This fantastically gangster track from ice cream Cube is featured on N.W.A’s renowned Ruthless documents release, as a Bonus Track.This track is report by a… check out More 

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Let's describe a details femaleA female through a condition of character and also attitudeIf girlfriend will, a snobHowever in the view of NWA...A bitch is a bitchSo if I'm negative or richI speak in the precise same pitchNow the location bitch don't apply to all womenBut every women have a small bitch in 'emIt's like a an illness that plagues their characterTaking the ladies of AmericaAnd it starts with the letter bit makes a girl like that think she far better than me (bitch)See, some obtain mad and also some simply bear itBut, yo, if the shoes fits undertake itIt renders 'em go deaf in the ear that's whyWhen you say 'hi' she won't speak 'hi'Are girlfriend the sort that think you're too damn fly?Bitch eat shit and die *laughs*Ice Cube comes at you in ~ a stunner pitch(Why?) ns think a bitch is a bitchWho the fuck girlfriend think girlfriend calling a bitch you little sorry motherfuckerI don't understand who the fuck you think you talk toLet me tell girlfriend one motherfucking thing, I'm not no-"Bitch, close up door the posesthe up"
Yo, you have the right to tell a girl that's the end for the money (how?)She look great and the bitch go funny (he ain't lying)She ain't no dummy, she's fairly connivingYo bitch, fuck what I'm driving (yup)See a young nigga that's striving (like me)You're through without a BMWThat's why a bitch is a bitch i guessOr one of two people P-M-SHere, check the girl that's kinda snobby (alright)And ns bet girlfriend dissing niggas is she hobbyAnd after ~ she finished the testGrade this day of B-I-T-C-HAnd clock her gain mad 'cause she recognize it's true (she understand it)But a nigga favor me'll speak "fuck you" *laughs*Do choose Ice Cube, slam her ass in a ditch (word) (slam she ass)'Cause a bitch is a bitch"Why i gotta be a bitch?"I ain't speak to you no bitch, if you listen to the goddamn tune it'd tell girlfriend what a bitch is..."Fuck the track 'cause I'm no no motherfucking bitch"I didn't speak you was a bitch, if you protect against acting like a goddamn bitch"Fuck you, little punk-ass tiny nigga"Fuck you, bitch! friend sloppy-ass, scandalous-ass ho!"Fuck you! that the fuck friend think you are?"Fuck you! Suck mine dick, bitch! friend scandalous-ass, doo-doo dog breath, stinking, ugly...

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I when knew a bitch who got slapped'Cause she played me choose she was every thatA bitch can be your best friend talk behind your earlier (yeah?)About who's fucking who and also who's gaining fatLook at yourself for me (look, bitch)Now do you fall in this category?Or friend the kind that won't blink'Cause girlfriend don't think your shit stink *laughs*Lucky ns haven't had actually a drink'Cause I'd down your assThen I'd clown her ass'Cause the niggas i hang through ain't richWe'll every say "Fuck you bitch!" (word)Now what can I carry out with a ho choose youBend her ass over and then I'm v (get the posesthe out)'Cause you see Ice Cube ain't acquisition no shit(Why?) 'Cause i think a bitch is a bitchThere you have actually it, the description of a bitchNow asking yourself are they talking about you?Are you that funky, dirty, money-hungry, scandalous, stuck-up, hair piece call wearing bitch?Yep, you probably areBitch!