Situated top top a bustling edge in NYC’s Chinatown, Nickel & Diner‘s storefront isn’t fairly what one would certainly expect. Because that starters, a Chinese-inspired pagoda motif spans along the exterior the the establishment, cleverly concealing those inside: a classic diner, through a modern-day twist.

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Nickel & Diner might not be the most timeless version of a diner, but its ambience and menu the reimagined classics certainly play the part. We recorded up through Selwyn Chan and Ivy Tsang, Partners and co-founders that Nickel & Diner, now that they’re a few months in (the spot opened in October) to get the scoop on every little thing from the decor to the food—we even got the recipe for their famous Ricotta Dumpling Chicken Soup.

The motivation of the an are was drawn from the gold era of classic diners and also five and dime department save lunch counters, with a heavy influence through the art Deco duration of the ’20s and ’30s. Our architecture was enforcement with modern-day flair and also a centralized palette that extends onto the exterior the the building as well.

Anything else you have the right to tell us around the design?

We knew we needed to have actually a long, dramatic dining counter, with booth seating directly across from the counter. Straight details and patterns space echoed transparent the an are to subtly evoke the streamlined Art Deco influence. Coffee is also ubiquitous when you think that diners, therefore to highlight our premium coffee program, we devised a digital stand-alone cafe area in ~ our key entry with a full company coffee bar and cafe seating.

How does the standard diner experience translate to the menu?

Nickel & Diner bring away an eclectic technique to brand-new American cuisine, with a emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. We don’t offer an exhaustive number of items top top the menu, i m sorry can frequently be uncovered at timeless diners, but rather a well-balanced approach curated by ours chef, James Friedberg. Our breakfast, lunch, and brunch menus reflect cook Friedberg’s take on numerous diner-inspired dishes, and also the dinner food selection is whereby he is able to showcase his brand-new American cuisine. The dishes are beautifully written yet readily available in casual and comfortable, diner-inspired setting.

Chef Friedberg’s strategy to the food selection draws motivation from the surrounding neighborhoods of Chinatown, small Italy, and Soho. The chicken soup is a clear example of this. Make from scrape with the freshest ingredients, it supplies a perfect balance that a quintessential chicken consommé, together with housemade ricotta dumplings, and also a hints of new ginger and dill. The appearance of the ricotta dumplings in the soup at first evokes a standard matzo sphere soup—another traditional brand-new York City diner staple.

What’s the story behind the coffee bar?

Apart indigenous complementing the dining, ours coffee program has been draft to was standing on that is own. In fact, the key entry at Nickel & Diner is designed as a digital stand-alone full service coffee bar. We also have an exciting beverage and also cocktail program in the works and also hope to market sidewalk seating in time for the summer.

Kale Cashew Bowl

4 Servings


4 huge sweet potatoes1 tablespoon brown sugar1 teaspoon Chinese mustard powder 1 pound dry black beans1 pound farro1 lb red quinoa1 bunch thinly sliced asparagus1 bunch french environment-friendly beans1 zucchini2 cups cashews, toasted and chopped2 cloves garlic, grated ~ above micro plane1 pound baby kale or instead of with various other tender greens such as spinach or chard8 ounces butter

To do the sweet potato pureeCook potatoes whole in the stove at 375F for around one hour or till tender. Scoop the end the cook potato and also discard skins. Carry to a blender and also puree until smooth.

1) Dice every the vegetables into little cubes. Conveniently sauté in a pan through 2 teaspoons that canola oil. Transfer vegetables come a sheet tray or big plate to cool.2) chef the grains independently in easy salted cook water till tender (about 10-15 minutes each). Cool the seed in a big bowl. Then mix the seed together.3) In a large sauté pan, melt the butter and add the cashews and garlic. Toast gently for a couple of minutes till butter starts to foam.4) add vegetables and also grains right into the pan. Season with salt and also pepper to taste. Gently wrinkles in kale until slightly wilted.5) serve vegetables and also grains v sweet potato puree, a poached egg on peak , and also a couple of slices of ripe avocado.


2 entirety organic chickens1 onion, quartered1 tool carrot, quartered 2 celery stalks2 sprigs of thyme2 cloves garlic1 teaspoon black color peppercorns½ tespoon coriander seed¼ teaspoon red chili flakes

Ingredients for Dumplings

fresh ricotta (about 3 pounds)1 cup mascarpone1 cup parmesan cheese1 tespoon salt¼ teaspoon pepper5 pounds Durum flour

Directions for Chicken Soup1. Rinse and also dry chickens, eliminate breasts, and also reserve.

2. Eliminate drumstick and thigh, and also cut in half, separating the thigh and drumstick. Roast bones and also legs in the cooktop at 375F because that 20 minutes or until gold brown. Add to share pot with just sufficient water to cover the chickens. (Add approx. 3 to 4 quarts water in a 8 quart share pot). Bring to a simmer and also skim every the fat.

3. Add vegetables and simmer because that 2 to 3 hours until flavor develops. Strain with a fine mesh strainer and also season to taste with sea salt.

Directions because that Ricotta Dumplings1. Incorporate all ingredients other than flour through a wooden spoon until smooth. Transfer the mixture into a piping bag.

2. In a single layer, make a bed of flour with about a 4 minutes 1 of the complete portion. Pipeline the cheese mixture into rounds around the size of a golf ball.

3. Fully cover the balls with much more flour and repeat the procedure to create multiple layers, together necessary. Store in the refrigerator for 36 hours. After this period, sift the dumplings with a metal sieve to eliminate all the flour. Chef in salted cook water till dumplings float come the top.

For the garnish1. With the scheduled chicken breasts, chef the chicken breasts (skin on) in a sauté pan, until the skin is gold brown. Carry to the oven and also cook because that 4 come 6 minute at 375F, until cooked through. Cool and also remove the chicken skin, and also dice the chicken.

2. Incorporate 2 come 3 cook dumplings right into the chicken soup broth. Include the diced chicken right into the soup.

3. To wash leeks and also dice. Cook the leeks in salted boiling water till tender (3 come 4 minutes).

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4. Garnish the soup with the diced leeks, chopped new dill, and some minced ginger.

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