In part two that the SEC"s new Year"s night collapse in key games, the Georgia technology Yellow Jackets surged in the second fifty percent to upend the Mississippi State Bulldogs 49-34 in the Orange Bowl. 

Paul Johnson"s alternative offense to be too lot for the extremely acclaimed defense the the Bulldogs, as the Yellow Jackets racked increase 452 yards on the ground. 

With that, let"s examine out the video game grades because that both teams, starting with the Yellow Jackets. 

Georgia technology Yellow Jackets video game Grades
Positional UnitFirst-Half GradeFinal Grade
Rush OffenseA-A+
Pass OffenseBB
Rush DefenseBB
Pass DefenseDC
Special TeamsBB
B/R video game Grades

Georgia tech Yellow Jackets

Rush Offense: 452 yards and also six touchdowns. That"s what Georgia technology racked increase on the ground versus the Bulldogs on new Year"s Eve, and it"s the key reason the Yellow Jackets walked away victorious.

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Synjyn Days and Justin thomas both happen the century mark—171 and also 121 yards, respectively—and both scored three touchdowns. Together a whole, Georgia tech had five runners rush because that 20 or an ext yards and averaged 7.4 yards per carry.

Pass Offense: The Yellow Jackets are definitely not a pass team, but they make the most out the their opportunities through the air. On simply 12 happen attempts, Thomas linked on seven of them and threw for a touchdown and also 125 yards. Those are not huge numbers, however when friend rush for over 400 yards, girlfriend don"t should air the out.

Rush Defense: The Bulldogs ran because that 152 yards and found pay dust on the soil once, but they averaged simply 4.6 yards every carry. The Yellow Jackets likewise didn"t enable a 100-yard rusher.


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Pass Defense: The Georgia Tech secondary allowed Dak Prescott to accumulate 453 yards v the air, yet much of the was since Mississippi State invested the second fifty percent playing catch-up. Nevertheless, the happen defense was a lone black note for the Yellow Jackets.

Special Teams: Harrison Butker didn"t should attempt a ar goal, yet he to be 7-of-7 on extra points. Ultimately, special teams didn"t play a huge function either means in Georgia Tech"s win, yet consistency was vital in this department.

Coaching: Paul Johnson exposed Mississippi State come the song of 49 points and showed the the Flexbone violation isn"t rather out of style yet. As soon as you have a month to prepare, coaching will constantly play a vast role. In this edition of the Orange Bowl, Johnson prevailed. 

Mississippi State Bulldogs video game Grades
Positional UnitFirst-Half GradeFinal Grade
Rush OffenseC+B-
Pass OffenseAA-
Rush DefenseDF
Pass DefenseD+C-
Special TeamsBB+
B/R video game Grades

Mississippi State Bulldogs

Rush Offense: The Bulldogs walk rack increase 152 yards ~ above the ground, through Josh Robinson accounting for 75 of castle on 13 carries. Yet as the game gained away indigenous the Bulldogs, Prescott was forced to go to the air, and Mississippi State acquired away native the run game. 

Pass Offense: If Mississippi State deserve to hang its cap on just one thing, it"s the Prescott had actually a day come remember. He threw because that 453 yards and three touchdowns; however, he also had an interception top top the night. 

Rush Defense: The front line of the Bulldogs to be massacred during the Orange Bowl. It plainly couldn"t take care of the alternative offense, and also the Yellow Jackets exposed the Bulldogs" ill-preparedness come the track of 452 yards and six touchdowns. 

Pass Defense: Again, Georgia technology isn"t a pass-heavy team. Yet, on just 12 attempts, the Yellow Jackets obtained a touchdown and 125 yards out of it. Darren Waller that Georgia Tech"s Darren Waller, alone, had five receptions for 114 yards. It"s definitely concerning when a run-heavy team have the right to find opportunities through the air.

Special Teams: Besides a kickoff the went out of bounds, over there wasn"t lot that went wrong in the special teams department. The Bulldogs had a punt downed within the 20-yard line and also didn"t miss out on a kick. 

Coaching: Dan Mullen looked the end of his league versus Paul Johnson. He plainly didn"t have the scheme to prevent the Flexbone, and also it cost the Bulldogs, that otherwise had actually a an excellent season, thanks mainly in component to Mullen and his game plan.

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