Matt Steffanina Wiki

Matt Steffanina is an American Dancer, Choreographer, and also YouTuber that has gained fame because that his run moves and he is additionally the executive, management producer of run Tutorials live. Recently, that uploaded a dance video in i m sorry a pregnant Chachi Gonzales (Actress, Dancer) to be seen encountering with Matt and this video clip created a substantial buzz on society media.

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Let me phone call you the this young Dancer started dancing since from a very young period of 13 years. At such a young age he did not have a trainer come teach the dance, so, that self-taught self on exactly how to run without any peer assistance.


Moreover, Matt offered his first dancing performance at the great Theatre that was choreographed by him and also later that uploaded his dancing performance on his YouTube video. Eventually, he began participating in miscellaneous dance competitions organized at National and International platforms.

However, due to the fact that Mr. Steffanina had big dreams in dance he made decision to move to Los Angeles in 2010 to accomplish his dreams as he discovered out that it to be the right ar for him to showcase his talent. Meanwhile, he additionally appeared in the truth dance shows prefer Step up, The Ellen Show and also So you Think You can Dance. From the dance shows the YouTuber gained an ext popularity.

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Over the years together a dancer, Matt has co-choreographed with numerous celebrities like Snoop Dogg, kris Brown, LMFAO and also more. Furthermore, he also designs the run tutorials because that his viewers and also he loves to teach a different means of dance. He has a enormous Instagram following of an ext than 3.6 million followers.


Matt Steffanina Girlfriend

The 32-year-old Dancer has been in love through his girlfriend, Dana Alexa due to the fact that 2011 after ~ both that them an initial met via a music video called “Ashes.” This couple later dated for over a year and also then got engaged in 2012. Moreover, Matt and also Dana to be in the TV series “The amazing Race.” Currently, we execute not have any information around their connection status and we are additionally not mindful of both space still together or not.

Matt Steffanina Family

Dana Alexa’s boyfriend, Matt was born ~ above October 20, 1986, in Virginia, USA. That is presently 32-years-old and is the kid of Jeff Steffanina (Father) and also Debbie Tuttle Steffanina (Mom). Furthermore, the dancer additionally has a brother named Sam Steffanina.

The YouTuber has actually completed his school education from Clonlara school and also later acquired his dance training from various dance colleges in LA and also Virginia.

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Matt Steffanina network worth

The approximated net worth of Matt is claimed to be about $ 4 million USD.

Matt Steffanina Wiki

Full Name: Matt SteffaninaNick Name: MattDOB: October 20, 1986Born: Virginia, USANationality: AmericanReligion: ChristianityFamous for: Dancer, Choreographer, YouTuber, TeacherAge: 32 year Old

Education Details

College: Dance classesSchool: Clonlara SchoopQualification: High institution Graduate

Physical Statics

Height: 6 feet 1Inch TallWeight: 79KGEye Color: BlueHair color: BlackMarital Status: Engaged

Favorites and also hobbies

Hobbies: Travelling, Dance, VloggingFavorite Actor: Tom CruiseFavorite Actress: Angelina JolieFavorite Destination: MiamiFavorite Food: continental Special


Father: Jeff SteffaninaMother: Debbie Tuttle SteffaninaBrother: Sam SteffaninaSister: NARelatives: NA

Relationships, Affairs, Dating, Girlfriend

Girlfriend: Dana AlexaDating history: Dana AlexaWife: not knownSons:  NADaughters: No