NBA naipublishers.com16 road TO THE FINALS

Official Rules

NO PURCHASE vital TO go into OR WIN. A purchase DOES NOT enhance YOUR possibilities OF WINNING. Contest may only be entered in or indigenous the 50 United states (excluding Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, and also North Dakota), the district of Columbia, and also Canada (excluding Quebec) and entries originating from any other jurisdiction room not eligible for entry. This challenge is governed solely by the legislations of the joined States and also Canada. .

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1. How to Enter. To enter the “Road to the Finals” (“Contest”) and also compete in the challenge Tournament (“Tournament”), friend (“Team Owner”) must contend as a team (“Team”) in a contest qualifying round (each a “Qualifying Round”) on among the GameDays set forth in the challenge Schedule below and also be the GameDay’s winner for either Xbox One (“XBO”) or Play terminal 4 (“PS4”) (each a “GameDay Winner”). Come qualify because that a GameDay, Team/Team Owner must satisfy the eligibility requirements set forth in section 2 below and:

(i)Own or have accessibility to NBA naipublishers.com16 (“Game”). (ii)Own or have access to: -If playing on XBO: a Gamertag and also Xbox gold Service. -If playing on PS4: PSN ID and PS to add service. (iii)Log on to his/her naipublishers.com “MyPLAYER” account (which is free) (“naipublishers.com Account”). (iv)Create a Team by choosing at the very least two (2) team members (each a “Team Member”) to get involved in a GameDay video game (each a “Qualifying Game”). Team/Team Owner deserve to enlist increase to 4 (4) Team Members, all of whom must meet the eligibility requirements collection forth in section 2. Participation needs three (3) to 5 (5) players every Team. If there are less than five (5) players, A.I. (computer-generated) players will fill out the Team as necessary. (v)Play the Qualifying game in Pro-Am mode as a Team. (vi)Win a “Qualifying Game” against four (4) various other Teams (“Qualifying Wins”) throughout that GameDay. All groups will be matched v one-on-one remote opponents. Only Team Owner’s ideal four (4) “Qualifying Wins” will add to the Team/Team Owner’s finest 4-Game point total (“Point Total”) on the Leaderboard.

The Team/Team Owner with the finest 4-Game suggest Total based upon the Leaderboard at the end of every GameDay will certainly be that video game Day’s Winner (subject to confirmation) and will be eligible for the Tournament.

Teams/Team Owners might only play together one Team and on one account/Gamertag/PSN ID per GameDay, however can play multiple Qualifying gamings throughout GameDay together the exact same Team/Team Owner. Teams/Team owners suspected of utilizing multiple accounts/Gamertags/PSN IDs come play as multiple groups or via multiple platforms throughout the GameDay will certainly be topic to disqualification. When a Team/Team Owner need to enlist at least two (2) Team Members to play a Qualifying Game, only the Team/Team Owner will be thought about the “entrant” whose point Total will be reflect on the Leaderboard and only the Team/Team Owner will be standard to advancement to the Tournament. When a Team/Team Owner have the right to play with various Team Members throughout a GameDay, only the Team/Team Owner’s Qualifying Wins and also Leaderboard point Total will certainly be thought about in the Contest and also only the Team/Team Owner will breakthrough to the Tournament. All facets of this contest are subject to these main Rules.

