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After ultimately getting Jiraiya come agree come train him because that upcoming fight against Neji; Naruto is ecstatic but Jiraiya who had originally only planned on to teach Naruto the summoning jutsu gets rid that that arrangement upon realizing how far behind his brand-new student is as a shinobi and he decides to perform something about it.

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Hey guys, it"s Funtimes; quiet I just wanted come let you males to allow me know what you think the this story and also if there to be anyway I have the right to improve mine writing. One more thing I want to phone call you guys is that right currently I"m quiet debating if this should be a Naruto X Fuu story or a Naruto x Kurotsuchi story; I"ll more than likely leave that concern to a poll. Don"t acquire me wrong ns don"t have anything against NaruHina or NaruSaku however I"ve constantly been a pan of an ext unconventional pairings if you get what I"m saying. Therefore anyway sit back, relax and enjoy the story.

After finally getting Jiraiya come agree to train him, Naruto bounced around in excitement before asking him "So what space we gonna occupational on first? Ero-sennin a super cool jutsu!" Jiraiya sighed before he simply replied "No brat… very first we room going to be functioning on the basics by using the zero Clone Jutsu to rate up resolving your terrible an abilities in the basics before we execute anything else."

Naruto gained a tic mark at an initial at the no so ethereal jab prior to wondering aloud "How is the shadow Clone claimed to help me train Ero-sennin?"

Jiraiya complied with that increase by just saying to Naruto "I"ll present you how brat make one clone and also have it monitor the one I will certainly make." He and also Naruto climate performed stated jutsu and also had castle go the end of intuitive distance and deeper right into the forest that surrounding the training field. A short while later Naruto pointed in ~ him and also shouted in indignation "What the hell Ero-sennin you thrust me down a cliff you bastard!" prior to realizing what he simply said and then saying in confusion "Wait... Exactly how the heck do I understand this?"

"That"s one of the special qualities of the zero clone as well as one that the reasons the jutsu to be created." Jiraiya explained, Naruto then remembered his earlier fight through Zabuza before asking "But if the shadow Clone Jutsu deserve to be supplied like this then why bother v other types of clones?"

Jiraiya just grinned before saying "Finally a decent inquiry from you brat." the remark earned that a "Hey" indigenous his student before continuing v his explanation.

"To put it simply, each form of clone has benefits and disadvantages, which because that the most component are tied come the facet or absence there of when using one." He defined further upon see Naruto"s puzzled face.

"Much favor the elements they usage each clone has actually its own special property, Fire clones develop a tiny explosion and burn any nearby enemies if they are dispelled by an enemy strike they can additionally be used to produce a smokescreen through dispelling them however if they room hit through a Water jutsu climate these impacts usually don"t take place there is additionally the trouble that if they room too close come comrades once they are dispelled lock are just as likely to hurt them in addition to the enemy, Wind clones space usually a tiny faster than the original and will reduced up the enemy if they room dispelled through them in ~ close selection but that rate doesn"t come without price as they are dispelled an extremely easily and the wind chakra that powers them deserve to be turned on the user by using a Fire jutsu leading to them to explode, Lightning clones like Wind clones space a tiny faster 보다 the original yet upon gift dispelled rather of cutting the adversary at close selection they shock castle this is even much more pronounced if the enemy damaged the clone using a steel weapon which are kinda vital in our heat of work; yet if the weapon the the damaged the clone is coated in Wind chakra then the Lightning clone wont shock the foe that dispelled the clone it additionally to a restricted extent has the same problem that the Fire clone has in the fact that it can damage comrades as well as the enemy, planet clones are lot sturdier and also harder come dispel climate other species of clones too the reality that Water jutsu have a really low chance actually law any form of damage versus them, however they are lot slower than the original and there"s the truth that Lightning jutsu will reduced through them with minimal effort likewise they are a little much more chakra intensive than other types of clones, and also finally Water clones in the hands of a skilled user price very tiny chakra contrasted to the other clones and also the reality that they slip through things like grates and also fences and also in the hands of a professional user can also be laced v things favor poison come coat the foe with when they space dispelled yet those traits don"t come without a expense as lock are an extremely easy to dispel even more so 보다 the Wind clone, lock are also easily defeated by planet jutsu, castle are also much weaker than many other clones in as soon as it comes to strength and are greatly dependent top top the local climate." Jiraiya described wisely.

Naruto eyed Jiraiya v suspicion before saying "First who room you and also what have actually you done with the genuine Ero-sennin and also secondly what do you average by Water clones space dependent top top the climate?"

Jiraiya bopped that on the head prior to shouting in indignation. "What"s that claimed to mean, Brat?!" A tic mark getting here on his head.

