phibìc POLE, ok — This tiny place in southeastern Oklahoma doesn"t have a many in typical with the sister ar in Alaska.

But folks in ~ the north Pole Grocery perform sometimes try to acknowledge Christmas — also if countless customers consider deer season a bigger deal, and also it"s often hard come hear Santa Claus" "HO, HO, HO!” because of logging van roaring through on State Highway 3.While north Pole, Alaska, follow to its web site, is celebrating a "Christmas in Ice” transparent December — climaxed through a competition of ice sculpture Saturday and today — Oklahoma"s small North Pole is intended to have much more of a humdrum and also typically balmy vacation season.For the most part, many Christmastimes here are about like various other times, claimed Sandra Gray, manager that the phibìc Pole Grocery and also a indigenous of the area. This year is among the few Yule periods that a Santa — depicted by among the store"s employee — has actually been a local attraction.The store, which is believed to have actually started in the so late 1930s, is the love of a rural swarm of residences recognized as the north Pole community, around 10 miles west of broken Bow in McCurtain County. The business, while managed by Gray, is own by broken Bow dentist Dr. Brad Hearne and his wife, Charlette, that live nearby.Regarding the name of north Pole, the so late Calvin Davis, who once operated the north Pole Grocery, speculated it to be so named because the area was rather cooler than southern parts of McCurtain county — speak "one winter there was about 4 inch of eye on the peak of my car.”But Maxine Westbrook, a local resident and a previous clerk in the store, repeated an additional story that 2 ladies from Idabel were once driving roughly in the area and also got lost, "and they claimed this to be so far, it seemed choose the phibìc Pole.”Gray, 49, claims the neighborhood has been called North Pole "ever because I to be old enough to mental anything.”As come why, she says, "The just thing ns know, it"s ~ above the north side of the highway.”

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Santa Claus stand in front of north Pole grocery in north Pole, Okla., Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2007. Through Jim Etter, because that The ORG XMIT: KOD

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Santa Claus was standing in front of north Pole grocery store in north Pole, Okla., Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2007. By Jim Etter, because that The ORG XMIT: KOD

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