No automatic entry gadgets and/or program permitted. Every entries (including video game play) become the sole and also exclusive home of the Sponsor and receipt of entries will certainly not be identified or returned. Sponsor is no responsible because that lost, late, illegible, stolen, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible, misdirected, technically corrupted or garbled entries, which will certainly be disqualified, or for difficulties of any kind even if it is mechanical, human or electronic. Proof of submission will no be deemed to it is in proof that receipt by Sponsor. By entering the Contest, Teams/Team Owners and Team Members completely and unconditionally agree to be bound by these rules and also the decisions of the judges, which will be final and also binding in all matters relating to the Contest. 2. Eligibility. authorized open just to legal inhabitants of the 50 United claims (excluding Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, and also North Dakota), the district of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec), who space 13 or older together of date of entry. Void in Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, phibìc Dakota, and also Quebec and also where prohibited, taxed or minimal by law. Employees, officers and directors of naipublishers.com Games, Inc. (“Sponsor”), NBA Properties, Inc., the nationwide Basketball Association and its member groups (collectively “the NBA Entities”), Microsoft, Sony computer system Entertainment America LLC, Twitch Interactive, Inc., Valve coporation, group (collectively, the “Sponsor Parties”) and their particular parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, advertising and also promotion agencies, manufacturers or distributors of contest materials and also their immediate households (parents, children, siblings, spouse) or members of the same family (whether connected or not) of such employees/officers/directors room not eligible to enter. Subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and also regulations. 3. Qualifying challenge Rounds. The Preseason that the challenge will take ar on January 30, 2016 and also February 6, 2016. Preseason gamings will not count together Qualifying gamings for the Contest. The Qualifying GameDays will certainly take location in accordance with the contest Schedule below. The very first Qualifying GameDay begins on February 15, 2016 at 9:00:00 am Pacific Time (“PT”) and ends at 9:00:00 pm PT (“First GameDay”) and also the critical Qualifying GameDay begins on might 8, 2016 in ~ 9:00:00 to be Pacific Time (“PT”) and also ends in ~ 9:00:00 afternoon PT (“Last GameDay”). There will certainly be a total of 16 (16) Qualifying GameDays because that both XBO and PS4. To breakthrough to the Tournament, Team/Team Owner need to have 4 (4) Qualifying Wins versus four (4) various other Teams and also have the ideal 4-Game allude Total top top the Leaderboard for the GameDay. CONTEST SCHEDULE

Preseason GameDay 1: Saturday, January 30, 2016GameDay 2: Saturday, February 6, 2016GameDay - roadway to the TournamentGameDay 1: Monday, February 15, 2016GameDay 2: Saturday, February 20, 2016 take care 3: Saturday, February 27. 2016 match me 4: Saturday, in march 5, 2016 gameday 5: Sunday, in march 6, 2016GameDay 6: Saturday, march 12, 2016 match me 7: Saturday, in march 19, 2016GameDay 8: Saturday, march 26, 2016 match me 9: Saturday, April 2, 2016GameDay 10: Sunday, April 3, 2016GameDay 11: Saturday, April 9, 2016GameDay 12: Saturday, April 16, 2016GameDay 13: Saturday, April 23, 2016GameDay 14: Saturday, April 30, 2016GameDay 15: Saturday, might 7, 2016GameDay 16: Sunday, might 8, 2016TournamentRound 1: might 21, 2016 10:00:00 to be PT (XB1), 11:00:00 to be PT (PS4)Round 2: may 21, 2016 12:00:00 pm PT (XB1), 1:00:00 pm PT (PS4)Round 3: might 21, 2016 2:00:00 pm PT (XB1), 3:00:00 afternoon PT (PS4) Console Finals:May 21, 2016 4:00:00 afternoon PT (XB1), 5:00:00 afternoon PT (PS4)

Championship Finals:June 1, 2016 6:00:00 pm PTLive Championship reserved to take ar at a location in the United claims to be figured out by Sponsor in its single discretion.

4. Leaderboard allude Total/Qualifying Games/Wins/Ties/Game Play.

Leaderboard allude Total: Teams/Team owners will get Points because that each Qualifying Win based on a combination of Teammate Grade, game Statistics, and also Game Score. A.I. Team Members will add a teammate great of C. Every GameDay requires four (4) Qualifying Wins to qualified for the GameDay and also to appear on the Leaderboard. Just the top four (4) Qualifying Wins for which beat is commenced and completed in accordance v these main Rules chandelier count toward Team/Team Owner’s best 4-Game suggest Total top top the Leaderboard. If a Team/Team Owner has an ext than four (4) Qualifying Wins, the Team/Team Owner’s lowest allude Total will be dropped from the Team’s/Team Owner’s suggest Total top top the Leaderboard. Each Team/Team Owner will show up only once on the Leaderboard every GameDay, regardless of the number of Qualifying Wins on that day.