Naruto just shouted earlier "You never ever acted this serious before!" prior to nursing the bump on his aching head.

Jiraiya soon retorted "What do you average I"ve never acted this serious before, I"m constantly serious!" growing one more tic mark on his head.

"Uh huh." Naruto claimed while looking in ~ his teacher v a deadpan expression. Jiraiya mumbled under his breath something about "Brats no respecting your elders." Jiraiya then made decision to get earlier to the topic available saying "To answer your previously question suiton clones room dependent ~ above the local environment since they draw not just chakra however moisture indigenous the air about them do them tough to use in places like Suna and Iwa due to the dry climate this reasons the suiton clone to end up being much an ext sluggish and also less flexible."

Naruto then asked "So where perform shadow clones fit right into all this, what kind of special abilities do they have?"

"Glad you asked brat." Jiraiya claimed with a grin then he claimed "Shadow clones are distinctive in that they don"t usage elemental chakra as a kind of tool so while castle don"t have special abilities as soon as they dispel at the very least ones that are immediately apparent, this also method that they have actually special properties that none the the other clones do." Naruto asked curiously "Like what type of properties." Jiraiya sighed before saying "I was acquiring there brat don"t interrupt me… therefore anyway the shadow clone in addition to the previously shown memory return capacity is additionally able come use much more types that jutsu." Naruto climate asked "What kind of jutsu?" "What did i say about interrupting brat." Jiraiya reprimanded prior to continuing "Elemental clones while having special abilities as soon as they are dispelled likewise have the disadvantage of being able to use only the aspect of the jutsu that produced so Fire clones deserve to only usage Fire jutsu therefore on and so forth, if this outcomes in the element clones being much less chakra intensive it also way that if speak a Lightning wielder decided to go against a Wind wielder the Wind wielder would have actually the benefit in regards to clones together the element clones deserve to only the kind of chakra they were developed with." Jiraiya then explained "Shadow clones yet do not have actually this disadvantage as they have the right to use any type of jutsu due to them being made from neutral chakra which while yes provides them more chakra intensive additionally makes them an ext versatile in a fight."

At this allude Naruto was very eager to begin his training therefore he request Jiraya "So carry out we begin training now Ero-sennin?"

"Not yet brat, I have actually one an ext thing I need you to do before we start." after Jiraiya claimed that the pulled out a item of document to i m sorry upon see this Naruto questioned "What"s a item of file gonna perform for mine training?" Jiraiya described "This is going to allow us to watch what your chakra nature is."

"My chakra what?" Naruto said, fully confused.

"Didn"t you discover this ingredient in the academy?" Jiraiya asked, no liking wherein this conversation to be headed.

"The teacher didn"t teach me lot at the academy through sole exception of Iruka-sensei, and many that them would kick me out of the important lessons; heck the only reason i know exactly how to litter shuriken and kunai properly was because Iruka-sensei proved me how after I virtually hit him and also a couple of other students if trying to litter them." Naruto explained a miniature storm cloud seemingly developing over his head when remembering just how the instructors would go the end of their way to make certain he didn"t learn anything.

Jiraiya meanwhile was no pleased, actually scratch that not pleased was an understatement he to be downright furious "It"s prefer those instructors to be trying to gain him killed." He thought as that tried to patience himself under as that knew that he had actually a lot more work come do currently that this brand-new information had actually been revealed to him.

Jiraiya climate sighed and then claimed "Well i guess we got our work cut out for united state then brat." After how much his new student had actually been hindered in the academy; Naruto was gonna have his work cut out for him together he only had a month to capture up when his peers had at least 4 year to do and he was gonna have to aid him improve even much more than that.

Jiraiya then decided to lighten the mood by explaining "This is chakra paper; that is supplied to check a person"s chakra natures. If you space a fire affinity the record will burn, wind affinity will split in half, lightning affinity will certainly crumple, earth affinity will certainly crumble, and also water affinity it will certainly soak." he then moved some chakra into his file which crumbled prior to what continued to be started burning.

"Now friend try." Jiraiya said Naruto before handing a piece of file to his blonde student.

Naruto obliged this and also the result was the the paper split in fifty percent followed by the upper half crumpling and also the lower half crumbling.

Jiraiya climate nodded in approval speak "It appears you have actually a major wind affinity with a second lightning and also earth affinities." Jiraiya thought after that "Though the does beg the inquiry on whereby the planet affinity came from Minato, i know had a lightning affinity and Kushina a wind affinity therefore it might be the Kyubi"s doing." Jiraiya determined to look into it in ~ a later date before saying "Alright I desire you to create 200 shadow clones and also have them do these complying with exercises."

