is back again with one more episode of “The Fat Joe Show,” this time with other Terror squad MC and friend Remy Ma. And also the jokes were flying!

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Introducing Joeprah. It is Fat Joe’s new nickname many thanks to his brand new collection “The Fat Joe Show.” top top the show, the recording artist turned media personality chops it up with few of your favs for dope conversation and good laughs. Obtain into it. is earlier again with another hour of “The Fat Joe Show.” This week’s episode, however, felt quite familial as Fat Joe satellite down v his longtime friend and Terror squad member, new York rapper and also TV star Remy Ma.

Though his task was to interview her, the two have actually stuck it out for decades and this illustration proved exactly how deep their relationship gets, and how comfortable they are when it involves sharing secrets. Their connection played out effortlessly ~ above the screen and the stories and also the laughs were big. This to be the genuine deal, however the conversation acquired even much more real when they lugged up the music industry and also clout chasers.

The topic come up with Remy letting human being in on among Joe’s tactics of success: preparation. Together she admired him because that his organization and also attention to detail in all regards, and how that relates come journalism, castle both i agreeed this avenue provided him the capacity to truly show his personality. However, the femcee carried to light how in today’s society, it’s really around who is talking the biggest game whether the true or not.


“It’s the bragging thing,” she stated. “It’s just not cool come me, yet that’s the wave right now.” She continued to information material objects civilization use come validate themselves within the industry and how society media fuels the fire because it’s then understood unbelievable if no one experienced it. Joe comes back with a story or two concerning a i know well hop OG and a existing artist. However, what the learned indigenous the OG was “I do not give a fuck exactly how long or to the death, these civilization are gon see me shittin’.”

Joe then tells how he acquired a call from Hitmaka and Meek Mill, both of whom showed up prepared to flex. “Meek Mill to be on his rarely ‘talk shit’ day... Emotion himself to be an understatement.” Detailing Meek’s designer fit and overall fly guy aesthetic, Joe recalls just how the rapper started showing turn off the fit and sharing the price for everything he had actually on. The continues, “I felt choose this was my minute of the old school rapper... I feel favor God offers you karma. What goes approximately comes around.”

“I said, ‘Yo Meek, the shit fly together hell. But, you watch this?’” he says as he throws his wrist toward the camera, “This $1.4 million in 2020 ... You ever see this prior to Meek?” Both Remy and also Joe laugh together he relates ago to his encounter, “That moment with me and also ‘living legend’ all set me for the moment.”

As they push forward with the conversation, they begin to talk about family, the distinctions in every generation, and also support systems. Joe climate asks Remy what sort of conversations she had actually with herself during her six-year bid in ~ the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility because that Women. “I had various phases,” Remy began, breaking under her initial feelings of anger contrasted to the thoughts she had actually in her final years before release. “Year four, year five, I’m starting to really see just how me gift there is affecting other people’s lives… it yes, really made me like, ‘Alright cool, think this is why i was supposed to it is in here.’


“Then I started looking at my connection with I have with mine husband. The relationship that we was able to build and the way we was able to communicate, i would’ve most likely never had that had I the been the end here because we wouldn’t have been compelled to communicate the method had to communicate,” she said. Remy tells that she to be able to watch a positive in each situation, pulling her right into a space where it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. “When that was gaining closer for me come come home and I finally started see the little light in ~ the end of the tunnel, it to be like, ‘Alright cool. This to be crazy, however it didn’t rest me, the didn’t death me. I’m still me.’”

The two continued to laugh back and forth over memories only they would certainly understand. Together they engaged with the audience via the comment section, Remy difficulties a viewer who claims she can not rap, “Wanna put some money ~ above that?”

Watch this week’s episode in its entirety to record all the moments in between Fat Joe and also Remy Ma as they talk around the rap game, parenting, and more only on

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