Hottest photos Of Nicole Gale Anderson. Nicole Gale Anderson is one American actress well-known for play Heather on CW Beauty and also the Beast, Macy Misa, in Jonas, Miranda, in abc Ravenswood. Nicole to be born on respectable 29, 1990, in Rochester, Indiana, joined States.

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Her parents are Kevin and also Anami Anderson. Nicole also has 2 siblings – Kenn and also Nadine. She attend Georgia’s Barbizon Modeling and Acting college under a scholarship in ~ the period of 13. Nicole is the Spanish, British, Swedish, German, and Filipino descent.


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Two years later, Nicole debuted in an illustration of Unfabulous. That exact same year, she appeared in her first movie, Mulawin: The Movie.she was likewise featured in an unaired pilot of the TV show, Nobody by ABC.



In 2007, she showed up in Hannah Montana, Zoey 101, and Carly, along with her movie, Princess. Except these, Nicole has appeared in Jonas, do It or rest It, Accused in ~ 17, Happy Endings, and Mean girls 2. Nicole accomplished recognition as result of her portrayal of heather Chandler in Beauty and the Beast.


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She initially joined together a recurring actors member yet was promoted to a constant during the 3rd season. She has likewise starred in movies prefer Red Line, Never, and also The Wedding is Over. Nicole has dated Cody Linley, Stephen Laurenson, and also Tony Oller. However, she eventually cleared up down through Roberto Paniagua in 2018. Currency, Nicole lived in Canada.