Qualifying Games/Wins: every Qualifying gamings must be played in 5 minute soldier Superstar an obstacle and Simulation video game Style. Only gamings started and completed in ~ the reserved times will certainly qualify together a Qualifying Game. As soon as a video game has started, Team/Team owner that carry out not finish the video game will be credited with a loss. The #1 Ranked Team/Team Owner in ~ the conclusion of every GameDay will development to the competition (subject to confirmation and compliance v these Rules). A Team/Team Owner might win many GameDays but will receive just one clues in the Tournament.

Tiebreakers: If a take care or competition seeding results in a tie, a winner will be determined based upon the complying with criteria in the complying with order (to the degree necessary): (i)Team victory percentage during that GameDay. (ii)Total game points scored. (iii)Fewest game points allowed.

If there is quiet a tie after applying the above-referenced criteria, the winner will certainly be figured out based on another skill-based criteria determined by Sponsor in its single discretion.

Game Play/Disqualification: Teams have the right to be disqualified for that GameDay if Sponsor detects the Team/Team Owner and also all Team Members did not finish the match by quitting, powering down, disconnecting native the internet, being removed for one F teammate class or too much penalties. Because that clarity, if the Team/Team Owner and all Team Members disconnect, the Team/Team Owner and all Team Members will be disqualified and also banned indigenous that game Day. A ban would eliminate Team/Team Owner and all Team Members native participating as a Team/Team Owner or a Team Member for any type of further Qualifying gamings on the GameDay. In the event that Team/Team Owner and also all Team Members disconnect indigenous the server at any suggest during a standard Game, the Team/Team Owner will be considered the loser of the Qualifying Game, regardless of whether together disconnection is intentional and/or is the error of the disconnecting Team/Team Owner and also his/her statistics for the Qualifying video game will not count (though the winning Team’s statistics will certainly count for the Qualifying Game).

5. Notification/Team Confirmation: at the conclusion of every GameDay, Sponsor will certainly attempt to call the Teams/Team owners of the top five (5) Ranked groups via email utilizing the address listed by Teams/Team Owner as soon as signing up for a naipublishers.com Account, through in-game message and/or with console UI. Teams/Team Owners will certainly be compelled to respond to Sponsor’s inquiry within five (5) calendar days an alert unless Sponsor has actually designated one more time frame.

If the #1 Ranked Team/Team Owner ~ above the Leaderboard does no respond in ~ the time structure designated by Sponsor or does no comply through these official Rules, the Team’s/Team Owner’s competition spot may be forfeited and also Sponsor might award the spot come next highest ranked Team/Team Owner on the GameDay’s Leaderboard (time permitting).

The winning Team/Team Owner will certainly be compelled to provide Sponsor with a last list that the Team Members because that his or her competition Team within five (5) calendar job of notice unless Sponsor has designated another time frame. The is the winning Team/Team Owner’s obligation to administer Sponsor through the final list of tournament Team Members within the time framework designated by Sponsor. If the Team/Team Owner go not carry out Sponsor with the last list of Team Members in the time frame designated by Sponsor or does no otherwise comply v these official Rules, the Team’s/Team Owner’s competition spot might be forfeited and Sponsor may award the spot to the next highest ranked Team/Team Owner on that GameDay’s Leaderboard (time permitting).

Upon verification by Sponsor and also compliance with these main Rules, the #1 Ranked Team/Team Owner top top the Leaderboard for the GameDay will certainly be officially understood the winner of the GameDay (“GameDay Winner”). If a Team/Team Owner is a gameday Winner more than once, the Team/Team Owner will just receive one (1) point out in the Tournament, which will be determined based on the match me Winner’s highest Points Total. In such event, the #1 Ranked Team/Team Owner will certainly be the take care Winner just for the GameDay for which the Team/Team Owner got the higher Points Total and that Team/Team Owner will not receive a point out in the tournament for the gameday in i beg your pardon the Team/Team Owner received the reduced Points Total, together this spot will be awarded to the next greatest ranked Team/Team Owner on the GameDay’s Leaderboard (subject to confirmation).  6. The Tournament. The 16 (16) gameday Winners will contend in the Tournament reserved to take place on might 21, 2016. Gameday Winners will certainly be seeded in the tournament Bracket based upon the best 4-Game point Total. There will certainly be separate 16-bracket Tournaments for XBO and for PS4 match me Winners. Tournament Teams: every GameDay Winners need to designate four (4) Team Members to play on your Tournament Team by the date designated by Sponsor (each a “Tournament Team”) as collection forth in ar 5 throughout the Tournament. The exact same Team Member may not be designated by different GameDay Winners to play on multiple competition Teams. The gameday Winner (Team Owner) is unavailable because that the Tournament, the competition spot will be forfeited and also awarded come the next greatest ranked Team on the GameDay’s Leaderboard (time-permitting).  If a designated tournament Team Member is unavailable for the competition (after designation), the competition spot might be forfeited and also awarded come the next highest possible ranked Team on the GameDay’s Leaderboard (time-permitting), as established by Sponsor in that is sole and absolute discretion. Replacement decisions based upon forfeitures chandelier be established by Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion.

