On Sunday, us attended Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.This recapfeatures photos and our takeon the party, including crowds, characters, a worth assessment, and random tips. We’re right now still at Walt Disney World, however we’ll have a few “reports” favor this, including one native Food & alcohol Festival (hopefully tomorrow). This is not expected to be a considerable guide–for that, watch our Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party tips & review post–just what to easily share our take.

After doing lunch at Disney Springs (Splitsville followed by dessert at Sprinkles), we headed over to Saratoga Springs because that a quick walk approximately the resort (because what better way to spend an afternoon in 90+ degree heat than wandering about a sprawling, outdoor resort?!) and then top to Magic Kingdom.

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We arrived approximately 5 p.m., and breezed through security and also the turnstiles. Disney’s brand-new costume policy shows extra screening may take place for guest in costume, and also that probably resulted in longer lines at 4 p.m. And also later in ~ 7 p.m., but there was nobody at the entrance when we arrived. From there, we determined to make a rapid circle tourism of Magic Kingdom to see how things to be looking.

Having heard that Jack & Sally had actually been meeting at an early stage this year, we instantly headed come Liberty Square to examine out your line. Certain enough, that was already insane. I’m not certain of a specific time to jump right into this line, yet if girlfriend only have actually the party ticket, I’m betting as close to 4 p.m. As possible is the safe choice if you’re looking come maximize her time during the party itself.

Likewise, the 7 Dwarfs line was currently long, albeit not nearly as lengthy as in previous years. They additionally are meeting early on now, however not as at an early stage as Jack & Sally. I think (although i haven’t tested) the it would be feasible to get in line because that Jack & Sally right at 4 p.m., fulfill them through 5:15 p.m., and then head to 7 Dwarfs and meet them prior to their line really swells. Again, this is if you’re pertained to with optimizing her time throughout the party itself. In the direction of the finish of the night, girlfriend won’t need to wait 75 minutes for Jack & Sally, however we think party time is more valuable 보다 mid-afternoon time.


During this specific Mickey’s not So Scary Halloween Party, us heard reports that waits were not nearly as long as the 1-2 hour norm because that either collection of characters. We have actually a friend who suggested they waited 15 minutes because that the seven Dwarfs roughly the middle of the party, which is pretty much unprecedented.

We walked approximately after the fireworks and also noticed many personalities with minimal waits (Jack & Sally was still at the very least 45 minutes), and also some with no waits in ~ all. In fact, all roughly the park, waits to be pretty non-existent. Mine Train was a walk-on. None of the candy stations had actually lines. I’ve to be to lightly-attended parties, yet this was all reasonably unprecedented from mine experience.


Low crowds and short waits to be a recurring trend throughout the evening, and we’ll circle ago to that later. ~ above the personality front, points were pretty disappointing.

To mine knowledge, over there wasn’t a single brand-new character over there this year, and also many (most?) that the personalities doing meets to be the same as those you might find top top a regular day in Magic Kingdom.


This more than likely contributes come Jack & Sally and the seven Dwarfs having such long lines. Personally, ns wouldn’t be surprised if the seven Dwarfs heat shortened significantly if the party wereallrare characters. I’d rather have them removed and also replaced through a few 2-character meet & greets through rare characters. I’d peril a guest the Disney would respond the “guest demand” dictates the 7 Dwarfs stay, but that demand seems a little bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We met Minnie, Daisy, and Donald beforehand in the night, and then Jafar later, only because he had actually no line. Changing out the personalities seems choose such an easy way to update the party, therefore I’m not really sure why the hasn’t been done. As well obvious?


After that, us headed come the front of the park. I want to check out Hocus Pocus Villains Spelltacular a pair of times, so catching the first show do sense. We were, conveniently enough, likewise able to grab a parade spot because that the first Boo come You.

As it was last year, the Spelltacular to be fantastic. The brand-new castle projectors driven it up a notch, but otherwise the display was substantively the same. It’s so, so good.


I had never watched Boo come You indigenous the Hub, and I ended up liking this spot a lot. Normally, this filling with civilization early–and the lighting is bad with solid color casts–so we’ve never bothered.

Boo to You is basically the same this year together last. The candy unit is now completely Wreck-It-Ralph, which provides sense, yet it makes use of the exact same floats together before. Young changes. On the one hand, Boo come You is a classic, however it’s been a while because this parade has had any far-reaching changes. Might be pretty to see in the future.


Then we watched the fireworks (sorry, no photos from this year yet, but it’s specifically the very same as critical year’s show, therefore please enjoy this share photo), which were wonderful as always.

For most of the show, there was nobody within 20′ of us on key Street. Granted, us were earlier near city Square, i beg your pardon isn’t a famous (or recommended–we were earlier there due to the fact that I had a specific photo idea) location. Still, the absence of human being was nice crazy.


Next up to be the second Boo come You. We watched this indigenous my favourite spot, and it was not at every crowded. In fact, there to be curbside spots less than 10 minutes before the parade.

After that, us pretty much just wandered around, enjoying the ambiance. Among my favorite aspects about the Halloween and Christmas parties is the moody lighting, distinct music, and other effects, all of which offer Magic Kingom a totally different vibe.


Okay, ago to crowds. As it was a school night in mid-September, the party was not crowded. Actually, “not crowded” is an understatement. We’ve to visit both Mickey’s not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s an extremely Merry Christmas Party each year for the last decade–sometimes multiple times per year–and this is the the very least crowded party us have ever before attended. We’ve been to parties in heavy rain that have been busier. (In our best Days to attend Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party post, us predicted that the September 13, 2016 party would be the least busy one–but us don’t see just how it can possibly be much less busy 보다 last night…)

Given that it’s still beforehand in the 2016 Magic Kingdom “party season,” we room reluctant to say this is indicative that anything. We recognize of at least one other party that has been irradiate on attendance, while a pair of others have been relatively busy. We carry out think the there’s a opportunity that this year’s steep price rise represented a tipping allude for a significant number of guests. Attendance this to be light much of this month, and also that to add the price increase amounted to a smaller guest swimming pool from i m sorry Disney could draw native this particular party. As such, us would intend September parties on the entirety to be less busy than last year’s.

Still, we intend the Halloween next in October to be lot busier. There space a variety of signs pointing come October being a liven month, including an occupancy rate that is currently near 100% (so if you wondered why there to be no free Dining for much of October, there’s your reason). Through that level the on-property occupancy, a far-ranging number that guests might balk at the price of MNSSHP tickets and also parties would still offer out, or come close to it.

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Overall, we had actually a exorbitant time in ~ Mickey’s not So Scary Halloween Party. With the significant price rise this year and also no new offerings come speak of, you’re for sure skipping this year if you went last and also are top top a budget. If you’re prefer us and also love this parties, the higher price is a difficult pill come swallow (although admittedly, if the weren’t because that the benefits of report on it, i think we could have skipped this year), but one (we think) you still aren’t likely to regret–especially if attendance remains light together others balk at the pricing.

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