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The Arizona Cardinals have actually some decision to make after the 2016 season at broad receiver. Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd will be free agents and also John Brown will certainly be standard to have his contract extended.

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With the existing state of wide receiver contracts, it appears reasonable they will only be able to give only among the 2 a huge contract.

Taking Fitzgerald out of the equation, which player need to that be?

One measurement suggests Floyd should be the male to acquire paid, according to SB Nation’s Seth Cox. The looks at both receivers’ numbers v Carson Palmer throwing to them (in split numbers) and also when Palmer is no the quarterback throwing come them (out the split).

Look in ~ the “In Split” we view that Brown is better, however slightly with Palmer, projected together a 65 record 1004 yards and also eight touchdowns while Floyd is 58 catches 935 yards and also six touchdowns.

Yet, look in ~ the “Out the Split” and we see, Floyd is better and that is not really close: Brown jobs to 45 captures 610 yards and three touchdowns while Floyd tasks to 48 captures 930 yards and six touchdowns. There’s no difference in manufacturing for Floyd since Bruce Arians involved town. Without Palmer, Floyd is the same wide receiver. That is not fairly as good as Brown v Palmer, yet he’s much, much an ext productive there is no Palmer on the field than Brown projects, end 300 yards better than Brown on only three under catches.

If you are suggesting to pay Michael Floyd, there is her ammunition, since Carson Palmer is ~ above the clock, and also you need to start preparing for write-up Palmer.

Simply put, Brown’s productions appears much an ext quarterback dependent. Floyd can do the same thing, regardless of the male throwing that the ball.

Floyd is much more of the mold that Julio Jones, Terrell Owens and also Calvin Johnson. They have size, speed and also ball skills.

Brown is more of a modern-day receiver, smaller and also quicker, prefer Antonio Brown, T.Y. Hilton and Emmanuel Sanders.

It yes, really is a matter of preference. If Floyd deserve to consistently play to his potential, he deserve to beat anyone a variety of ways. Brown is even faster, however is not as expert going ~ a round high in the air.

Floyd’s in its entirety numbers have been consistently underwhelming, if Brown’s show up to it is in in ascent.

Paying both seems to be extreme and also would protect against a team native investing much more at other positions, and putting a lot at receiver with hesitation at quarterback later on is a questionable venture.

Floyd appears to be the same guy with any quarterback. Brown is more productive overall.

For mine money, ns lean towards Floyd, particularly if Fitzgerald is gone. I prefer his size/speed combo, add to his physicality. It appears less common than the Brown type.

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It shows up the Cardinals room in a negative situation. It could additionally be viewed as a great one. There can not be a wrong or a right answer. They pay one and also they obtain a highly talented receiver. The various other gets payment elsewhere and is productive there.