Tracy tutor Maltas, mock Altman and Josh Flagg

On this week’s episode of “Million dissension Listing Los Angeles,” Tracy goes to face-to-face through a developer who’s done she wrong. Mockery Flagg learns to occupational nice v his fiancé, Bobby, and Josh takes the plunge because that a listing in the Pacific Palisades.

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Here’s where we left off.

Couple’s very first co-list

The wedding is rapid approaching, for this reason Josh and Bobby decision to put their partnership through one last test by co-listing a 5,000-square-foot home together. The 2 sellers, Azadeh and Amir, are attempting to unload your five-bedroom home after failing to sell it for $5 million. Bobby wants to reprice the house at $4.6 million, yet Josh thinks they’d it is in doing the pair an “injustice” through listing it also high. Josh’s tip to price it in ~ $4.4 million eventually wins out, and also while that a victory, we’re pretty certain he’s walking home from the listing appointment.

At the open house, we truly check out why opposites attract, even if you do wear matching outfits.

“He’s friendly, he’s upbeat,” mockery says. “I’m not.”

You think?

It looks like the blueberry parfaits salary off, however, together the duo land at $4.1 million offer. Together is every initial offer that comes in ~ above “MDLLA,” it’s means too short for the sellers. They respond to with $4.3 million, and ultimately arrive at $4.25 million. Bobby, the course, to trust this is way too low, if Josh think it’s the perfect possibility to finally walk far from a house they’ve had an obstacle selling. The couple accepts the offer, and the last score come in in ~ Josh 2, Bobby 0.

They’ve endured their very first co-list, so it’s time come party! Josh’s parents throw the husbands-to-be one “intimate gathering” of about 100 world with live music, tear-filled speeches and also plenty the cocktails. Josh and Bobby’s wedding is tomorrow, for cryin’ out loud, therefore they’re going come party prefer it’s tonight!

Next week, the season finale will bless us with Josh and Bobby’s nuptials. Give thanks to God there aren’t any kind of co-lists planned between now and also then.

“I’m walking to market the shit the end this property”

Guess who back, back again, Henry’s back, tell a friend.

If you recall in illustration 8, developer Henry parted methods with Tracy after ~ she suggested a price palliation on his $3.8 million spec house in Crescent Heights. In spite of all the tough work and money the poured into the residence, not all the blood, sweat and also tears in the people can rectify the truth it’s situated on a busy motorway. This is obviously miscellaneous Henry go not desire to hear.

But the looks like our girlfriend is having 2nd thoughts — i.e. The residence is not selling! for this reason he crawls ago to Tracy, and also requests she be his broker when again.

“I feel like I’m dating him or something,” Tracy says. “It’s a weird makeup/breakup thing.”

Henry and Tracy are back on the prior burner, agreeing to perform the house for $3.6 million. It seems prefer the readjusted price is helping get world through the door, and also Tracy solicits a $3.3 million offer. Friend can currently sense that Henry is suffering some regret, but Tracy reminds that he’s too deep in the weeds to turn back now. She does rescue a $3.4 million best and also final offer, which, follow to Tracy, is a record-breaking price for the area. Henry trusts she instinct, and they memory their first official transaction together.

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“This rollercoaster the a partnership we have,” Tracy says. “I’m going to require jewelry soon!”

Elsewhere in the episode …

Josh heads to Pacific Palisades come scope out a house on the Riviera nation Club, whereby Tom Brady go golfing apparently. The link is located on a one-acre lot, and also is surrounding by lush gardens, waterfalls and a water slide, i m sorry Josh must slide down if that sells the property in 30 days. Originally the seller’s representative Roby wants to list it for $9.5 million, but Josh is certain that he have the right to sell the for lot more. They work out on a $11.9 million price tag, however when Josh bring Roby a $10.4 million offer, he is not too happy. Despite getting much more than he at first anticipated, Roby speak Josh his sellers space expecting $11.9 million. Josh functions a tiny magic, and also wrangles a $11.2 million offer. Despite his quite Italian suit is staying clear of him indigenous going under the water slide, mock still end up do a splash.