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this particular day the midnight oil"s anywhere someoneAnd those forbidden areas aren"t forbidden anymoreIf my earlier door might talk it would certainly tell meThat my borrowed angel"s been this far before.I simply threw my last bottle at the jukeboxWhen i heard the woman singin" darling let"s walk all the wayI just discovered out my woman is the devilI simply started hatin" cheatin" song today.--- crucial ---Did she sleep in your arms critical night MisterWere you the one who gladly assisted her make it through the nightDid she to whisper it"s not love however it"s not badDid she forget to wake up you as much as say goodbye.I just threw mine last bottle at the jukeboxWhen ns heard that woman singin" darling let"s walk all the wayI just uncovered out my mrs is the devilI simply started hatin" cheatin" song today...
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