Indiana has been with its same share of disasters. Through unpredictable weather and also a flat terrain conducive to tornadoes and solid winds, it’s basic to check out why. Right here are 6 of the top, most horrifying tragedies to ever strike the Hoosier state.

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During these uncertain times, please keep security in mind and also consider including destinations to your bucket perform to visit at a later on date.

This substantial flood impacted over a dozen states throughout the Midwest and Eastern US. In Indiana, cities and towns follow me the White, Wabash, and Ohio Rivers to be hit the hardest, v damages totaling $25 million. Roadways were clogged for weeks, cutting off accessibility to food, medicine, and local businesses across the state.

This 1918 train wreck is one of the worst taped in history. A troop train was carefully following a circus train when the convoy train conductor fell asleep at the throttle. The train collided v the caboose the the circus train, killing end 100 performers and injuring end 120 more. This crash occured near Hammond, Indiana.

In 1925, the deadliest tornado ever recorded in the nation struck Missouri, Illinois, and also Indiana. 695 world died and also over 2,000 were injured. In Indiana, the towns of Griffin, Owensville, and also Princeton were devestated, killing over 71 Hoosiers, total. This tornado wasn"t officially rated, but is thought about to have actually been an F5 tornado.

In October of 1963, end 4,000 civilization were within of the coliseum, the old home of the Indiana Pacers, because that a holiday on ice display when the unthinkable happened. There was a violent explode which eliminated over 70 people and also injured end 400. The explode was brought about by a propane leak in a popcorn warmer valve and is still checked out as possibly the worst catastrophe in our state"s history.

This huge blizzard blanketed the northen component of the country, setup many snowfall records. In Indiana, the highest possible snowfall levels were videotaped at 3 feet tall, burying homes and also cars. The temperature likewise dipped to -50 degrees, keeping most Hoosiers stuck indoors because that days.
This devestating tornado increase to an F4 level, crossing through Fredericksburg and making its way to Kentucky. The towns of Henryville, new Pekin, Chelsea, and also Marysville were hit the hardest. 11 full Hoosiers were eliminated by this storm.

Were you surrounding for any kind of of this tragic catastrophes in Indiana’s history? because that a glimpse in ~ an significant abandoned framework in Indiana, inspect out this post.

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