"Will do Ero-sennin." Naruto claimed happily and also complied through the trademark crossed finger seal prior to shouting "Shadow Clone Jutsu." after this had actually happened 200 clones showed up in the training soil they to be using.

With the task of developing 200 shadow clones now done, Jiraiya divided them into doing particular exercises; three teams of 20 clones would carry out the leaf cutting, the sheet crumpling, or the leaf crumbling exercises respectively as while Jiraiya only knew Earth and Fire Ninjutsu the wouldn"t hurt because that his student to obtain a head start on his training. 20 clones would read as much as they can from chakra theory to tactics, 20 an ext clones would work-related on shurikenjutsu. 30 clones would job-related on miscellaneous taijutsu katas, 30 much more clones would work on straightforward chakra regulate exercises; and the last 40 would work-related on calligraphy, wait what?

"Ero-sennin what"s the point of calligraphy, i know how to read and write already…" Naruto wondered/complained not discovering in the slightest exactly how this to be gonna assist him in his upcoming fight versus Neji.

"Calligraphy is intended to prepare girlfriend in finding out a very powerful art if the is used in the appropriate hands." Jiraiya explained before continuing "It may likewise give you an sheet in her fight through that Hyuga boy."

"Fuinjutsu was additionally one of the things his clan was famous for… no that he to know that appropriate now." Jiraiya added mentally.

Naruto grumbled under his breath plainly not happy about it however complied anyway before asking "So what to be I claimed to perform then?"

"I desire you to do these exercises because that is the just thing your shadow clones can"t aid you with." Jiraiya replied.

With those words Naruto started his month that training and also to say he evolved quickly and that Jiraiya was impressed would be an understatement. Within 2 days Naruto was currently a quarter of the way done v the all three leaf exercises, he can reliably hit a stationary target ripe times out of ten with throwing weapons, his taijutsu i beg your pardon was as soon as so poor that it more resembled a street brawler quite than a shinobi was on par now with most typical genin, and also his handwriting had improved enough that Jiraiya had actually deemed him all set to start learning fuinjutsu.

"If he continues to development at this rate I have actually no doubt the he will ultimately surpass both me and also Minato eventually." Jiraiya thought prior to sighing sadly at the believed of his so late student as he watched Naruto running roughly the training field apparently attempting to rise how rapid he could go sustainably.

By the end of the first week, Naruto had actually improved significantly from where he to be a week earlier he had finished all 3 leaf exercises and also was now working on the second stage of elemental chakra training which to be coating a kunai in elemental chakra in this situation Wind, Lightning, and also Earth. He additionally had boosted his accuracy with throwing weapons substantially as he could hit a moving target reliably 8 times the end of 10 emphasis on the moving part as the was a feat many genin could not achieve reliably. Naruto"s taijutsu had actually improved a lot and now he could fight top top a low chunin level, He likewise had master the tree climbing and water walking methods to a allude where he can use castle reliably in a fight. Finally there to be fuinjutsu whereby at the start Naruto was when grumbling around learning currently he could not get enough of it together he had actually taken come the art prefer a fish come water and also within five days was on a level where most mid level chunin weren"t; i m sorry admittedly there weren"t countless of castle left yet it was still impressive considering it would take most world a eight month to a year to obtain to this level with the art together Naruto might now produce medium quality sealing scrolls, as well as low level restriction and also chakra suppression seals.

"Geez the son is progressing quicker in this than I thought he would. Ns was plan on offering him the note to this jutsu after ~ the exams but with the price he"s advancing it might be warranted." Jiraiya thought to himself before deciding that he would offer Naruto the note to a technique that also he hadn"t been able to figure out come perform.

"Hey brat." Jiraiya dubbed out come Naruto as said human stopped what he was doing and also ran over to his teacher before saying "Yes Ero-sennin." Jiraiya"s eye twitched in ~ the name prior to he decided to mess through his student a little an initial "Well ns was gonna provide you note to a new jutsu but since you keep insisting on calling me that name brat." Naruto said almost immediately "I"ll stop calling girlfriend that simply please offer me the notes." Jiraiya snickered to himself and also did a little victory run in his head prior to saying "Easy over there brat, however just be careful as this is a jutsu the is very challenging to do but an in similar way is exceptionally powerful." together he handed Naruto the notes and a sealing scroll with 15 tri-pronged kunai that any kind of veteran of the third Shinobi human being War would certainly recall either in awe or indigenous fear depending upon which next of it they to be on. "Thanks Ero-sennin" Naruto said cheekily "Damn brat." Jiraiya claimed grinning while shaking his head. Together Naruto ran ago to his spot; he stopped and turned towards Jiriaya and also asked "By the way what is the name of this jutsu anyway?" Jiraiya simply replied "It"s dubbed the Hiraishin."

