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Monday Night Raw comes live tonight from the Toyota facility in Houston and also it’s being referred to as as the start of a new era ~ above the show.

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This will be the an initial night whereby the rosters from the 2021 WWE Draft will certainly go into effect on the red brand, therefore we’ll see a mix that old and brand-new faces on the display for tonight. We’ll also see the instant fallout native Crown Jewel this past Thursday.

How to watch Monday Night Raw

Date: Monday, October 25Time: 8 p.m. ETNetwork: FoxLive stream: or USA Network App

What to clock on Monday Night Raw

WWE Champion big E successfully defended his title at Crown Jewel, dispatching of Drew McIntyre in Saudi Arabia. With a new landscape ~ above Raw, we’ll obtain an idea of who will be the champ’s next challenger ~ above tonight’s show.

The title conundrum in the women’s department has been addressed as Becky Lynch is the new Raw Women’s Champion. After effectively defending the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Crown Jewel, she switched belts through Charlotte Flair 24 hrs later in a Smackdown segment the reportedly acquired chippy and also went off script. “The Man” will many likely proceed her feud v Bianca Belair, that was no pinned in the triple threat match at the ppv.

As mentioned before, this is the first night whereby the rosters of this month’s WWE breeze will enter effect. We’ll continue to see holdovers favor Bobby Lashley and United says Champion Damian monk on the show while draftees native Smackdown prefer Finn Balor and Seth Rollins will make their method over.

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Finally, we’ll gain one final matchup because that the Raw sign Team Championship featuring champions Randy Orton and Riddle taking on AJ layouts and Omos.