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"Where i Come From" is a song written by Rodney Clawson and also Dallas Davidson and also recorded through American country music duo Montgomery Gentry. It to be released in July 2011 as the very first single from the duo"s 2011 album Rebels ~ above the Run.

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Don’t you challenge go running downMy little town where I thrived upAnd i won’t cuss your city lightsIf girlfriend ain’t ever before took a ride aroundAnd cruised ideal through the love of my townAnything girlfriend say would be a lieWe may live our stays a little slowerBut that don’t typical I i will not ~ be proud to show yaWhere ns come fromThere’s an old plow young out transforming up dirtWhere i come fromThere’s a preacher guy in a cowboy shirtWhere i come fromWhere a couple boys fight in the parking lotNo, nobody’s gonna contact the copsWhere i come fromSee that door ideal there, guy I swearIt ain’t never ever been lockedAnd I can guarantee the it never willThat old man right there in the rocking chairAt the courthouse square i’ll tell you nowHe could buy your sophisticated car with hundred dissension billsDon’t permit those faded overalls silly yaHe made his millions without at some point schoolinWhere ns come fromThere’s a pickup truck with the tailgate downWhere i come fromThe jaw trees space singing a song of the southWhere ns come fromThat small white church is gonna have a crowd yeahI’m pretty cursed proudWhere i come fromWhere i come fromThere’s a big old moon shining under at nightWhere ns come fromThere’s a guy done wrong gonna do it rightWhere ns come fromThere’s an old plow young out transforming up dirtWhere ns come fromThere’s a preacher man in a cowboy shirtWhere i come fromWhere a pair of guys fight in the parking many noAin’t nobody’s gonna speak to the copsYeah, that river runs throughout that Oakland rockWhere i come fromWhere i come from

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Montgomery Gentry Montgomery Gentry is one American nation music duo composed of vocalists Eddie Montgomery and also Troy Gentry, both natives the Kentucky. The two started performing in the 1990s as part of two different bands with Montgomery"s brother, man Michael Montgomery. Although Gentry won a talent contest in 1994, he rejoined with Eddie Montgomery after ~ Gentry was unable to find a solo record deal, and Montgomery Gentry was started in 1999.

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The duo is recognized for its southerly rock influences, and also has collaborated with Charlie Daniels, Toby Keith, 5 for Fighting and members that The Allman brothers Band. Much more »