Tournament Bracket: The 16 (16) Tournament groups will be inserted in the tournament Brackets because that each communication (XBO and PS4) and also will compete against the other Tournament groups in your Tournament clip in single-elimination format. The sixteen (16) Tournament teams will be seeded in their corresponding Tournament Brackets based on the best 4-Game point Total and also will get involved in a single-elimination Tournament based upon their seed. Continual Contest Tiebreakers (as defined in section 4) will be used.

The winning tournament Team that each competition Game developments to the following round of your Tournament Bracket. The losing Tournament Team of every Tournament game is removed from the Contest. The ultimate winning competition Team the each tournament Bracket (XBO and PS4) will be standard to advancement to the contest Finals come take place at a ar to be established in the United claims by Sponsor in its single discretion on or about June 10, 2016.

All Tournament and Final schedules are subject to readjust even ~ above a scheduled game day. It is every player"s obligation to frequently check the site to be notified of any updates come the Tournament and Final schedules. ALL possibly WINNING competition TEAMS and also FINALISTS should BE proved BY SPONSOR to ENSURE ELIGIBILITY before BEING asserted A WINNER AND/OR RECEIVING any kind of PRIZE. Sponsor make reservation the right, in its sole and also absolute discretion, to conduct background check on potential Finalists and their Team Members and, for Canadian residents, come ensure the they are able to overcome border if selected. Failure to comply through such find may result in disqualification that a potential finalist Team, Team Owner and/or any kind of of their respective Team Members (as applicable) and may an outcome in an option of an alternating (time permitting). Sponsor likewise reserves the right, in that is sole and also absolute discretion, come disqualify a potential critical or Team Member based on the outcomes of together background check, if the Sponsor determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, the awarding this opportunity to such potential critical or Team Member could reflect negative on the Contest, Sponsor, and/or the NBA Entities. Determinants that may result in disqualification that a finalist or a Team Member, include, without limitation, conviction the a felony or misdemeanor, or any type of other criminal or polite offense as identified in the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor or, if Sponsor determines, in that is sole and absolute discretion, that awarding a prize to together individual might reflect unfavorably ~ above the Contest, Sponsor, and/or the NBA Entities. 7. Challenge Finals. The 2 (2) winning Teams/Team owners of every Tournament contest Bracket (XBO and also PS4) (each a “Finalist”) will development with their corresponding Team Members (each a “Finalist Team Member”) to the challenge Finals come take ar in a place in the United says to be established by Sponsor in its single discretion on around June 10, 2016 (tentative date). If a critical is unavailable for the Finals, the critical spot will be forfeited and awarded come the tournament Runner-up in Finalist’s tournament Bracket (time-permitting). If a finalist Team Member is unavailable for the Finals, the competition spot might be forfeited and awarded come the tournament Runner-up based upon Sponsor’s sole and also absolute discretion (and time-permitting). Replacement decisions based on forfeitures candlestick be established by Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion. He contest Finals will certainly be conducted in single elimination format with the win Team gift crowned the contest Champion (subject come confirmation and compliance through these official Rules).

8. Challenge Play. Teams/Team Owners and also Team Members must strictly adhere to all game play guidelines and these official Rules or threat the possibility of disqualification.