Naruto then automatically went about trying to recreate the an approach which lot to his disappointed hit brick wall after brick wall surface as he attempted to discover it and also decipher the seals the it to be made of; as this cycle repeated itself for virtually a week before he uncovered the key by accident. As Naruto to be still do the efforts to figure out what he wasn"t getting around his an approach a suddenly gust go out over one of the books about sealing that he was reading; as Naruto saw pick up the book he witnessed that it had actually flipped come the page about the turning back summoning seal he thought this seal looked acquainted for some reason prior to looking at one of the tri-pronged kunai he to be carrying; to his surprised the bulk of the formula top top the hilt of the kunai was precisely the same as the shortened version of the turning back summoning seal combined in with a blood seal and also a young beacon seal.

"I acquired IT!" Naruto shouted and jumped with joy before going to effort to recreate the method one more time he placed the kunai top top a stump in the center of the cultivate ground prior to walking come the leaf of the training ar as he channeled his chakra right into one the the kunai in his hand and also focused top top the kunai he inserted on the stump and to his excited he teleported come the kunai just to feel pain immediately after that when the overshot and crashed right into a tree top top the other end of the maintain ground.

"Owww…" Naruto moaned together he rubbed the back of his head in pain typically he would be upset by this however right now he was too happy to care as he finally made some development in this an approach and immediately got up in stimulate to start perfecting his new method though he also noted that that felt a small disoriented but thought the was probably since he had hit his head.

Unbeknownst to Naruto yet is the Jiraiya that was hiding in a tree had seen the totality thing to be trying to pick his jaw up turn off the ground from his shock. As soon as he ultimately recovered indigenous his stupor Jiraiya assumed "The brat really did it… I constantly knew the he would be able to do it someday yet for that to be able to perform it so conveniently is nothing quick of astounding." As impressive as that was, Jiraya likewise mentally provided that if civilization knew that Naruto might perform this an approach then that would repaint a vast target top top his students" back, specifically in specific villages specific Iwa and also to a lesser level Kumo.

Jiraiya planned come ask Naruto come not usage the Hiraishin uneven he had actually no various other option, but decided to conserve that conversation because that a later date as the let Naruto memory his breakthrough.

Over the food of the 2nd and 3rd week Naruto worked to perfect the Hiraishin and also could consistently use it without overshooting his target but he still did for this reason from time come time; yet that wasn"t come say that was every he had actually improved together he perfected his consumption of all three elemental kunai exercises, his taijutsu had actually improved come a solid mid chunin level, that was also learning the river running practice which to be a lot choose the water go exercise but instead of quiet water he would shot to run versus a river"s current transforming it into fifty percent chakra control, half physical exercise as that would have to try and control his movements versus a force that was proactively moving versus him. His shurikenjutsu had likewise improved to short jonin level together he might hit relocating targets through precision and hit stationary targets while relocating on a constant basis. All the reading Naruto had actually his shadow clones do over the past three weeks had actually improved his psychological capabilities a lot as well as made the much better at comes up with strategies, together while the still wasn"t the smartest shinobi there was it was likewise clear the he wouldn"t hinder the team he was on together he knew what he to be doing now. Ninjutsu way Jiraiya had actually taught Naruto two planet style jutsu as that to be the only chakra affinity the two of them shared, the 2 jutsus being the earth Clone and also Earth Style: Caltrop Spike Field. The an initial jutsu is pretty self explanatory and also the second was a defensive technique that caused small caltrop size spikes come rise about all approximately in a radius roughly the user, said spikes were around 1 come 2 inch in height making that so the opponent had to actively watch whereby they stepped lest they action on among the spikes; this jutsu is additionally a stepping rock in learning one more jutsu Jiraiya was to teach Naruto to carry out the earth Style: planet Flow Spears technique. Fuinjutsu was where Naruto enhanced the most however as that learned come make medium level restriction seals, low level flash and beacon seals, and also create explosive seals with about the same amount of firepower as a firecracker therefore while they weren"t the most powerful these explosive seals to be still powerful enough that you wouldn"t desire them on you or close to you as soon as they detonated.

There was likewise an event that developed while Naruto was trying to find out the planet Flow Spears technique, a quite funny or embarrassing depending on who you asked together Naruto to be attempting to learn because for some factor the spikes themselves weren"t appearing though it appeared to be a happy break in disguise as will certainly be shown.

