why do researchers determine the charophytes rather than one more group of birds as the closestly living family members of land plants?
Land tree share some an essential traits just with charophytes: rings of cellulose manufacturing complexes, similarity in sperm structure, & development of phragmoplasts in cell division. To compare of nuclear and chloroplast genes also suggest to common ancestry.

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Identify four acquired traits the distinguishes plants from charophyte green algae and also that facilitate life top top land? Explain.
Spore walls toughened through sporopollenin (protects in harsh conditions), multicellular dependent embryos(provides nutrients and protection to developing embryo), cuticles(reduces water loss), and stomata(control gas exchange and also water loss)
What if the human life cycle had alternations the generations? i think the multicell diploid phase would be comparable in kind to one adult human.
The multicellular diploid phase of life would certainly not produce any kind of gametes. Rather both males and females would create haploid spores through meiosis. The spores would offer rise come m/f haploid stages. The multicellular haploid stages would certainly reproduce sexually. These multi cell-haploid stages might or might not look choose us today.
How can the presence of Polatrichum impact plant varieties that frequently colonize the sandy soils ~ the moss?
Bryophytes perform not have a vascular move system, and also their life cycle is overcame by gametophytes fairly than sporophytes.
1)The vase-shaped archegonia protect eggs throughout fertilization and also transport nutrient to the embryos via placental move cells. 2)The stalk-like seta conducts nutrient from the gametophyte to the capsule, within spores are produced. 3)The peristome allows gradual spore discharge. 4)Stomata allow CO2/O2 exchange while minimizing water loss.
what if the ability to disperse sperm by wind progressed in a fern, how could its life cycle be affected?
lycophytes have actually microphylls, whereas seed plants and also monilophytes (ferns) have megaphylls. Monilophytes and seed plants additionally share various other traits not uncovered in lycophytes, such as the initiation of brand-new root branches at assorted points follow me the size of the present root.

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How execute the main similarities and also differences between seedless vascular plants and nonvascular tree affect function in these plants?
Both seedless vascular plants and bryophytes have actually flagellated sperm that require moisture for fertilization;this mutual similarities poses difficulties for these types in arid conditions. Differences: SVP"s have actually well developed vascular tissue, a trait then permits the sporophyte to flourish tall and also have considerable root frameworks that aid in much more photosynthesis compared to Bryophytes.
Three the the complying with are evidencethaet charophytes space the the next algal family members of plants. Pick the exception.A. Similar sperm structuresB. The presence of chloroplastsC. Similarity in cell wall formatting throughout cell divisionD. Hereditary similarities in chloroplasts
Which that the following qualities of plants is lacking in your closest relatives, the chloroplasts algae?A. Chlorophyll bB. Cellulose in cell wallsC. Sexual reproductionD. Alternation of multicellular generations
In plants, i beg your pardon of the complying with are created by meiosis?A. Haploid gametesB. Diploid gametesC. Haploid sporesD. Diploid spores