Today is the feast of the Guardian Angels. The an initial thing that concerns mind because that me, and probably for you, is the well known image of an angel protecting a boy as he or she walks throughout a bridge. The Catechism the the Catholic Church speaks of “each believer” having a guardian angel, a special guardian from the moment of baptism to accompany us through life. Benedict XVI in an Angelus address on October 2, 2011 dubbed guardian angels “ministers of the divine care for every human being being. Indigenous the beginning until the hour the death, human life is surrounded by their continuous protection.”

Therefore, top top this feast, we room celebrating our confidence in God’s enduring love and his providential care extended to us each and every day until life’s end. Some of the saints had actually the blessing come actually check out their guardian angel. Whether we deserve to see our angel or not, id in the guardian angel who accompanies us v life is an plot of belief in the God that accompanies us on our way through life and also into eternity. We have the right to pray to them because that assistance, or we can simply speak through our angel just like a friend.

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In the Gospel, Jesus states: “See that you execute not despise one of these little ones, for i say to you the their angels in heaven always look ~ above the confront of my heavenly Father.”

Our guardian angels remind united state that our eternal home, the location to i beg your pardon we space journeying under their protection, is heaven. Saint Bernard claimed that we have actually only to follow our angels, to continue to be close come them, and then at our fatality we candlestick dwell through them in heaven.

I never fail come be moved to tears in ~ the end of the Funeral liturgy once those of us who stay on earth gather about the body of our dear sister and sing this taking leave hymn native the Rite because that Christian Burial:

“May the angels lead you right into paradise;may the martyrs concerned welcome youand take it you come the holy city,the brand-new and eternal Jerusalem.”

Our guardian angel is a protector, a shepherd who leads us right into life. In a way, when we are devoted to ours guardian angel us are start on earth the life that will certainly be ours in eternity as soon as we will certainly stand in the agency of the angels singing v them come the glory come God.

Our veneration the the angels in heaven transforms our hearts in 3 ways:

It leads us to honor and respect ourselves and also others who space watched over through the kindness of God by an angel from heaven. We and others are never alone. We and others space never exterior of the watchful eye that this angel who sees everything.It leads united state to gratitude the God has given us a companion with life to enlighten us, defend us, overview us, and also intercede for us, and ultimately to bring about our full dedication come God’s glory in our life.It leads united state to hope. The reality that everyone has actually a guardian angel reminds us that the background of the world is in God’s hands and that the angels who watch over us are at occupational in each person’s love to rotate them come truth, goodness and also beauty, that they can make decisions that will enable God’s loving plan for the civilization to unfold.

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Our guardian angels are constantly before the confront of the Father. We can turn come our very own guardian point of view in every need, and we can constantly pray to the guardian angels that others. When someone needs a reminder, comfort, conversion, or strength, turn to your guardian angel because this heavenly minister is right alongside this human wherever castle are and also in whatever situation they discover themselves. Once you can not be close to someone in need, your angel is always right there with them.

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