential ways below).

See more: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Player Story Mode, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Co with cams brand-new deal done just how much cap an are do we have actually left? #PanthersMailbag

— Hayes Jansen ( together I created on Friday, the Panthers space $9,149,353 under the cap. They choose approximately one more $1.7 million in room through Newton"s extension. They have the right to increase the total more by expanding the transaction of thomas Davis, that is set to count $9.9 million against the 2015 cap. They add even an ext room by restructuring the deal of defensive end Charles Johnson, that is collection to count $20,020,000 million against the cap. If the happens, as mentioned above, you possibly might see Kuechly"s deal expanded sooner quite than later.