Naruto was visibly irritable at the fact that the technique had no spikes which was the whole suggest of the jutsu therefore in his frustration he attempted to shot the jutsu again yet this time he sent the chakra in the not correct direction ~ above the ground so rather going in the direction he was dealing with said jutsu which very sewing didn"t have actually spikes on the tips released Naruto screaming in the contrary direction in the direction of the leaf of the maintain grounds, as Naruto obtained up he witnessed that Jiraiya was on the ground transforming blue because he was laughing so hard at what happened.

During the critical week the the cultivate month that was left come them; Jiraiya decided that Naruto have to spar against him so the Naruto could learn to usage his newfound an abilities which contained the planet Style:Earth circulation Spears an approach which Naruto might finally perform. It likewise gave Jiraiya come teach his college student in a an ext practical manner as well as give him an capability to check out what said skills were capable of law in the best hands. He likewise had Naruto acquire used to fighting in terrain the was transformed by the planet Style: Caltrop Spike Field technique so that his student"s new technique wouldn"t finish up hindering the if he were to use it in battle.

It was also during the last week the an inevitable conversation happened in between the young shinobi and also his sensei.

"What execute you average I shouldn"t usage the Hiraishin during the exams!" Naruto complained plainly not liking the the jutsu he functioned so difficult on the was now unable come use throughout the exams.

"What did ns say about not letting me finish, brat!" Jiraiya shouted at him before continuing "As ns was saying prior to I to be so rudely interrupted, you shouldn"t usage it appropriate off the bat you must keep it as an ace in situation you require something come fall earlier on, it would certainly be… unwise to display it off too early." Jiraiya described hoping Naruto would buy that excuse.

"I more than likely shouldn"t call you the Iwa and also Kumo would certainly most likely send assassins after friend if lock knew the you might perform the jutsu appropriate now." Jiraiya included mentally while worried what Naruto"s reaction would be if his newest student uncovered himself in an opponent bingo book.

Thankfully for Jiraiya; Naruto accepted this explanation saying grumpily "Yeah ns guess I acquire what you"re saying…" clearly not happy around not gift able to kick Neji"s ass with it.

While Naruto didn"t recognize it at that moment, the time for him come fight making use of the Hiraishin would come sooner 보다 he had expected the would.

Hey men Funtimes again here I just wanted you men to let me recognize what friend think the this story and also if it must be Naruto X Fuu or Naruto X Kurotsuchi but that decision won"t occur until later on down the heat so anyway have a pretty day; and also hoped you appreciated the story therefore far.

Authors jutsu list

Shadow Clone Jutsu - permits the user to develop solid clones instead of illusions yet it is taken into consideration a kinjutsu due to the sheer amount the chakra compelled to execute the jutsu. Any kind of memories the clones acquire will be moved to the user ~ above dispelling.

Earth Clone - The user that this jutsu creates clones that space made indigenous the earth approximately them this do the clone an ext durable yet as a consequence the clones room slower than the original. Weak to lightning jutsu but strong against water jutsu.

Earth Style: Caltrop Spike Field - The user of the jutsu networks their chakra into the ground about them causing small spikes around one to two inches (2.5 come 5.1 cm) to climb out that the soil in one of two people a circle about them or in a particular direction, making that harder to traverse specifically for an foe who can have never ever encountered castle before. This jutsu is usually provided in a protective manner yet is additionally useful in placing an foe on the backfoot. Correct this is an OC jutsu though I"m not certain if anyone has used a similar idea prior to or if a comparable jutsu is canon.

Earth Style: earth Flow Spears - The user the this jutsu channels their chakra right into the soil causing big spikes come launch the end in a certain direction the size and number of spikes are determined by exactly how much chakra is used.

Restriction Seals - this seals are designed to make relocating much harder and are a stepping stone in learning exactly how to do paralysis seals.

Flash Seal - These room seals designed come let off a burst of light the blinds every those feather nearby.

Beacon Seal - A seal designed to act together a beacon for interaction as those nearby will sense its presence, lock are often used in battle so that commanders know i m sorry objectives have been taken and where the present frontline is despite this is not their just purpose as seen in the usage of the Hiraishin sealing procession as lock are supplied in conjunction with a blood seal so as to make a network of sorts.

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Hiraishin - The mastery of this method had do the fourth Hokage a legend together he teleported and also moved so fast that his opponents gave him the moniker "Kiiroi Senko or the Yellow Flash" this technique uses many seals in bespeak to allow the user to teleport from ar to place almost everywhere where the matrix is located. There are but downsides to this an approach as the user becomes very disoriented and also dizzy as result of the continuous movement and adjust in surroundings meaning that if the user to be not used to the aftereffects that this technique then they could easily become a sitting duck.