Guide For an enig of happiness 2


In an enig of fortune, you are listed with the 25 various units for which you create your approve army and move forward to search the various dungeons.

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The an enig of fortune 2 gives compact exposure to a attention world complete of monsters and numbered together 35.

In the trip to the difficult world, it offers you weapons, armor and much other tools that can help in experimenting 35 different dungeons.


The mystery of fortune has actually some amazing and astonishing features that will make friend play that on the go.

Let’s have a look at its impressive features:

A variety of monsters and also units in the daunting world number as 25 and also 35.

To help you in battle it gives you v the fight macro system.

To acquire a number of different an abilities and tactics to readjust the course system.

Provide girlfriend to collect more gears and also items.

The an enig of luck 2 is composed of 14 claims that combine 85 dungeons.


The Platform because that Playing secret of luck 2

You can now access an enig of happiness 2 on different platforms that encompass iPhone, Android, and also iPads. The last version of IOS that would be compatible for play the exceptional game secret of fortune 2 is iOS 8.0.

Rules to monitor in secret of luck 2

The war in the an enig of happiness 2 take location automatically. To win the fight the players deserve to make a to win strategy, collect items and also pieces that equipment.

Before you go in the battle, you have to attach your units with AIs named battle macros. For this, friend can manipulate several actions and conditions.

Mystery of luck 2 Guide

Let’s have actually a look at several of its examples:

Make usage of ability 1 top top encountering any enemy.

When Hp is listed below 50% automatically heal yourself.

The function of the pub is to offer you clues from the master about the dungeons too as assist you enjoy have a beer and also play gamings like a monster face.

At the begin of the battle, the user have the right to upgrade the hp and also other.

It is composed of different floors in a battle, once all the opponents in the floor room dead you can head come the following floor but if during the battle you shed every unit your fight shall end there and you will lose.

The yellow you will certainly win after ~ the ending of a battle can be used in upgrading crops.


How to usage Cloud Data conserve Caution because that this Game?

Icloud saving facility offers you with overwriting data to her phone, for this reason your existing data could be deleted. That is only desired when you want to carry the data after changing your device.

While using cloud saving, the shed data can never be recovered. You must follow these 5 steps:

Click the ‘Game Center’ switch on her existing device.

The sync the valuable saved data by clicking the ‘Save Data’ button and while act this make sure you nothing terminate the application and gets disconnected indigenous the internet due to the fact that as a an outcome of these her data can be lost.

If the procedure remains in ~ 0% for a an extremely long time then you need to close the application and also restart.

Now click the ‘Game Center’ button on your changed device.

Click on the ‘Load Data’ button and sync useful and saved data put on the servers. While doing this task, the same demands you have to follow get connected by the internet and also do not terminate the application.

After you have actually started the app, every the formerly saved data will certainly be loaded on your readjusted device.

It is asked for to usage ‘Load Data’ when you upgrade your machine or lose with saved data together the agency is no responsible for these kinds of factors.

And now you space entirely collection to enjoy the game and also amazing features of it.

The an enig of fortune 2 Macro Guide

The ideal tip that the an enig of fortune 2 macro guide is the the peak is having actually a collection priority. Therefore, it does not have actually a target ~ above the closest foe on height until girlfriend actually desire something to act like auto-attack the opponents which room bad.

Having a healer of 3+ heals or buffs on short % devices or shortest % is clever to store them surviving. You need to keep this variable in your mind that every slot has a certain CD.

Therefore, a healer desire to have much more than 1 heals or tanks desire to have an ext than 1 defense heal aggro chain strikes earlier and you need to be ready for that.

Rewards and Achievements

There space several accomplishments that girlfriend can achieve by performing well and also completing the missions. You deserve to earn the price by simply clearing the first dungeon because that the very very first time.

Moreover, girlfriend can additionally earn several rewards by exploring every dungeon in the 14 continents, defeating the Meteor dragon and by rental a unit because that the very first time or transforms class because that the an initial time and clearing any dungeon that the continent without any kind of casualty.

There are many much more achievements that deserve to be accomplished by playing v passion and also hard work.

The an enig of fortune Max Level

The highest possible level of secret Fortune 2 is level 9999 and also that deserve to be accomplished by trying hard and enhancing your gaming skills.

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Are you addicted to playing and also enjoying amazing gamings with the strategy of attacking her enemies and enhancing your an abilities on the battlefield?

If you are, then there is no must struggle, simply go and also download stunning secret Fortune 2 and also enjoy by play in anywhere, anytime.