Teams/Team Owners and also Team Members must conduct us in a sportsmanlike manner, preserving a friendly and polite demeanor come competitors and to various other participants of the Contest. Teams/Team Owners and also Team Members who communicate in unsportsmanlike, disruptive, annoying, harassing or threatening conduct or violate any type of rule, obtain unfair advantage in participating in the Contest, or attain winner standing using fraudulent means, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, will certainly be disqualified. Sponsor will translate these Rules and also resolve any disputes, conflicting insurance claims or ambiguities concerning the rules or the Contest and also the Sponsor’s decisions concerning such problems shall it is in final. Sponsor might prohibit a Team/Team Owner or Team Member native participating in the dispute or win a prize if, in its single discretion, Sponsor determines that said Team/Team Owner or Team Member is attempting to undermine the legitimate procedure of the contest by cheating, hacking, deception, or other unfair playing practices (including the use of automated rapid entry programs) or intending to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any type of other football player or Sponsor’s representatives.

Contest Administrators, in their sole discretion, to make reservation the best to readjust the score or points of a contest game. This decision could be made based on the Administrator’s judgment that the video game reported the an outcome incorrectly or the players tampered through the game software or hardware to manipulate the report points or score.

9. Challenge Prizes. The finalist Team Owners and the Team Members of both Finalist teams (collectively, “Finalist Winners”) will get a expedition to the challenge Finals (“Contest Prize”), which, in ~ a minimum, consists of a 2 (2) day/two (2) night pilgrimage to a place in the United claims to be established by Sponsor in its single discretion to compete in the contest Finals. Trip consists of round-trip coach airfare from major gateway airport near Finalist Winners’ residences and solitary occupancy hotel accommodations (except if critical Winner is a minor and then double occupancy hotel accommodations). Critical Winners must travel top top a day determined by Sponsor in that is sole and absolute discretion, i beg your pardon is intended to be in between June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016, or top top other days designated by Sponsor, or prize may be forfeited. Fail to appear at the contest Finals on dates and times designated by Sponsor will result in forfeiture the prize and disqualification native Contest, all as figured out by Sponsor in its sole and also absolute discretion. In the occasion of forfeiture, no compensation will certainly be provided. If a finalist Winner is taken into consideration a boy in his/her jurisdiction of residence, critical Winner have to be attach by his or her parental or legal guardian. Finalist Winner and parent or legal guardian (if a minor) have to travel top top the exact same itinerary and also guest have to sign travel/liability/publicity release before ticketing. In bespeak to attend the Contest, critical Winners and any guest (if applicable) should agree to authorize such release and to be videotaped, photographed, streamed and also recorded by Sponsor Parties. Approximate Retail value of each Finalist dispute Prize: $1000 (US Dollars)/$1,410 CDN, yet actual value might vary depending upon air flight fluctuations, distance in between departure and also destination. Finalist Winners will not get difference between actual and also approximate sleeve value. Limit one (1) dispute Prize every person.


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Grand Prize: The contest Champion Team the wins the contest in accordance through these main Rules, as figured out by Sponsor in that is sole and also absolute discretion, will obtain two hundred and fifty thousand dollars $250,000 (U.S.)/$350,000 CDN (“Grand Prize”), which will be split by Sponsor amongst the 5 (5) members of the winning Team (each a “Grand prize Winner”). The grand Prize will be awarded to each grand Prize winning Team in a lump-sum payment, and may be awarded via check or wire move in Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion. Each cool Prize Winner will likewise receive a pilgrimage to one (1) game (“Game”) that the NBA Finals (“NBA Ticket Prize”). To expropriate the NBA Ticket Prize, each cool Prize Winner will certainly be forced travel come the location of the Finals for the game shortly after the Contest and will get a 2 (2) day/two (2) night expedition to together location, which includes airfare from significant gateway plane near contest location (as well together for the parent or legitimate guardian of any type of Grand prize Winner who is the minor and Grand compensation winner and minor must travel ~ above the very same itinerary), solitary occupancy hotel accommodations (except if cool Prize Winner is a minor and also then twin occupancy hotel accommodations), and also one (1) ticket to the NBA Finals video game (except if cool Prize Winner is a minor and then second ticket will be listed for parental or legitimate guardian). Sponsor: naipublishers.com sporting activities (“naipublishers.com”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two interactive Software, Inc. The Sponsor’s address is 10 Hamilton Landing, Novato, CA 94949, USA.